I have this Dbz OC for this contest I'm entering. His name is Jabaro and he is a member of Zarbon's race...

I have this Dbz OC for this contest I'm entering. His name is Jabaro and he is a member of Zarbon's race. I will post designs and story if people are interested in rating my work

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Name: Jabaro
Race: Zarbon's race
Age: 41(At the time of his death)
Relatives: None that he knows of, nor does he wish to find them
Height: 6'6 (Normal state)
7'8 (Monster/Mutated form)
8'1 (Ultimate form)
Weight: 255 pounds (Normal state)
470 pounds (Monster/Mutated form)
820 pounds (Ultimate form)
Skin color: Light green (similar to Zarbon's but paler)
Hair color: Black
Power Level:
At the time of his recruitment
22,000 (Normal state)
40,500 (Monster/Mutated form)
At the time of his death
370,000 (Normal state)
720,000 (Monster/Mutated form)
1,200,000 (Ultimate form)
Likes: Order, "The heat of battle", loyalty, instilling fear, unity, opression, strong/skilled comrades/subordinates, people who share and/or are open to his fanatical views.
Dislikes: Excessive freedom or freedom in general, corruption, dishonesty, disobedience, betreyal, the weak and spineless(namely people who rely on sucking up to others to survive, rather than simply being obedient), people who insult or oppose his "cause".

This is his normal state. I will post his transformed state along with his backstory

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>Relatives: None that he knows of, nor does he wish to find them

The backstory had better explain this, user. I await with bated breath.

Worth mentioning I still have two more chapters to write. I'll post the first four in a few mins soon as I get home

Chapter 1:

Jabaro. His name was the only memory he had left of his race and home planet. Caught in the confinements of his prison cell under the arena where he was held hostage, he was lost in thought. It had been so long since his captors had stolen him from his home planet and brought him here to serve, or so the story goes. That was what they told him of his past right before he crushed them under the weight of his fists. Jabaro didn't do this out of vengeance, not in the least. He had done it because he was disgusted. Though Paravitar was the only home Jabaro had ever known, it turned him into what some would label as a fanatic, an avid supporter of dictatorship and instilling order through fear mongering rather than another one of it's bounty hunters, slave dealers or illegal merchants. The planet was a galactic hotspot for any and all of the vilest and most wicked individuals from all across the galaxy. All races of aliens conglomerated here, the only thing in common about them being their dishonorable nature. Though the bottom feeding criminal scum were not the only ones infesting the place. The planet was mostly run by the sickest and most depraved business moguls that the galaxy had to offer. In a sense, it was their little den of debauchery and depravity. They held the little authority that existed in this place, and used none of it to keep the population or it's "tourists" in check. You could even make an argument that they were doing the exact opposite. For all intents and purposes, Paravitar was a haven of ultimate freedom. However, as Jabaro grew to know after living there for so long, ultimate freedom is air,food and water to the vilest of monsters in existence. He dreamt of the day when he would gain the strength to rise up and rule this planet with an iron fist. He would instill great fear, and through it, order.

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Yet, he knew that for some godforsaken civilisations such as this one, not even fear could purge the wickedness that has been left to flourish for so long. The ultimate solution was all too clear to him. He would have to completely purge this planet along with it's inhabitants. In his mind, it was truly the only right course of action.
Jabaro could hear the masses gathering, mocking him from above the ground and hoping that the day on which he'd finally fall in the arena had come. He knew all too well that if he kept waiting for his power to grow by killing everything the arena threw at him, they would eventually grow too fearful of him and have him executed. He had already made up his mind. He would either bring his judgement upon this wretched planet or die trying, he told himself.
The fire inside him had been stirred. For the first time, Jabaro felt the ancient calling of the blood that flowed through his veins. Every cell in his body screaming to him, begging to mutate into something greater, more powerful and fit for the great battle to come. In an instant, every muscle in Jabaro's body bulged, tripling in size and breaking his confinements. His body was swelling with power. His facial structure changed as well, most notably his jaws and teeth which mutated in a monstrous fashion, giving him the appearance of a wild beast.

