Subtle anime clothing

Subtle anime clothing

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what anime

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none of these are fucking subtle

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No they're not. It doesn't matter though. You're not ashamed of your hobby, are you?

Why would someone make a shirt for this
Why would you wear it

You might as well wear a shirt that says "BABY FUCK BABY FUCK ITS AWWRIIGHT"

>what is sarcasm
This is a Sup Forums thread though. OP should kill himself

Can we just delete Sup Forums already there's no point to this board anymore

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>Sup Forums thread
Reminder that Sup Forums is the videogames board, not the manga/doujin board

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>There's something different about that guy

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I have this one and the quality is pretty nice.

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Is generic enough to be normal, but also immediately recognizable to someone familiar to the franchise

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I have the Kaiman gas mask version. It's pretty nice as the fabric is thick. Nice and warm.

Any place I can buy this from?

thinking of copping this for a palewave aesthetic but i dont have any lightwash jeans

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Is this the shirt that NASA guy wore that got feminists really upset?

This guy at work always wears pic related. He got it from a friend but he doesn't know about it. I tested it because I told him that maybe a "cookie" would make the panda happy but he just looked at me confused.

Should I tell him?

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Did this happen before? Porn manga becoming so popular it gets merchandise?

Imagine how it must feel like when you find out you were wearing a logo associated with depraved cartoon pornography without knowing it.

Why is this guy the only model for anime shirts

I can't imagine myself not liking depraved cartoon pornography

Jesus christ this board is slowly turning into Sup Forums 1.5

Were there Bible Black shirts?

He knows, he probably just wanted you to fuck off

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How does Sup Forums do it? Even with all it's flaws it still manages to maintain a level of quality far above the other media boards.

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