Girls und Panzer? Is that some 1990s anime?

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Welcome to Oarai

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Take me to Oarai please

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A late 90s design would have been way better than the boring designs we are dealing now.

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I don't suppose they have an official date for this year's ankou festival do they? I need dates so I can put in my vacation paperwork.

Still not new info?

There's one on now 18 March japan time.

An actual Anglerfish festival, or a general oarai GuP festival? I want to hit the actual Anglerfish fest in November.

Goddammit Marie

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General one now. Not sure about the actual Anglerfish festival details.

Not much, apparently no release date decided yet for Das Finale Part 2 revealed in the Garupan Talk event and they have announced a new GuP app.

New app

I'd like for it to air in 20fucking18.

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Subs when?

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No it's from the 1940s.

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Are they lesbians in the ova or is it memed like everything else

What do you think?

Oh god this series is going to take so long to release.

Why is Andou such a rapist?

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Guys, Waffle school is Belgium-themed, right?
Anyone have that map of schools across Japan?

all brown people are rapists

So THIS is how Mika maintains the morale in Jatkosota

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I thought she did it with cheap vodka and meth? They are Finns after all.

>I'd like for it to air in 20fucking18.
HAHAHA funny joke, friend. I'd bet money that we're getting 1 OVA per year at the MOST.

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What's it do? Calculate whether or not the hit is a kill shot?

That's probably what Anchovy has planned for Nina and Alina to make money. I bet the vodka is about as non alcoholic as their grape juice for adults.

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If Anzio and Maginot make "grape juice for adults" does Pravda make "non-alcoholic Vodka"?

Well that's how Crystal Pepsi sort of started

>Non-Alcoholic Vodka
>Non A

Non Alcoholic is the brand name, it's owned by Nonna's family.

It all makes sense now!

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Looks ugly. Compare the design to something like Monogatari and you'll see the difference in quality.

Holy shit I checked the twitter and found out they did an orchestra. Wtf, the whole ost is made up of 1 music score that's rehashed again and again. The creativity is so low and is intellectually wanting.

Just start reading the Girls und Panzer: Senshado no Susume comic...
>Miho: We have already fought quite a few battles together with this Panzer IV... It is irreplaceable to us.
>Saori: Yeah Just like reliable good friends!
>Mako: Comfortable bed.
>Isuzu: The numbing feel of shelling is something that I miss.
>Miho: Good friends ... on bed... numbing?

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But is it Pravda-made or is there no economical incentive for anyone to make them and so they have ti import Non-Alcoholic Vodka from Saunders?


>BC Freedom
>Free France
It's Free France + Vichy Franc, that's why one half of the school hates the other's guts

>Girls und Panzer: Senshado no Susume comic...
which one was this again?

>No translation yet for the GuP Variante manga
I hope that /ak/ pick it up too

Who will be the final boss?

Sounds like YTC: the mango


Yukari's Tank Corner

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Wotnuk wanted to do that one but is short on typesetters.
Were the last ones ever done? The one from the stream was machine translated.

It is also tank introduction but with some tank and some more story. I think probably comparable to the certain official kancolle manga that introduce ships?
you mean the corner for vol.6 or the one from the movie?

>Wotnuk wanted to do that one but is short on typesetters.
I hope he or someone else do it as I like the manga's art

>Were the last ones ever done?
IDK, in my files only have until YTC6 translanted, how many they are in total?

ALso there is the DTM Game special that are untranslated just because they are just released

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>Canada school in Hokkaido

>The auto club moddee Panzer IV into sonething that have features of ZIL-29061 and Special Number 3 Light Tank Ku-Ro and Sd Kfz 165 Hummel

of course Hana would take the biggest bucket

>and Special Number 3 Light Tank Ku-Ro
Don't let them attach wings.

>3d models
fuck, no way my tablet will be able to show sargent oddball without being a slideshow

Yukari in long sleaves amd black gloves does strange things to me and my penis.

>prereg bonus
>in app currency coins
>4 star Miho BC Freedom Uniform
This is yet another crappy freemium game right?

Someone has the link for the Russian trailer?

I was wondering the way yesterday GuP thread was completely erased from the archives if this show was supposed to go on another board... so it seems that was a one time only weirdness

Manny GuP threads are just circle jerking and /c/-tier posting

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I wonder what Koume's and her crew's expressions were like when this happened?

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>implying the same can't be said for half of Sup Forums at any given moment

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Not as bad as in other 'general' threads on Sup Forums, but I guess we cshould go to /c/ to post GuPs

I'd guess fear and panic.

Fucking hell
>Those drills
That reminds me about one strategy, where USSR had tank, which could dig its way under ground on any point of map.

The Mad(Wo)men

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>[muffled bubbling daijoubus sounds]

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>non-alcoholic Vodka
That's a thing?

Yeah, water.

>Rabbit team visit UK school to look for sister of their M3 Lee, the M3 Stuart
>They greet them with stargazy pie with marmite on top

New Zealand

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>Rabbits go to UK school to look for sisters to their American tanks

Stuart were mainly lend-leased to UK during WWII while many.M3 Lee were lend-leased to Soviet

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Will the Finns ever get their own episode or will they just constantly cameo in other people's stories?

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Why does she sit like that?

Finns don't like attention
A wildlife-documentary style 5min animation on them wold be nice, tho

Sitting otherwise would crush her massive balls

Mika knows she's in an anime, she's the defacto cryptic narrator.

What was the symbolism of the Chicken in the episode where they are all eating chicken?

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It symbolized chicken

Chicken in good

wow what a remarkable discovery
I just realized after gahering all my figures togather, they all have red eyes
This is proof that best girls across all of anime are marked by their red eyes

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