"Paravitar, your new conqueror brings you judgement." he roared as he powered up, causing the structure above to shake.

Just as he was about to break his way to the surface, something stunned the behemoth. Noises could be heard from above, but not like before. Screams of agony and battle flooded the arena.

"This can't be. Are they.. killing each other? No. I must see it with my own eyes." he thought.

The hulking "conqueror" broke through to the surface to find that the planet was already being conquered, but not by him. Hundreds, if not thousands of soldiers which appeared to be wearing some type of battle armor were blasting everything and everyone in sight. The scum in the arena could barely fight back and most of them tried to flee the glorious onslaught unfolding in front of Jabaro's baffled eyes.

"Spare no one! Lord Frieza's orders.They have defied his rule for the last time!" one of the soldiers which seemed to be leading the charge yelled.

Jabaro took a step back and watched on, seemingly falling in love with the scene presented in front of him with each passing second. This army, this unity and unquestioned loyalty for their so called "Lord Frieza"... For him it was like gates of Heaven itself had opened up and given him a chance to live his dream of ultimate order. He had to meet this Lord Frieza for himself and enroll in his glorious army in order to fulfill his dream of instilling order through fear. It wasn't long until he aided them.
It had been a long and hard fought battle, but together, Jabaro and the troops Frieza dispatched eliminated all trace of life with minimal casualities on their side, ending what Jabaro saw as a disease to the planet. However, soon enough Jabaro found himself surrounded by the very soldiers he had aided.

"What do you say Nazu, do we kill this one too? Maybe lord Frieza will throw in some kind of bonus for him." a low class soldier(Appule's race) asked his officer, as he raised the blaster attached to his arm and pointed it in Jabaro's direction.


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OC donutsteel

Strap in for the ride, user. This is some lovecraft-tier shit.


More like jabroni

"Jagai, you are as idiotic as you are pathetic on the battlefield. Lord Frieza would never forgive us for spoiling such a fine potential addition to his army. Besides, do any of you here really think yourselves capable of this endeavor? Why don't you take a quick read of his power level" The officer, a member of Jabaro's race with light orange skin, long dark blue hair and a tall lean but muscular build promptly responded while chuckling at the soldier's folly.
Silence set in as all hostile soldiers were quick to lower their weapons once their scouters hit the 40,000 mark, with some even malfunctioning and exploding.
"H-he's twice as strong as the officer!" a panicked voice spoke.
"He was the one yelling orders from before. What's more, he looks oddly familiar. He must hold some kind of position of power."Jabaro thought without moving from his initial position and staring the officer down.
"Follow me." The officer spoke, seemingly unintimidated by Jabaro's dominant stature and showings . "Lord Frieza's ship will be here any minute. He will be coming here to asses the damages and our performance. If you are lucky enough, he might just take interest in you. As for all of you" he said as he turned his attention to the troops"Lord Frieza will determine your worth. The main reason we managed to conquer the planet as fast as we did is our friend here. You've made the PTO army look like a bunch of amateurs."
Shortly after, only Jabaro and the officer flew off from the location to the disdain of the soldiers.
"They were efficient for some "amateurs" as you called them. I have high expectations of your lord. He seems quite capable." Jabaro said.

The officer, who was flying ahead opted not to respond and continued to guide the way for a few more minutes until they reached the landing point where, to their surprise, the royal ship had already landed.

"You might want to watch your mouth around our lord. He does not tolerate insolence." The officer spoke as they landed made their way to the ship. However, right before entering, he turned around and added:
"And one more thing. You can stop looking at me that way. Is this really the first time you meet someone like yourself? Name's Nazu. I too, have little to no knowledge about our home, so spare me the questions."
Jabaro's monstrous eyes widened in shock at the mention of those words: "someone like yourself". This day was one surprise after another. Before he could get a chance to respond, Nazu entered the imposing craft and Jabaro shortly followed, trying to shake off everything else and prepare himself for what is to come next.

Well, this was the first chapter. Got a few more. What do you guys think so far?

