Sword Art Online

Why would anyone ever cheat on a girl as perfect as Asuna?

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She's what ruined SAO though. Her character development was not supposed to go backwards.

Because Asuna is also perfect to be cheat on?

Reminder that my wife is a miracle of the universe

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Yes it was. The idea was always to create a story that panders to the otaku reader.

She's still hot though.

user you have nice taste but she's dead.

Also, anyone have pics of non-sick real-world Yuuki?

Everyone's hot.

>Everyone's hot.
Not Kureha.

This one is my favorite.

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Would it be cheating to bang your superior big titty sister though? For me not

Kureha's overheating. Just look at how she's glowing.

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>IRL Yuuki is Ichigo
Fucking hell.

How do you feel about this adorable childhood friend, Sup Forums?

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further proof this site is complete shit

Actually it's mainstream to hate on SAO now so we're allowed to like it again.

Why is GGO so fucking gay?
Phantom Bullet is pseudo-yuri, Alternative is yuri for days, and Fatal Bullet is ultra yuri for anyone who plays a feMC.


I would marry her.

Asuna sure makes a perfect slave

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Your wife is AIDS

I self insert as asuna and fantasize about the girls all tagteaming kirito.


I want to fill her with semen

i self insert as Asuna and fantasize about Kirito impregnating all of my friends and making me raise them.

Are you both me?


Are all Asuna fans just cuckqueans or something?

Why does Zeliska get no love even though she's less shit than Kureha?

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>2 years worth of semen...

how can anyone ever stay with used goods like Asuna

Because she's literally has less deban than Silica or Lizbeth.

Those two got their one arc spotlight before getting shoved to the side. Zeliska doesn't even have that. She's literally just there while the two crazy basketcases shit up the story with their issues.

Because she and her events are dull ass fuck compared to Kureha and Yanhomo

I mean come on, you spend more of it with Daisy than her of all things, and more with Agil and Klein too

Is that from the actual anime? Jesus. That's just distasteful.

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There a thread before this that was deleted which had an Asunafag confess to being a cuckquean so yes.

ive not watch a single minute of this series and yet ive seen asuna fucked in every single hole, every which way.

>crazy basketcases improve the story with their issues.
Fixed the typo

Kureha being gay for female Donut is quite amusing

If you're going to fuck anyones sister it should be Kureha's

More like why is GGO filled with yanhomos obsessed with death games
>yandere (who is arguably a homo since Shino is basically a boy) turns BoB into a death game with the intention of committing a murder suicide with Shino so they can be reincarnated together in GGO
>yanhomo turns Squad Jam into a death game (for herself only to be fair) to feel the thrill of death when fighting her beloved Llenn
>yanhomo traps donut AND himself in a death game to prove their special connection

why would anyone post about such a garbage anime?

>In this world, since not long ago, it seems we line up two pieces and start drawing comparisons. Longing becomes jealousy, justice is evil, and even strength can be replaced by weakness. "Ah, is that so? Just leave me alone!" There's barely time to say the words. The curtain is already being lifted!
The lyrics to the opening of Fatal Bullet are literally from Kureha's PoV. Zeliska never had a chance.

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So GGO is the gayest MMO ever created

It's a game made for school shooters and dudebros, what were you expecting?

>you will never hug asuna
why even live?

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>school shooters

Asuna is into cuckqueaning. She's the one pushing for it onto Kirito.

>ynw get tackled into bed by Kirito
>Why live

No reason to live at all user.
I might as well just kill myself and steam it

Man that perspective looks fucky

>ywn put a ring on Asuna under the stars

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I self insert as Kureha. Is there something wrong with me?

Only Kirito can touch my self insert.

No, because Kureha is literally your stereotypical user.

That's Spiegel

Alternative is so obviously Sigsawa jacking off furiously onto a manuscript and filling it to the brim with all his fetishes and hobbies and it's glorious.

It's just an endless stream of gun porn, handsome boyish girls a la Kino, handsome boyish girls being gay with other girls, dominatrix girls, lolis, etc.

They are the two most common types. One is a depressed mess and the other is an obsessive autist,

Well he does have good taste in waifus.

>Asuna cuckqueening meme

Nah, the reason she doesn't seem to care about the More Deban club, Sugu, and Sinonon trying to get her husband's D is because she knows they are no threat. Most of them are as much her entourage as they are Krito's groupies so would are never dare do anything.

