Mod deleted a Zannen Jokanbu Black General-san thread, what the fuck are they doing?

Mod deleted a Zannen Jokanbu Black General-san thread, what the fuck are they doing?

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Being dumb and gay as usual.

Boss and Secretary OTP

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This manga is full of cuties.

did you really think we would be allowed to have nice things on Sup Forums?

Still makes me wonder how he managed to get someone 4 years younger than him so loyal. Must be nice.

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Mod are fag.

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>deleted right when I got to see Waterbear-chan again

He maybe Chuuni as fuck, but he's still extremely powerful. Interesting that the only hobby listed for Secretary is keeping a gentle watch over him

He does care, maybe...

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Doujins when?

dump user probably got banned so here are the last two pages

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Why did the mods do that and not to the dragon ball super threads.


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Probably the same mod that sent a monster musume thread to /d/ and banned an user for nipples the other day.

That's just stupid.

No one from Sup Forums got banned in the last three hours. Mod probably got triggered by word "general".

That would make sense.

So remember children, if we make threads in the future, leave General out of the name.

General wasn't in the op or the title. Mod saw ''last thread: continued from:'' and hit the big red button. Still a dipshit though.

>Zannen Jokanbu Black General-san

Now you know why.

MOD couldn't handle this.

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Haven't you noticed? Sup Forums is for Naruto, DBS, Fateshit and other shit only now.

Jesus fucking crist that pissed me off. The thread got deleted 2 pages before I was done.

>pic related

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Super is over next week so more thing like should be more popular.

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Dear god.

Post that on /qa/.

Post your face when the threads will be online for at the very least half a year.

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It's almost like incompetent people are the only ones that want to mod Sup Forums

It's bad as the one time that mod ban the person who work on little witch academia.

Don't. It's full of retards.

Simply put, do not put "previous thread (link)" in the OPs. If any of you have been here longer than 6 months you would have seen that sticky where mods specifically said to not do stuff like that. That is all.

Alright, remember: It's not general-san and no backlinks.

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General's are banned

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He not a General.


Carlos you fuck.

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Your the faggot who reported the thread.

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This its so retarded.
Might as well be true.

Try creating decent threads instead of being a retard. That might help.

No one's forcing you to act like a cunt, user.

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source on this one ?

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god bless. Maybe I'll try to make Black General in HS.

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But seriously, MODS are gayer than usual though.
Just see my thread that he deleted today:
Literally no illegal contents whatsoever.

>if anything, they're beautiful
This autor have good taste

>General's are banned
No, they are not. There are at last 10 shonenshit perma generals with retarded OP like "DBS el Goku blanco".
I fucking hate this fucking piece of shit of a mod.

Lurk more. Storytiming has been around longer than you and that mod have.

Girls in this manga are fucking hot.

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Rulefags need to die.
Shit like that never happened even 2-3 years ago.

Can we use pevert ugly heart?

Sup Forums bans you easier than clubpenguin nowadays

>story time being shit threads now

Whay in the living fuck happen to this place?

Will you let her get run over?

Well, we live in a timeline where Killing Bites is seen as good, so figure.

He's just a really good boss to his employees, she probably likes that and wants to reciprocate

I havent even bother watching that one, what is about anyways?

Awful character design, waifu(s) of the week, memes and fan service.

Sounds what normalfags will love. Since when did Sup Forums got infest by them, wasnt Sup Forums suppose to be too nerdy for them?

First big wave was like six years ago, then two years ago and last year i'd say.
You can really pinpoint shit's getting worse.

But what made Sup Forums soo attractive for them?

When the media had their eyes on the legion meme. Edgy teenager thought it was cool.

I like the abs. Haven't watched the anime.

Same here, havent watched, but abs are really apreciated, specially since any other character would go all "this is soo unlady like"

He meant the Black General ya idiot.

yes because
are so meaningful
it was a storytime thread you fucking idiot, they exist on every board
the problem when that happened was that shit like snk/hero academia and monmusu having 24/7 threads when a new chapter wasn't even close to release and the anime was dead, and just turned into tumbrl fanart/shipping circlejerk
and guess what outside of monmusu being banned the rest stay the same


You fail thw hero test

When do the new chapter come out.

every two weeks 65 should appear this week sometime
not sure about the release schedule for volume 4

When can we expect translations?

Just a reminder that this isn't the first time mods tried to "fix" Sup Forums, every time they try to take down generals they ban good threads while leaving the 24/7 threads like bnha, dbs, and snk up.

Secretary's cute belly button!

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Secretary's beautiful and normal breasts!

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Dont want flattiets

This series really needs more porn.

Fuck off, Mr. X

>all female characters have the same build, except for like 2 of em
What is this, One Piece?

>I have shit taste

Why are all nipples erect in this manga?

>t. obsessed franxfag

What else are nipples supposed to do?

General is constantly thinking about Braveman
Scientist is constantly thinking about science
Secretary is constantly thinking about Boss covered in pudding

Not being erect 7/24

If you were as hot as any of them, yours would be too.

I want to sexperiment with the scientist.

franx is also shit, what's next? you going to pretend veg is good too?
I'm glad this didn't get an anime, and just that shitty shorts phone videos

How can she be so cute and lewd at the same time?

Being retarded.

I thank you for the previous threads. the manga is great.

I want to have sex with Water B-chan

>falls asleep
>your penis gets stuck inside of her

GG-chan a cute

She invincible not rock solid