Sorry for the few mistakes caused by my predictive keyboard

A thing I forgot to mention is that Jabaro's story takes place around 100 yrs before the main timeline. Frieza has been around for a very long time so it's plausible

I preffer Jag Sbarro but whatever floats your boat

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Chapter 2

Lord Frieza was amused, but intrigued. Just who was this strange brute that couldn't stop talking about war, fear and order? He sounded mad, yes. But he was powerful as he was insane. Wasn't that just what his army needed? Perhaps this devoted lunatic would prove rather useful in the grand scheme of things, he thought as he took a sip out of his omnipresent glass of fine red wine.
"Hohoho." The emperor chuckled as Jabaro had finally finished explaining his doctrines. "Your drive to serve and your strength are indeed traits I would like to see more often among my ranks."

Jabaro bowed before his "savior", keeping his sights to the floor and awaiting his verdict.

"Very well then. You shall serve me. I was in dire need of someone to lead my armies for a while now." Frieza declared, this time in a much more serious tone.

"But my lord!" Jabaro obliged "Such an honor is too great for someone like myself, who has yet to prove his worthiness."

"Your worthiness will be decided on the field. If you're not good enough, than you will surely die and pardon me of your uselessness. You ARE prepared to die for me, yes?" the tyrant asked, but he didn't wait for an answer. The look in Jabaro's eyes which have since been lifted from the floor was enough of an answer. "Such an attitude. I expect great things from you, commander Jabaro."

"I will not disappoint you, my lord." The newly instated commander responded.


And so it was indeed. In the years to come, Jabaro conquered countless planets for the PTO. Frieza's empire was in full expansion and the speed at which it was expanding was unprecedented. The galaxy could only kneel before the unstoppable momentum caused by the commander. Whispers spoke of a horrid beast, snatched from the heart of Paravitar and placed atop of the PTO army. The beast was supposedly the reason behind this sudden shift in the balance of things some believed, and rightfully so. A natural born tactical genius and leader on the field, Jabaro's contribution on the front lines of the battlefield as well as his strategic planing helped accomplish a great deal.
He had earned Frieza's gratitude, so much so that he was even allowed to implement some of his methods into the army.
The most notable one being the fact that he possessed a personal army. One specifically trained to work for and under Jabaro. They were few in numbers, but their strength and skill in battle far outclassed the average PTO soldier.
For most of his battles, Jabaro's favourite approach to things was to make use of his "personal" army, while rushing into battle with his favourite officer, Nazu. Over the years the two formed a teacher-pupil relationship, with Jabaro breeding his unsuspecting pupil to one day take his place.
Strangely enough, Jabaro was a highly sympathized figure, especially within the ranks of his own army. His fanatic ways and ideology seemed to have slowly seeped into the soldiers along with the skill and strength he passed along. Perhaps it was personal charisma, or the way he rushed into the heat of battle alongside them as equals that swayed them, but nonetheless, there were but a few if not none who did not look up to Jabaro by that time.


It had been exactly five years since Jabaro had begun his quest and tipped the scales. Alone in the devastated forest of a primitive planet, freshly "purged" of it's inhabitants, Jabaro and Nazu were waiting for their transport to arrive. Jabaro was his hulking transformed self, as he believed that his regular self left too much room for weakness, while Nazu was in his normal state as he did not yet learn how to transform.
As Jabaro tore down a cracked chunk of the left side of his armor,he spoke:
"Another step towards the end goal, Nazu. One day, we will restore order to the entire galaxy, even the universe. One day..."
he paused only to continue: "But I will not see that day. This is why you must finish what we both started, my friend."
"You do know that I've grown to share the same feelings as yourself. But still, I do not understand. We are roughly the same age. With all due respect, it doesn't add up."
Jabaro slowly made his way to a nearby spring to wash away the blood and guts of the creatures he had slaughtered. He turned his head to the left in order to face his companion.
"It's not that simple." he explained. "I will not live as long as you."
"What do you mean?" Nazu asked with a puzzled expression on his face.
Jabaro turned away and walked into the spring. He took a deep breath and looked at the palm of his monstrous right hand while pondering on the answers he was about to give.


