Was this scene really necessary?

Was this scene really necessary?

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You do understand that anime is entertainment, yes?

Have you, by any chance, seen the rest of that anime? You're either in or you're out.

Holy fuck her head is huge.

I want to be in that loli

If you think otherwise, then you don't belong here.


Shitposters tend to understand everything very well. They actually have very high iq.


>Creepy pedo show with topless loli fanservice out of nowhere
>Heh... It's a show thing... You wouldn't *vapes* understand the subtle nuances... *plays Sonic* kid

Prove that it's a pedo show. If you see an erotic loli that doesn't mean pedo.

they made a sequel to loliballs and no one told me?

Yes? No? Maybe?

I don't know.


Of course. She doesn't have any breasts, so it's okay for her to be topless, and she could even be completely naked if she wanted. After all, no one is going to get aroused by looking at her childish naked little body.

Perhaps she actually has the hydrocephalus condition.

Yes user, really funny. Yet another high quality post.
Can you go back to Sup Forums now?

If you think that little girl is lewd or you find that shot to be sexual in any way, then the problem it's in your head, you're the one that's sick, fucking disgusting animal, nobody here sees that little girl as more than a cute creature who needs to be protected from fucking degenerates like yourself. Kill your fucking self, disgusting piece of shit.

Why are people offended? It's not like she has anything there. What's the difference between this and seeing a little boy topless? In fact Dragon Ball showed Kid Goku fully naked all the time.

What's going on in here?

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It's either a creepy pedo show, or the fanservice comes out of nowhere.
Pick one.

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Disgusting pedos coming into these threads to falseflag accusing anons who enjoy watching cute creatures doing cute things of being degenerates.

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Back to your fujo shithole thread.

Ho. It's the "Was it necessary" troll. It's been 3 weeks since the last.

What about this scene?

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The tenshis are good girls

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The way her right arm seems to have a gap between the top and bottom halves ruined this shot for me.

Yeah I was about to comment on that. What the fug.

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Is this chick from the same show
What is this

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The one with the fastest loli wins.
That's what true rock is.

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Why do little girls like to have their faces near a man's crotch so much?

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I love this screenshot. It always makes me laugh

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BD fucking where?

The difference is that boys aren't sexy

Can't blame him.

The girl who saved crypto

>erotic loli doesn't mean pedo

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Because of her wide head. Very on point, user, on point.

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Is anime really necessary?

what the fuck is up with her head

Don't make fun of her head

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Post webms of lewd tenshis

Keep them pure and don't do this

so you still watch anime out in public?

think in an dead smashed cat on some street to keep the wee wee down

imagine krauser-san raping the tower. is an option.

what the fuck did I just read

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You might want to go to the hospital.

Post loli, you faggots.

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Instead of acting like a bitch, why don't you help me out?

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It was more necessary than you life.

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I want to push Clownpiece down and rape her, but I think she would enjoy that.

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>are you in or out?! lewds is what its about!

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This looks cute


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Filthy hags stealing our lolis.

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Shit like this is a daily reminder why I mainly use eight-chan these days

How much?

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Its been three years...

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bump random loli loop

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Last one.

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I've already lost all hope.
I think I'll fap to Zangyaku-sama to cheer me up.

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I have told my wives many times not to play with their food like that, I am going to have to forcefully widen their anuses as punishment.

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Pregnant lolis are the best.

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ll is the purest form of love

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stop posting lolis. is too late now

[s]only traps and cute feminine boys can make Sup Forums's dick hard again[/s]

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There's at least the RAW right?

Canon sex goddess.

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Homosexuality is a sin. Lolis belong to onii-chans only.

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Why are fairies so lewd?

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I said NOT to do this.

It's just their nature. They've really been turning up their sex appeal as well, lately.

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Do you have the pic with the tanned Fairies of Light and Clownpiece?

>just trying to get to work in the morning minding my own business and not even dressed provocatively
>loli train is the only one that drops off close enough to get there on time
>every single day little girls aggressively grope me and ask me if I want to go listen to Led Zeppelin
I've reported it multiple times and even wrote letters to my local congressmen but so far no one has done a single thing about this problem, and all the other men I notice just stay quiet and turn their heads like nothing is happening. How much longer must we live this way?

Yes, there was not enough Sora in that show.

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I don't, but now I really want to see that.

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