Mob psycho100 event livestream

It's started!

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Voice actors

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Tachikawa appeared!

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31 episode second season?

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Does that mean the 2nd season will cover the rest of the manga?. Getting a full adaptation would be pretty dope.

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I think this is a fake link and thread because I am a brainless shitposter

What the fuck is this fucking vertical stream?
Are nip netizens really that smartphone oriented? Christ.

>seiyuu goofing around
How boring, where's the trailer?

It's a Line stream which is a smart phone app so that's probably why.

>Mob Psycho 100 Spin-off Manga 'Reigen' Announced

Do this and S2 were announced or is there some sort of misunderstanding.

I hope it's A 2-cour if they're planning to do that. But then again, I don't mind them rushing through the evil dad dude arc.
That shit lasted way more than it fucking should've.

They shoud show Reigen OVA on the event,something to look forward


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Yeah, both have been announced although the Reigen manga was announced a couple days ago, it should start tomorrow.
There's also a Reigen OVA recapping season 1 which should air during the event.

OP here,didn't even know there was two threads up,even though i checked catalog before making this thread,so fuck off

seems legit

Seems like they over with Q/A,maybe OVA right now?

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Director just confirmed the old staff is returning, so it's very likely going to be Bones again.

Fuck yeah

Not yet,they perform OP right now

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Well, the manga ended, so I guess the second season will condense the story enough that it too will have a decisive ending.

of course it will be bones, I wonder if two cours

People were worried since OPM S2 has a different studio.

Bones aren't hacks like Madhouse.

The Mob Psycho 100 anime adaptation is copyrighted by BONES, so in that regard, a studio change couldn't happen at all.

it'd be dumb if they didn't show a clip from season 2

TWOOOOOOOOO *in engrish*

It's still very early in production according to the director so they probably don't have any footage.

Is ONE behind the new Reigen manga?


Isn't the reason OPM was as much of a sakuga-fest as it is is due to the director having friends across the industry?

I heard a fuckton of freelancers worked on that thing.


Yes, he's the one doing it

Yes, which is why people expecting S2 to be even close to the same quality as S1 are completely delusional.

>still early in production
Oh man hopefully it will air this year, maybe Fall 2018. I don't want to wait any longer.

>implying Madhouse has any say in whether or not it gets to adapt it
They gave S2 to JC staff because it's a garbage filler season not worth to spend much effort on.

Who's to say they can't hire more freelancers who do just as good of a job?

>There hasn't been an OPM web comic update in a year

Welp it's over.I though they gonna show Reigen OVA on stream but nope.

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>more based ONE writing
I've missed his simple yet great artstyle, anons

Wait, is there a new Mob season or not?

There is, literally on the OP's pic user (embed)

The key art, straight from Tachikawa himself.

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Nice, I enjoyed the first one very much.

>Anons will finally get to see Mogami and all the things that made this series truly great

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because season 2 is already in production and they already announced the staff and they are all shit tier animators and newbie animators.

That's the Reigen OVA. Mobfags got Jebaited again like usual because they still cling to hope eventhough it's obvious as fuck that MP100 season 2 is not gonna happen.

Anime is saved

The guy fucking tweeted it 15 minutes ago man, gimme a break.


What's with this insistent trolling? It's already confirmed.

>Director Yuzuru Tachikawa said at the event that the staff at BONES will not change from the first season.

you blind? The text even says Mob Psycho: Reigen

Forgot to link the source of image,it's this little teaser video:

Didn't know the OVA was titled that. It just sits as "13" on my HDD.

>What's with this insistent trolling?
Retards. the answer is retards, always

what's that in the OP then?

The visual is for the OVA you fucking retards. That doesn't mean there isn't a 2nd season, just that the visual isn't for it.

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Could easily be cut. It's an okay part, but not important to the central narrative. I can easily live without it, if it means that we'll get a "complete" adaptation.

Whatever you want to believe shitposter-kun

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lmao at mobfags IQ level. They don't even realize the guy he's replying to is right.

I think this is the new promo image for the 2nd season? Announced in the official anime twitter.

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Kek, it's confirmed stay mad love

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learn2read first faggot



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My dude, he said that the 2nd season is probably a thing, which now we know it is, just that it doesn't have a Key visual yet.

You're actually being dumb.

Fuck yeah second season + plus same staff! I jumped onboard MP100 in January and have read the manga too by now. Glad to see I haven't joined the hypetrain just when in ended

This is the MP100 copyright credit you fucking liar
Where is bones?

>Mob Psycho 100 S2 announced
>Studio: JC Staff
How do you feel?

Madhouse and Natsume have better things to do than OPM S2. We already know it.

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Good, that piece of shit doesn't deserve BONES anyway.

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Only fujoshit watch this boring turd.

How can one faggot have reading comprehension this awful?
>That doesn't mean there isn't a 2nd season
>just that the visual isn't for it.

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So you will watch it with us user.

More specifically, fujos who are also sakugadorks that still haven't read the manga's ending.

wait, so good animation is a bad thing now?

If a mediocre director only focuses on "good" animation, like in the case of Flip Flapper's director Oshiyama, then yes.

I am not fujoshit

>good animation is bad in a medium primarily about animation
Truly makes you think.

So...when will the Reigen OVA be uploaded?

>yfw Mogami's wild ride will be animated

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Oh, I forgot about that part.
That's not going to be fun.

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Anyone have a link to the OVA

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I can't wait. It's going to be painful but the payoff is so good


Fug. theres a new one? Google has nothing.

first season was quite overrated. but people say the second part of the manga is better, so, let's wait.

Hoping for 2-cour adaptation,even split-cour format would work,anyway great news!

I'm curious,what you didn't like in first season or better said why do you think it's overrated?

>I don't mind them rushing through the evil dad dude arc.
>That shit lasted way more than it fucking should've.
>I can easily live without it, if it means that we'll get a "complete" adaptation.


holy shit, season 2

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I'm just hyped to see that short story arc with that one chick who asks Mob to go out with her.

Here is the news from its official site

The comedy, especially. And the first episodes are centered on it. The first episode, for example, besides the style of animation, did not present anything really exciting, but many treated as if it were the second coming of the Messiah.

Fair reasons I guess,thanks for responding.I think second season should be much more exciting for you,especially if they choose to adapt all manga.

As an anime only fan, I think the first episode is the weakest of the series and can give the wrong impression to the newcomers who think the whole series will be the same tone as the first episode. After the first episode the series just keeps getting better and better.

That's just a frame from the last ep of S1