"I don't know much about our race, and most likely I never will. Our calling is too great to focus on our past. Our quest doesn't permit those kind of commodities. What I did learn of our transformation however is that in a sense, it is unnatural. When transforming, I force my body to revert itself to a primal state, reversing millions of years of evolution in a matter of seconds. The cells in our bodies are indeed naturally equipped to undergo and sustain this kind of mutation. However, not to the extent I have been abusing it. I've been like this for five years, for the sake of strength, for the sake of our mission. Strength is the only means to the end of our goal." Jabaro paused to deliver the most difficult part: "Due to the strain I have placed on my cells, I most likely will not be able to live out my natural life expectancy. I honestly do not know how limited my time is, but I do know that I can leave the task ahead in able hands, Nazu. You will be the next in line."
Enraged, and holding back a great deal of emotions, Nazu retorted:
"You.. selfish bastard..."
Jabaro attempted to speak but before he could do so, Nazu continued:
"Did you think for a second that I never wished to be you? That I just wanted to fight alongside you as a brother? You mean to tell me that all those battles we fought were merely to turn me into your placeholder?"
"We should look beyond these foolish attachments, Nazu. I had to be powerful for the good of our mission. We must fully commit and give ourselves to the cause. I've played my part and will continue to do so as long as I will be able to. But when the day comes, you have to do what must be done."
"Then why didn't you teach me?" Nazu cried, not caring about the tone he was using. "Why didn't you teach me so I could be powerful too? So that it wouldn't have come to thi-"

are Jabaro and Nazu gonna fuck or what?

"THE TIME FOR YOU TO BE POWERFUL HAS NOT YET ARRIVED!" Jabaro roared. "It was MY responsibility. And it still is. This is none of your concern now, you must focus on our goal to restore order through fear."

An awkward silenced ensued, but it didn't last long as the transport soon arrived and the two departed. With time, Nazu would grow into his role and stop resenting Jabaro for his actions, for deep down he too knew that it was for the best.

This has been the second chapter. I still have two more to post. Still into it?
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Chapter 3

Fear. A major component of Jabaro's philosophy, and one that could describe his reign as commander of the PTO army quite well. Ironically enough, it would also prove to be a major component to his eventual fall. Another year had passed and Frieza grew tired of hearing the countless stories about his commander's conquests. To Frieza, this seemed to get out of hand. Jabaro's own power only seemed to swell more with each passing day, and so did the might of his army. The tyrant knew that he had to deal with this in a way that wouldn't cause divides and/or substantial losses within the PTO army, therefore dealing with it directly was out of the question. Luckily enough, there was one way he could deal with this issue. He could always send Jabaro and his army on a suicidal mission from which none of them would be heard from again, and he had just the right planet in mind. Lacerta was once a planet which hosted one of the most feared warrior races in the galaxy. Their combat potential was enormous, perhaps even comparable the the saiyans of planet Vegeta which Frieza would discover decades later. One could only wonder why the tyrant never involved himself with this planet. While it is true that it was once a glorious bastion of the Yarian race, it's glory days have long since passed. It's downfall had been caused by the arrival of a supposed demon by the name of Oku. This particular fiend would pick a planet suitable for it's needs, and drain it of life over the course of a few hundred years. Due to the very slow pace at which the creature fed, it was never really a threat to Frieza's empire.

Oku's design

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Therefore spending valuable resources and men into slaying such a small threat was ultimately a waste. Lacerta didn't really interest the emperor either, as by the looks of it Oku was halfway done with the planet. The only thing of value about it would be it's powerful inhabitants. While they would prove to be great recruits, their numbers were dwindled by the constant desperate battles fought against Oku. Due to their impending doom having already been set in motion, there was really nothing the PTO could do to blackmail them into joining and as mentioned before, killing Oku was hardly worth the effort.
Within the comforting darkness of his royal room, Frieza grinned devilishly while playfully stirring the wine inside his glass. Soon, his worries would turn into nothing more than memories.
"It would seem that you have outlived your usefulness, my loyal commander." Frieza whispered to himself, as he took another sip of his red wine and ordered that Jabaro and his right hand man be brought to him immediately.

