You will never live in a quiet house in the countryside with Chitanda

>You will never live in a quiet house in the countryside with Chitanda

Post yfw

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They didnt even hook up.

i don't want to live

Kininari no thanks, just the house

The house comes with Chitanda as a part of her inheritance from her Yakuza grandpa.

Hospital > farm

>not convincing her that her duties in the country are nothing to do with her and are needlessly traditional and bringing her into the city for a modern dicking.

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I am split. On one side the prospect of breeding a farm girl before taking care of the crops on a comfy japanese farm sounds great. But on the other side, fucking a rich stoic empress on her father's marble table makes me diamonds.
What do ?

Shove the cactus up to your ass, yaay~

I love my wife Eru because she's the most perfect girl ever conceived.
She's smart, but also clumsy.
She's cute, but she's also beautiful.
She's a fine lady but she can also be childish.
She's assertive but she can get embarrassed as well.
She's pure and at the same time she's sexy af.
She can be annoying but only enough to make you stop being a lazy cunt and she knows when to relax and take it easy.
And lastly, she's 2D so she will never cheat on you.

>She's cute, but she's also beautiful.

Cute like a pet. Beautiful like a princess.

>living in Takayama
it's ok in the summer, but winters are harsh and always snowing

>quiet house in the countryside
>shitty internet
>have to bike for hour to get to work or shop
>have to talk to village-folk or look like total loon

No, thanks.

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My husbando Houtarou is so handsome

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>Tease Houtarou and Eru's physical attraction for each other at least once per episode for the whole season
>They bond and get closer over the whole show
>Finale ends with a literal "n-never mind, I didn't say anything" type of moment solely to frustrate the veiwer
Why is this allowed?

>Chitanda will never be your housewife.
Just kill me plz

I'd rather a shrine.

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That would probably give me crippling anxiousness from constantly feeling like I must be entertaining and unboring enough for her to stand being around me and only me for long periods at a time.

>you will never have sweaty sex, helping yourself to her chitandas as you pound her from behind on a hot summer day