Dragon Ball Super

Do you miss him?

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Was 130 the best fucking DBS ep or what?

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>This is your final ace for next week

Best arc, shitty ending though

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>Did you even watch the episode?
Did you?

>Jiren tries
>Goku surpass him

>Jiren tries harder
>Goku surpass him too

>Jiren tries the hardest, this time even trying to kill Goku's friends
>Goku surpass him once again, this time pissed off

Jiren was assraped

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How do we stop 17wank lads?

Comicfag should update this

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Jiren is just a fuck you by the writers, he isn't interesting at all hes just powerful and can never lose

How is that interesting?




No because I'm watching him again right now thanks to the dub.

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she still hasn't posted about the anime yet

The real MVP is the seemingly infinite amount of well placed floating rocks.

>Toei's shit writing is the MVP
Makes sense I guess

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>implying goku isn't the problem
muh power of friendship

That was pretty amazing.

No one predicted 17 would be back. They fooled everyone.
We all thought that it was Goku and Frieza only.

Haha, so many people must be butt blasted.

>No one predicted 17 would be back

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right now Jiren is using KaioKen and he's more powerful than Goku MUI

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How good is his English VA on a scale of 1 to Miki?


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So why didn't they disqualify Jiren for attacking the audience?

Finally this shitty series gets canceled


How did spics react?


He was aiming at Hit who is still hiding in his pocket dimension. Don't you pay any attention



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I thought that the spoilers said that Frieza would cheap shot a victory from hiding. Looks like that cant happen now that he is just out in the open.

Welcome to the tournament of power, where the stamina is limitless and self destruction doesn't mean anything.

James Marsters voices him.

7 he is decent and his lines are great and fitting.

Nobody can stop 17.

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>mumbles "kami" from a distance

The ruesl were that the autiende cannot itnerfere with the ToP, but, nobody said anything about the ToP interfering with the audience.

Are we breaking the 4th wall yet?

>self destruction doesn't mean anything
That's because he never self-destructed

>Jiren decides to kill universe 7
>universe 7 kakashi survived
>frieza saved goku
>17 and frieza vs jiren
>goku joins in later on
Sup Forums would have told you to fuck off with your spicfic just yesterday. What happened?

Did they throw the time limit in the garbage for good?

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why cant my country be this fucking based? look at all these people, they look like they're having the time of their life

Nah the GP is keeping track.

Do you even watch DB Super?
Jiren was supposed to be disqualified because he attacked the audience.
Android 17 was not supposed to self destruct he had his bomb removed .
If Android 17 actually had the power to self destruct, he should have died. But no, in DB Super you dont die from a self destruct.
Vegeta self destruct should have turned him into stone. But nope, in DB Super you dont die from a self destruct.
17 and Frieza should have been vaporized a long time ago since Boku and Jiren started the real fight. But in DB Super you dont die unless explicitely said so. But even then, in DB Super you dont die from a self destruct.

I dunno about you, but the end of DB Super is alot like the end of Bleach: lots of asspuls, lots of plotholes, everything is fucking rushed and everybody rages at the trainwreck of an end.

I enjoyed some of DB Super. I enjoyed the Zamasu arc, the Tournament Arc with Champa, the Hit arc..it was a great show.

But the Tournament of Power was a complete trainwreck: Ribbriane, Kefla, everybody being stronger than SSB Goku. No, just no. I rank ToP at the same level of shit as the Thousand Year Blood War Arc from Bleach.

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>that bulge
How can Yamcha even compete?

>Android 17 was not supposed to self destruct he had his bomb removed .
Have you never read or watched dragon ball


>When freeza saved goku
You will never be this happy

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androids literally cannot self destruct without a bomb retard


So Jiren went from attacking defenseless people on the stands to not wanting to attack a defenseless Goku. Nobody at Toei knows how to write this character, they can't decide if he should be a douchebag or honorable.

4. The guy is okay, but he doesn't express any hint of emotion in his voice.

Because the angels can protect people with their barriers. Also, he didn't attack Zeno.

They licked it up as per usual. I've never seen more obsessed DBS fans.

Because your country sucked at localizing Dragon Ball. Mexico and South America handled the localization perfectly. They pretty much plastered DB on everything. It's a national pastime for them.

Jiren's past is interesting as he serves as a major foil to Goku, who relied on gaining strength through comrades. Jiren gained strength completely on his own.

I wouldn't go that far, but it was the best animated DBS episode. That's for sure.

17 and 18 are cyborgs with superhuman cells, literally the only mechanical parts in their bodies were the bomb and the machine that makes their energy regenerate, they can blow themselves up the same way any other character does if they feel like it

Retarded secondaries who don't know what the fuck they're talking about need to stop opening their mouths in these threads


He had his bomb removed, he wasnt supposed to be able to self destruct.

And your problem being?

