This is the end of the world

Just finished 202. Whiny little bitch finally grew some fucking balls. Not bad. 202 was pretty good. I mean 101 was fun. 202 was way better. Less whiny shit from the protagonist. Should I go to bed now or keep marathoning this? 303 awaits.

Btw. the "key scenes" are just fantastic. The image. Those fucking angels. The sound. It's all done so nice. Amazing shit, despite the corny characters (especially in 101).

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101 bread was shit: maybe this one will be better? Probably not, because you guys are all fucking faggots.

>unironically enjoying Rebuild

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Yeah, so far I totally do. Haven't seen any of this shit ever before, started with 101, then 202. Now comes 303, and then the end.

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Go right now and watch 303 without reading this thread
I have to know what you think of it given what you've thought of the previous two

Well. Eva 404: You Can (Not) Be Found certainly loves up to its name.

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evangeshit is garbage. the only good thing is Asuka.

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but it's already 8 o clock in the fucking morning... I don't know. Then again, I do wanna know what's up next... and if that piece of shit protagonist kid now is a man or reverts back to whiny little bitch of a faggot. How come such a cool dad got punished with such a sissy of a son anyways? Probably should have spent more time with him, eh? Fucking idiot.
>if you don't raise your kids
>nobody else will

Give me a reference point - how much later is 8am compared to when you normally go to sleep? Do you have to go anywhere tomorrow?

yes, unit 2 was such a nice change, after so much whining from the protagonist. Unit 2 kicks ass.
...but she didnt really survived that thing, eh? :(

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>Do you have to go anywhere tomorrow?
nahhh xD

>how much later is 8am compared to when you normally go to sleep?
I tend to go to sleep right about now, take or give an hour or two. So I'm gonna watch 303 now, or what. :/

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If you don't feel tired, then go watch it

I own physical copies of these doijuns

oookay, but Ima gonna brew some more coffee first

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and rest assured, this bred wont be up any longer by the time I finish 303, so it doesn't even matter... you ever thought about that, mr. brain?

I will bump the thread for 2 hours fren

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Wew dat is some gap

303 is dogshit terrible
Now wonder it sent Anno into another wave of depression

The original looks pretty dated, so which one has the better animation? 202 or 303?

okay, I'm ready. Starting in 3, 2, ...

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>coffee faggot
Pathetic. Alcoholic Master Race.

Even alcoholics drink coffee

You're not a real alcoholic unless you're using coffee to cut the buzz

>complaining about shinji being a little bitch

im not sure you understood what you saw

3 mins in and IT'S UNIT 2!!! FUCK YEAHHH!!!

screw you bitch, there's a time for alcohol, and there's a time for coffee. And sometimes you put the firmer in the latter. So screw you twice. Or do you have any proofs that I didnt put some schnaps into my coffee?

care to elaborate? Also I said: fucking time he man's up and grew some balls towards end of 202.

You fucking idiot.

You absolute moron

Tired supposed to watch by 1-26 then end of evangelion first.

Not the shitty rebuilds

>Whiny little bitch finally grew some fucking balls

This is why the Remakes are bad

Watch to series first

One of the big themes of Eva is that it is insane what is asked of Shinij. You would have a mental breakdown if you were in his shoes.

>you know they fucked up when they fucked up the numbering system
>I know they fucked up when they fucked up the numbering of angels from getgo

and we're back to whining
>what is this thing
>get if off of mee waaaaah
>please? please? mommy??
fucking hell

>This is why the Remakes are bad
looks like it, if that's better handled in the series. But if that's the only flaw... anyways shhhh I'm watching this. :D

uhhh. wat.

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Bro watch the original series and end of evangelion, the rebuilds are fun to watch but they just aren't as good no way no how

The other day I was talking with my sister, I she summarize the whole waifu war brilliantly.

>Asuka is best girl, only pathetic losers that can only wish for submissive introvert girls idolize Rei.

fucking hell, what's all this gay piano stuff about. Bring on another angel already REEEEEEEEEE

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is she mentally retarded or something?

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Same, and pic related. Saigado is a kino artist.

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now they're fucking gazing at the stars
>this is nice
>yeah this is nice
>now kiss

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>not enjoying the Rebuilds
They're nowhere near as good as NGE, but they're still interesting and frequently beautiful. Oh, and their use of music is a lot better.

