She got herself a spin-off

and guess what it is?

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What spin-off?

Porn? Ramen battle cooking?


please be porn.



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Its called kangoku senkan

If it's not porn, who cares?

You haven't watched anything then.

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Why? She doesn't do anything remarkable in SEED besides flop her tits around whenever there's some turbulence.

I love this show
I always pick the shorter haired ones if they're an adult

Game version a lot better then the TV version.

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I want a threesome with her and Sumeragi

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>yfw you realize Murrae was in a relationship with her former Vice Captain before she killed her


fun fact: they both have the same English VA.

>TV version.


so they didn't get sued for violating copyright?

>her former Vice Captain
Who? The croissant girl?

Lieri you mean

Well, there are only like 20 english VAs, so that's just playing the odds. Like when you find out in a room of 30 people the odds of two people sharing the same birthday aren't that bad at all

Full version of the opening theme never.

A SoL of the our daily lives with my wife

Both SEED and 00 were done in Canada, but Ocean's talent pool is a bit smaller than the US ones.

granted I think her VA fit both characters well as typecast as it was.

Prison battleship?