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>He had his bomb removed, he wasnt supposed to be able to self destruct.

Both Goku and Vegeta fought Ribbriane at base form pretty easily. I don't know why you think she's SSB tier.

How do we stop the lizard menace, bros?

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>scalies DP'ing the furries

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How did Vegeta sacrifice against Buu if he didn't have a bomb?

Because toei's shitshow uses SSB for everything, even Krillin

Didn’t that Angel smile in the anime after his universe got erased?

Just stop
You are embarrassing yourself

i think the idea is that his universe was full of a bunch of faggots so in the anime he was happy to see them gone and in the manga he had a sigh of relief

fuck this shit. wortst episode in all of super. 17 is alive? yea fuck right off you dumb toei cunts - you ruined dragon ball forever worse than gt or evolution did.

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>gets utterly BTFO and has nothing to say after making a fucking moronic claim in the first place that can be debunked in multiple ways

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Turn a character with morals and values of life, peace, and prosperity into an arrogant fool that only believes in "survival of the of the fittest"
Turn a character centered around love into an arrogant fool that believes love is only what's on the outside.
Toyo, please save us

>all these changes happened suddenly at the same time

It was Toriyama.

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Do we have the scans already?

I hate android 17 with all my heart.

>everybody being stronger than SSB Goku
Seriously? The problem with the tournament of power was just that hardly any of the strongest fighters from other universes could challenge the androids or saiyens, or even Frieza
Just u7 vs everyone else

>No one predicted 17 would be back

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We have the full chapter already and Herms translated most of the difference between manga and anime

Goku was _______ back

They literally look nothing like lizards.

Based Mexicans.

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>that time when Freeza casually got an entire universe erased
Good times

Boku goes SSB against Krillin.
Boku goes SSB against 17.
Boku goes SSB against Gohan.
Boku goes UI against Kefla because a SSJ 2 Caulifa is stronger than SSB Boku.
Boku went regular SSJ God against base Caulifla and Kale.

Also, another teensy insy little tiny but every crucial detail is that SSB is supposed to use God Ki, and the peasants should not be able to sense god Ki. This means that pretty much everybody that can read Bokus power level whilst in SSB mode has god Ki themselves.

Or just accept the fact that DB Super is very bad written with more holes than an Eastern European road.

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I hate android 17. FUCK TOEI. I hate android 17. FUCK TOEI. I hate android 17. FUCK TOEI. I hate android 17. FUCK TOEI. I hate android 17. FUCK TOEI. I hate android 17. FUCK TOEI. I hate android 17. FUCK TOEI. I hate android 17. FUCK TOEI. I hate android 17. FUCK TOEI.


>Literally a STADIUM of people watching subbed japanese cartoons

What a time to be alive.

>Or just accept the fact that every Toei's DB anime is very bad written with more holes than an Eastern European road

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Why the fuck did the arc not end here? Why are toei so fucking awful at knowing how to finish a fucking fight?

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No. It was obviously Toei.

Toriyama has almost fuck all to do with their bullshit. No seriously.
Toriyama just scribbles out a handful of characters for them after they fuck something up huge and takes the blame for their fuck ups.

Why would that matter? It was shocking in the anime when Universe 9 actually got erased because people were calling bullshit on Zeno actually erasing the universes and then they just did it without hesitation. Now people just read the manga to see how different it is from the anime. The anime and manga should just complement each other instead of this bullshit.

Thanks senpai. Tried to watch the One Piece anime but I really gave up after 10 minutes. Sticking to the manga.

>everything you said was pure headcanon

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Why did they give the 48 minute time limit if they knew they were going to have the ToP be over 30 episodes long?

130 obviously had a lot of animation effort put into it.
But there was no tension or interest in the fight.
The friendship stuff was the most generic shonen shit ever
And i bet Jiren attacking the stadium was a toei decision. The only thing interesting about jiren is that hes not a bad guy, but toeis all "he gotta be a bad man"

Fucking redditors


How much time is left? 1 min?

There you are, Toppo.
Let's train together.

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nice headcanon

>hey el grande padre, why is the tournament 4 hours long?
>silly ningen i had to account for all the talking krillin is gonna do when he gets eliminated

its bad writing

I'm a pretty big DB and DBZ fan, but this was shit just like every super episode
What's the IQ of people that think this is the best episode ever and 17 is sooo coool (which hes not in super)

The show made people love the brand years ago, now its the brand making people love shit. Plus they are stupid

>MS Paint drawfag is a chick

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he sounds like microsoft sam
i knew it wouldn't be nearly as good because the original va is god tier but it's worse than i expected

Name another anime that does this

I don't watch this shit, I just follow the threads. Can I get an episode rundown? Did Frieza save the day?

Football: Real Life Editiion

Bu but you said he will win? But now 17 will get his boat instead.

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Is mexicans liking it so much proof that super is for low iq people?