This is Jobin. Say something nice about him

This is Jobin. Say something nice about him.

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He's a huge step up from the previous villain in terms of character writing.

No. He's a traitorous whore and his beetle sucks.

Jobin is nice!

One of the few interesting characters in an overall boring part.

Nice hairclip, nice toys, nice trap son.

I'm gay

is this the stealth jojo thread

i like jobin's eyebrows

He's a good looking guy and his sisters are sexy as hell

So is your mom

Didn't know I was Jobin.

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Based hairposter

Shijima no soko kara


Cio sucks

Dio sucks

Gio sucks

/jojo/ sucks

I like Cio.

Secco > Cio

I'm Cio

I, Giorno Giovanna, have a dream!

Is there a compilation of these Stardust Shooters loading animations?

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Am I the only girl who cried during the Yukako Cinderella episode? So romantic and touching.

Am I the only girl who likes JoJo?

That's because girls can't understand jojo so they cling onto the only romance bit in the story


good for you? also you didnt really need to point out that you were a woman

Yes, literally no other girl likes Jojo. It's one of those bizarre social phenomena that has confused and confounded sociologists for generations. Only one girl who likes Jojo cant exist at any one time.

Am I the only girl?

Scenes women will never understand.

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Is JoJo worth reading again? I stopped around when they met the plant faggot cause it was getting boring.

>Is JoJo worth reading again?
No, it all went downhill after Part 5.

I'm gay


Yes, but are you a girl?

Am I the only boy who likes JoJo?

7 > 6 > 5 > 4 > 3 > 2 > 1

Reminder that Prince Myshkin from Dostoevsky's masterpiece The Idiot is literally just Jonathan Joestar in novel form.

Am I a girl?

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Are you?

Part 5 isn't coming out because some studio is working on a Golden Wind fighter to go along with it. They won't start the production until the game is in the alpha since it will maximize the profit for both it and the anime. There are some sick promotion/merch things coming too. they're really preparing for part 5 to be a massive success.
That's all I'm allowed to share without getting sued


are you the guy from the other time who said jojo themes are only ment for men?

Wasn't the JoJo fighter rumor fake?

Am I the only human that likes jojo?

Reminder that girls can't understand JoJo.

You will be one day, Carbon-cuck
The rumour is looking fake however I believe there are enough sizes that something is in the works.
The Prosciutto figure was in prototype and getting ready for perfect timing to align with this. The fact Part 5 was used for the phone case outside of all the other parts/art where the recently animated parts took a back seat, The trademark shenanigans that went down recently too. Oh and Giorno/Mista making into Jump Ore instead of anyone from Part 1-4 was very curious too. They appear to be aligned and timed with one and other at this point.

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The recent leak? Yes, it was fake. The real fighter is part 5 characters only (well there's Jotaro and Koichi but that's it as far as I know)


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Did Josuke start the trend with everyone having shit hair in JoJo?

that will be benimaru

Why am I so gay?

what the fuck did you just say about Josuke's hair, you little bitch?

Literally the only google image result and its from 2016
Post your results. I would've gotten more if I could type faster. Also you don't need to press space or type "the"

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The user below me is getting raped by Jotaro right now, lucky him.


I rape Jotaro every morning before work.

why does raping Jotaro make me so happy

Name a JoJo more rapeable than Jotaro.
You can't.

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Some girl on Twitter has a huge Kira merchandise collection yeah



It's not wrong tho

Is the JoJolion chapter out yet?

At least he's not deforming like his own Stand.

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It's not right tho

i like his jacket

>Am I the only girl who likes JoJo?

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nice hairclip faggot

never forget

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Where do I get a qt insecure GF that likes jojo?

New JJL W H E N?


>my RSS program updated as soon as you posted that link

What tje fuck? That's me


I didn't understand that episode in the anime.

She said she lost her face...but she still had her face underneath?


all of them