Black Clover

How can we stop them?

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>mfw Asta is short because he's part dwarf

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Its pretty much confirmed that Asta x Mimosa is the end game, right? Asta being the one to bear Licht's blades and Mimosa bearing Licht's wife's appearance.

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But then who fucks Noelle? Yuno? Leopold?

Friendly reminder she will be the true savior of Clover Kingdom

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How do we know she didn't get ELFED

She already wants the Elf dick. The slut is going to make half-elf babies with IMAGINE.

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Charmy Forma Verdadera can't be elfed.

Esto es el fin, elfos.

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I hope Mimosa is ok

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Is black hair Asta's original hair color?

No, user. Sorry.

>starting a thread with 3DPD
bravo cloverfags.

Sorry plebians, Black Clover is strictly Harem end.

I wonder what is Magna doing right now

>Best woman is a cake without an heir.

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Give me two minutes alone with her and I can turn her into a mother in no time.

>lasting only 2 minutes

user please, you can't satisfy woman like that

So I been watching the anime so far and I'm annoyed that Asta's anti magic swords and black grimmore isn't causing more people to raise an eyebrows and look into it. Is this something the manga addresses?

Somehow, in Witch Forest Arc. Mainly swords; the grimoire has been ignored since the scene of Julius trying to read it (which already is in anime)

>he only last two minutes

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>He can only cum once
>He needs more than thirty seconds to recover

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The grimoire is complete tarnished and black making everyone believe its old and there is nothing really special about. Asta doesn't even analyze it.

The swords belong to Licht, but what was one of them doing in a dungeon is beyond understanding. The rest of Asta's pages are blank as well until he gains a sword.

user you will need more than 2 minutes with someone like her.
>tfw she just picks up her children by the head and carry them around.

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>making everyone believe its old and there is nothing really special about.
The wizard who gave people in Asta's village their grimoire seemed to think that there was something special about it

Normal people don't study grimoire's or the history of magic like the Wizard or the Magic Emperor.

But I'm annoyed that the magic knights and other wizards aren't looking into it not the common folks.

The Magic Knights don't give a shit about Asta or Anti-Magic and just consider him lucky.

Why is Mimosa so awesome, anons?

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Because she is in love and wants the cock.

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>everyone gets massacred except for Asta
>Asta is wandering around hunting elves à la Berserk
>final boss is reincarnated Licht in Yuno's body

When will he get cucked then?

Yuno is next to Mimosa so he will take her as a sex slave.

> but what was one of them doing in a dungeon is beyond understanding
MY theory is that there is somone BEHIND the entire plot.
I mean, fakeLicht comes back in a body that somehow looks like Licht and not like his old self? How? That never happened to anyone else before.
And more than that, doesnt the reincarnation magic require someone to do the spell from the land of the living? So that means someone caused fakeLichts soul into Williams body.

If all that is the case we could stand in front of a potential AizenxMadara-tier mastermind villian.

She does it like a tiger, she takes the kids by the necks.

One thing I love of Black Clover is how the girls are completely dependable and able to kick asses

Compare girls from Black Clover to other shows like Naruto or Hero Academia

We're still not in the final arc, r-right?

nah, this is just building up to a final arc down the line. Good series build towards their final arc beforehand instead of just suddenly start it out of nowhere like Bleach's nazi invasion.

I'd say is too soon for an hypothetical final arc.

>There are still Diamond Kingdom generals
>Heart and Spade Kingdoms
>What the hell is Coral Peacock Captain power
>Black Bulls mysterious vice-captain
>All the stuff with demons

>taking your moms reincarnation as a sexslave

The sudden invasion is a good way to kick start an arc, but building up to the invasion is kino.

The Demon was summoned through forbidden magic and is most likely Licht.

Does Asta's Japanese VA improved over the series? He was so unbearable in the early episodes that I stopped watching. First time in my life I consider watching this dubbed cause the Japanese Asta was so shit.

Is not Naruto actually good now?

I think so. It grows on you

I'm on chapter 54 of the Manga, I sure hope Sally cucks the hell out of Noelle.
That'd make this the best shonen manga ever.

>He doesn't know.
You poor bastard I'm going to laugh at you.

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Why did mods delete last thread? Wtf

user, I...

It was always good.

Except for the part when LN Characters showed up and then was there for no reason the entire time.

Nero knew the fucking Witch Queen and could've showed the group where to find the city. The fucking LN ad was terrible.

Yeah, the LN bit was weird. I thought I skipped an arc reading that.

I'm just waiting for

>Reincarnation spell was incomplete
>Memories were not all back
>Everyone didn't die
>It wasn't the humans but an evil spirit

>>It wasn't the humans but an evil spirit
I'm betting it was an inside job.