Look at Asuna's reaction to the one girl that doesn't immediately fawn over her and tries to claim Kirito for herself. She does from "perfect demure goddess" to "bitch I will cut you if you ever even LOOK at my man again" in like a second.

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Maybe a few months ago, but now it's so mainstream to like SAO that it's getting a live action Netflix adaptation, so we're back to hating it again.

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Imagine what would've happened had Eugeo lived

>getting a live action Netflix adaptation

when will they stop with this shit, no one likes it.

Reminder that my wife Shino is best girl

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Eugeo should've been revived via asspull at the end of Alicization so that Asuna and Alice could come to the slow horrific realization they were fighting the wrong enemy all along and the true threat was lurking under their noses all this time.

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Asuna is lucky Kirito didn't go with Klein or met up with him in floor 1 again.

I want to rape Asuna in both VR and real world

Ya know, why people even care about SAO anyway. Your just watching it for the damn plot. That's it.

But somehow other anime with plot are better then this.

>IRL Yuuki is Ichigo
Confirmed, Ichigo has mental AIDS


There's your mistake shitpost kun, I'm primarily an LNfag first and a gamefag second. The anime is okay but from my point of view it's a pretty flawed adaptation

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Every normie is hating on the SAO Netflix adaption though so the truly contrarian thing to do would be to hail it as a masterpiece.

The live action adaptation was announced years ago and everyone knows it's going to be shit. Popular opinion is still in the "SAO sucks" range, especially if e-celebs have anything to say about it.

Ow really? Ow Well, that's your opnion. The hate on this anime is quite strong. That i t makes other anime with plot, alot better. Even the HDN series pulled it off better.

I wonder what they'll think of RPO. If they somehow view that as being better than SAO that'd be retarded.

You use plot in the obvious meme way but I'm genuinely curious about how the final arc will end the SAO story and how it bridges to Accel World.

Oi, spoiler that shit up, you're gonna kill some anons' interest in S3

That's quite true. I wonder how it Will connect with accel world aswell.

But seriously, SAO is only good for the plot. In my opinion. The story was not really that great made. Unless, I hobe the reboot will be better.

It would be pretty hype if SAO ends with the creation of The Accelerated World.

Just like the NGNL:zero movie?

>SAO final volume ends with The Accelerated World
>Yui is sealed away for reasons
>She shows up in the next AW volume
Now something like that would be hype

Would very much like this.

>locking up his own daughteru
Worst Dad

>Yui shows up as Persona Vabel

According to the preview chapter, Star King already views himself as a separate "existence" from meatsack Kirito

Also I doubt Yui will get sealed away, more likely she'll show up as a supporting character who is technically classified as the same level of Being as the 4 gods and Metatron (even though those guys are obviously artificial Fluctlights while Yui's still Top-Down)

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Never seen that show or it's movie to be honest. How was it?

She has no ass

Sword Art Online has been the only anime i've watched, i finished it yesterday
It should have ended in episode 14

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Feels user. The feels were real.
It's like i was watching "the iron giant" all over again.

In the movie. The show is more comfy with all the beautifull colors.

She'll get converted into a true sentient A.I soon enough.

>everyone wants Yui to be in Accel World
>but what if it's Strea

Strea doesn't exist in the LN canon, and even if she did she would be a Literally Who because her backstory only makes sense if SAO didn't end at Floor 75

So how did that AW vs SAO game turn out anyway? Did it confirm or kill any fan theories?


But it did pour barrels of gas on already existing fires

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wtf i hate SAO now
wtf i love it again

Sugu's sugus > Asuna's asunas

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Animeonlyfag here, who the fuck is that?

Asuna is too boring not to cheat on.

He's a character in Accel World. He hasn't appeared in the anime so he's LN only character like a lot of them

>posting in here because your thread got deleted
>with the same pic too
please dont

Some dude known in the Accelerated World as "The Black Swordman with Dual Blades". He taught Black Lotus half her movelist like Vorpal Strike, Starburst Stream, and The Eclipse

He's totally NOT Kirito or a Quantum AI clone of Kirito though, I swear it guys!

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Reminder that Kureha gets bullied even in Memory Defrag

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