This is the third and shortest chapter so far. One more to go, it's not finished though

Chapter 4

Not long after landing, Jabaro's crew could already notice the harsh conditions the planet had to offer. As far as the eye could see, it looked like an abandoned wasteland. Any wars worth fighting here seemed to have already been fought by the scale of the ruins surrounding the place. The task at hand was indeed most peculiar given that the planet didn't really seem to be worth the mission.

"I wonder what lord Frieza saw in this dump." A common soldier remarked.
Nazu was quick to cut him off:
"However strange our orders might seem, we are not to question lord Frieza. You must put absolute faith in your superiors at all times in order for an empire to stand and thrive."
Jabaro was the last to leave the ship and upon overhearing the conversation, he chuckled in approval.
"That is most true. I see my teachings have been passed down accordingly. With warriors like this, our empire, Lord Frieza's empire will thrive for many more ages to come."
He breathed the air of Lacerta in deeply, as if savouring the final moments of peace he would bestow upon the planet before the chaos would ensue, ending in another inevitable and decisive victory. Or so Jabaro thought.
He and his men searched for hours, scouting each corner of every ruined city they came across. All that they knew is that Frieza sent them on a hunt for something dangerous, something preventing him from taking this planet for his own and making whatever use he has for it, something that has been eluding them for so long, something that has made fools out of them.
"Hold your advance." Jabaro ordered.
"You're suspecting it too, aren't you? Ever since we came here.. I've had this strange sensation that we're being watched. Perhaps followed even." Nazu cautiously responded.
Jabaro looked towards a specific spot in the open field they were currently scouting.

"Come out. I've felt your stink ever since we landed here, so much so that I almost conceded to it being the general scent of this place. You can't fool me forever." He said while maintaining the same calm yet prepared stance.
There was no room for silence to ensue. As soon as Jabaro's words left his mouth, a black smokr like gas escaped through cracks in the ground and slowly shaped itself into a charcoal coloured sinister figure that opened it's crimson red eyes and pointed at Jabaro with a mocking grin on it's face. In an instant, all their scouters shut down, leaving the entiee group awestruck.
"Looks like those hideous nostrils aren't just for show." The being spoke, with a hint of arrogance in it's tone.
Jabaro frowned and clenched his fists, preparing himself and his body for extreme measures. He had a very bad feeling about this. The soldiers under his command weren't doing much better either. Seeing their leader and mentor as tense as he was for the first time was alarming.
"What in the world is going on with the commander?..." Nazu thought to himself.


The figure crossed it's arms. There was nothing that indicated even a sliver of fear in it's body language. It almost seemed as if it was on a walk in the park instead of facing the most feared warriors in the galaxy.
"I have been observing you." The creature spoke once again just before reaching behind it's back.
Inexplicably, it pulled out one of Jabaro's men from behind and threw him before them.
The group was left stunned. How could such a thing happen, and most importantly, when?
"As you may probably suspect by now.." the creature was cut off by a blast that came from one of the soldiers. Unfazed by the blast, it caught the sphere like ki blast in it's right hand and clamped on it until it dissipated.
"I am a demon from the underworld. I go by the name of Oku. As you can already see, I am quite capable and non hesitant to dispose of anyone of you, but that is not what I desire or intend to do."
"Considering you've already killed one of our elite soldiers, your intentions don't seem to match up with your words. I suggest you choose your next words carefully, demon." Nazu retorted, fired up and ready as ever. Yet still, his commander hesitated.

