"Thank you for rescuing me from that ugly creep ! You're so handsome and brave!"

"Thank you for rescuing me from that ugly creep ! You're so handsome and brave!"

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Thank you Madoka-chan! Can I have a kiss please?

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You've got the wrong board, you're looking for

How big is Madoka's /hm/ folder?

That's idolshit fans, get your facts straight.

My pleasure ma'am *tips fedora* *vapes* *drinks soylent*

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I'm willing to bet there's a fair bit of overlap.

How many terrabytes of storage can she afford?

Get out of here you ugly whore, where's sayaka

Kyuubei isn't ugly you bitch

Well considering how hi-tech Mitakihara seems to be and how her mom is a highly successful executive, probably quite a fair few.

I want to make Madoka my wife!

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All the girls are high-tier waifu material, but I'll probably go with Mami. She's the most clingy and by definition the most pure.

You're welcome, now let me wear your body and clothes so I can be cute.

Yes I love idols and I am extremely handsome

Everything checks out

Patrician choice

Does madoka like BBC?

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I love Homura-chan.

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Sure thing, Madoka. Now if you want upsies take off your skirt and do the hokey pokey.

You bastard.

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