They need to get the LN translated

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Like the Death of Julius they're putting anti-magic in the water turning our magicians gay


Hopefully it gets animated at the very least.

Yuno, this manga is going to do all the Naruto remember?

We've already passed the time it should've happened.

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I hope Tabata does the right thing and ignore all the westerners and make a harem end.

Will it be her or the Blue Rose captain who gets DARK’d by Yami?

Noelle doesn't even like Yuno unlike Sakura who never liked Naruto and was on that Sasuke dick from the start.

When did it happen anyway? Maybe an OVA then at least, shit is mad confusing.

tl:dr Asta and Noelle encounter a run away Witch and former Diamond Kingdom General who are in love. Both of them help Noelle and Asta get good with their skills (Sword and Magic Control) while a Diamond Kingdom assassin is after the two.

In the end the assassin decides to quit the Diamond Kingdom and lives with the General and Witch. Asta and Noelle go back home. Literal fucking filler.

Ah, I thought the Assassin was with the two from the start. How'd a witch a diamond general get together in the first place?

>When did it happen anyway?
Fanzel teaches Asta swordmanship in his hometown. - before exams
Dominante is the one to sell Noelle her wand in the black market. - before dugeon arc
Mariella comes after them sometime later as an assassin. - before Christmas arc

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>before exams
Like Magic Knight exams? Damn that happened early. Also Domiante was the one who sold the wand? Fuck, why'd they make it into a LN.

Because as early as Black Bulls intro arc people have been complaining about pacing issues.

>Christmas arc

What arc was that? The one with Gauche and Mary?

Well I hope it gets animated into an OVA or something, since introducing them in the witch forest arc would be awkward.

I totally see them being introduced also in anime in Witch Forest Arc.

I wouldn't mind that if they do flashbacks episodes in which the LN stuff happen, like Naruto flashbacks episodes. For once, I would like that.

Well not sure if they would do flash back episodes since unlike Naruto, BC is only 52 episodes or something right for season 1? where Naruto ran weekly indefinitely right?

>Orlando Bloom

I would meant, if they do Season 2. I don't think Season 1 is going to reach Witch Forest Arc

S1 isn't gonna reach with forest arc

Right, would like to see that flashback ep in season 2 then, a short one and not 4 episodes of it. I think S1 would last till the Underwater arc at the very least since they already showed art of the 3 white night eyes and Capital arc is almost done

Yeah, S1's end will be Underwater Arc. Then S2's end if it ever comes, will be Witch Forest Arc.

Why would s2 end be witch forest? I mean after underwater arc its the capital invasion (again) then then Witch arc.

Good stopping point imo. 2nd season should be about Asta getting his arms back

Eh assuming it gets the same 50+ episode deal then s2 would have a lot of fillers if that were the case then again BC doesn't have that much content as of now and if they did arc by arc the anime will catch up to the manga.

There's the light novel bro. They can stretch those things to like 4 eps each.

Yes. The one where they meet Elf Jesus.

Isn't there only one LN, that being that Fanzel, diamond guys thing? Honestly I'd like to see some flashback episodes of Yami when he was still a knight and not a captain.

They can stretch it given that those 3 people are given the spotlight in a chapter

True but then I don't want too many filler episodes of what could be summed up in 1 or 2 episodes. In a related note, BC game looks pretty dope.

But if done right they could come out with quality filler, which isn't technically filler.
They have one?

Yeah, It's playstation only I think. I thought it was gonna be a fighter game since Bandai made it but it's like a 3rd person shooter kind of thing. It's called Quartet knight.

There are two books now, 4 chapters each.
The first has the 3 diamond chapters and Yami's days as a substitute teacher.
The second has the Captains' meeting, a Magna/Luck mission, and some other shipping.

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Nice to see someone actually pointing REAL shortcomings of this manga. It is by no means perfect but its not crap either. The LN move was truly horrible however, and that is on a objective basis, one cant just shove in some never-before-introduced LN chars into the manga and expect everyone to be fine with it.

> >It wasn't the humans but an evil spirit
It was the Dark Elf tribe. They are a ancient one who have been in a wa with the Elves since thousands of years.
At least thats my headcanon.

Because this fanbase is cancer

EVERYBODY thought it was bad. It was a universally agreed upon wtf move by the author.

>The first has the 3 diamond chapters and Yami's days as a substitute teacher.
>The second has the Captains' meeting, a Magna/Luck mission, and some other shipping.
Can you give me a quick rundown on the two?

Where's the porn?

Im not saying people thought the LN shit was good. Im saying its nice to have people point out actual criticism unlike only mentioning subjective things.

This. I'm surprised there's no BC porn except that one WESTERN made one.

Dont you know? This manga is Fairy Tail 2.0 in the sense that it will have tons of best girls and waifus for EVERY taste but doujins will be ultra rare for some ununderstandable reason.