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"My abilities are.. unnatural. Your commander is a smart man, for an extremist knucklehead that is. He has noticed it. He knows that this is a battle no tactics or strength you posses can win." The demon paused and began to chuckle while shaking his head "I advise you all to leave at once. Your battle is not with me. It is with the one who sent you here in the first place. You are Frieza's men, aren't you?"
"Yeah, we are. So what?"
The demon broke into uncontrollable laughter, stirring great anger inside the hearts of those standing before him.
"Speak ill of lord Frieza again and I will personally rip out your tongue and present it to him." Jabaro responded while motioning his left hand towards Oku and charging a green ki blast. It seemed as if hearing the demon speak in that way of his ruler made the brute shake off any feeling of uneasiness or doubt in the outcome of the battle.
Oku could barely bring himself to pause his senseless laughter in order to reply.
"Oh my, I guess I gave you too much credit. You are just a brute after all. Is it not obvious? Your "lord" sent you here to die. There is nothing.."he broke out into a chuckle before continuing"nothing left for you here. Turn around and fight the one who sent you.. if you wish to live, or at least prolong your lifespan. You wouldn't want your dream to die here with you, wouldn't you? "Ultimate order", wasn't it?"
In an instant, the demon's smile faded from his face, as if all that came before was just a rehearsed performance meant for their eyes only. He turned around and proceeded to walk away, slowly dissipating with each step he took.
Jabaro had other plans, however. This demon knew who they were, he somehow tapped into their minds and tried to turn them against lord Frieza.
"Perhaps I was wrong. If he's such a coward that he'd steep as low as trying to make fools out of us, then he can't be the threat I thought him to be." He thought.


Simultaneous to the demon's departure, the blast in Jabaro's hand tremendously grew in size as he fired it at the demon, seemingly engulfing him.
"Oh well." Oku remarked to himself as he graciously and effortlessly turned around and kicked the massive ball of energy to the heavens. After this impressive feat, he dissipated into smoke almost instantly only to reform in the middle of the small army, leaving Jabaro and Nazu to observe from the former front lines.
Oku fought true to his title as a demon, using his limbs as mold to spawn all sorts of weapons, each of his blows proving lethal to all that they came into contact with. Jabaro's elite army was made to look like fodder as wave after wave of soldiers were being slashed and maimed to the ground.
"You fools!" Jabaro roared as he tried to get closer to the battle. " Execute containment maneuver 32!"
"Maneuver 32?? What is he thinking? Our army was never forced to use such extreme means before. Why do it now?" Nazu thought to himself.
At Jabaro's command, about a dozen soldiers gathered around the crimson eyed demon and creared a barrier around him. Meanwhile, the other soldiers who were at a distance proceeded to fire a massive barage of energy blasts. The blasts would eventually kill the soldier and tear down the barrier, making it too late for the being inside to avoid the impact and dodge the never ending onslaught that follows. This was indeed a desperate move, as it would sacrifice a few for the needs of the many. Jabaro knew this was the only way to minimize the casualities to the fullest. Both he and Nazu watched on as the never before attempted maneuver was being executed with such efficiency before their eyes. Jabaro had truly taught them well. The soldiers knew that death too, was a means to their goal.


Oku, however, was not all too impressed with this feat as he casually dodged any and all blasts that came his way as soon as the barrier was torn down. To him, it was as if these projectiles were standing still. He gracefully made his way through the sea of ki blasts while casually swatting away whichever ones he didn't feel like dodging. In a few motions that felt like an instant to Jabaro's men, the demon was once again facing them at point blank range, with his arms crossed. As if waponized limbs weren't enough, the creature's long hair turned into the head of a Hydra with which he was cutting a swath through the soliders with his arms crossed order to further humiliate them.
Nazu growled in anger and began to head closer towards the battle:
"Enough of this tomfoolery. Let's end him now, commander"
Jabaro placed a hand on his solider and stopped him dead in his tracks:
"No. Leave them."

This is all I have so far. What does everyone ultimately think?

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I attempted to replicate the Z art style. As you an see in the Oku design, I am a bit more versatile than Jabaro's design shows. While I do admit that I am a mediocre artist at best, I fail to see how that is enough of an argument to justify my age. I'm willing to bet your troglodyte ass didn't even bother to read my work. If you had, you wouldn't make such idiotic assumptions

I unironically think this is good, what contest are you entering?

I own a small page in a Dbz community on social media. The admin of a bigger page is organizing an OC contest and will be giving out Ssj Blue Goku and Vegeta statues and a final form Frieza figure kit for first and second place respectively. So far only me and my co admin have entered the competition.

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Good shit though, kept me entertained

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Just make El gohan blanco ultimo and you'll be sure you're gonna win your spic contest

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