H-how do they collect his DNA user?

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straight from the tap

The greatest love story ever told.

Also, you dun goofed. You're supposed to watch the originals and EoE before the Rebuilds. That's like watching The Return without watching Twin Peaks and FwwM.

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it's okay, probably not gonna watch the originals anyways. Do they even exist in english?

GGAAAAAAAAAAAAY. No, seriously, this sideplot was gay as fuck. Whiny little shit can't get his shit together when talking to grils, but with archangel 13 (or whatever), he's all fire and flame. top kek.

okay, user. 303 was the worst so far. I'd say 202, 101, 303. Especially the gay piano middle part was shit. And the 4th impact wasn't really great. I'm glad it got aborted.

Also animation/visuals were a lot worse here. Lot's of shitty 3d graphics. The others were much nicer. And more fun/better pacing. Also schischi (or whatever the name of that faggot is) did totally revert back to being a whiny little bitch. Who didn't see this one coming. The protagonist here is just such a fucking girl, compared to all girls around him anyways, which makes it almost comical werent it so annoying. No matter how he must feel, or what's at stake or asked of him, nothing excusis this mimimi behaviour. Stupid little shit. Funny enough Unit 2 (oscar) totally agrees with me. No. Literally! :D

anyways, not gonna marathon the end now. Will report back in later when I'll do. :D

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>only pathetic losers that can only wish for submissive introvert girls idolize Rei.
who doesnt want submissive introvert girl
your sister a slut
why would anyone want obnoxious one like asuka

>it's another episode of everyone knows rei is a replicant
>except rei
>who am I? Me not rei? Noooo.
top kek

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oh that's asuka, not oscar :D

what's wrong with gay?

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also 202 didnt have enough angels and fights. That naval fight in the beginning was shit. Visuals were bad. And then nothing a long time. And in the end that white angel (13th) didn't do shit. So the end battle was shit too/just the evo's tickling each other a bit...

202 is crap. Yeah, yeah, what hell of a revelation: he caused the 3rd impact. cue next half hour of whining.. fucking hell.

>what's wrong with gay?
I don't know. I don't understand. It's odd. And that co-pilot was especially creepy gay as fuck. He probably would be a jackass even if straight.

The waifu war is empty bullshit, it's just ironic weebs virtue signalling to each other. They have no waifus.

shinji is a homosexual, the waifus are just het bait

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sounds about right. That's also why he's such a god damn little bitch. Guess his "co-pilot" is "the man in the house" with "the pants". Whatever. GGAAAAAAAAAAAAY.

...speaking of which: 303 didnt have enough boobies. There wasn't even one of those funny
>oh look I'm nakid, but object obstructs view
>take object away, another object is there
joke. fuck 303.

doesn't 303 have the boys naked together? or is that only in the original show?

hm, can't tell. Must have forgotten already if so. Btw. is that faggot the same mysterious "white" dude in space from the first two kinos? Is that faggot this important?

Holy shit you faggot, don't watch the rebuilds then eoe. Christ sakes, listen to everyone around you and watch ep 1-26 then eoe
Even 1-24 + eoe would be better than the shit you are trying to pull here. For the love of god don't watch the rebuilds followed by eoe.

It's the same guy, yes
he's important to shinji's character, the first 2 movies teased him because the audience already knows who he is from the original show

official undisputed patrician viewing-order of NGE-kinó:
1-24 tv
21-24 dc
25-26 tv

thank you for your attention.

Rebuild is really awful. It's like someone took Evangelion and gave it to Michael Bay. Then Bay looked at it and said, "What's this? Character development? Emotions? Shinji on a train feeling sad? Let's put in a girl parachuting from the sky and landing on top of Witwicky! pew pew pew!"

>that grotesque body shape
Why did I like her in my teen

one of the major theme is also how shinji is a little whiny brat who need to get over himself if he want to progress in his life

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I unironically think 2.0 is one of the best Eva-related thing ever. It's a movie perfect on its own. There's action, character development, great animation, and ends on a perfect cliffhanger.
I'd really love to know why they dropped whatever they showed in the preview to 3.0, shit was lit. The actual 3rd movie feels like a whole movie is missing in between.

>evangeshit is garbage, the only good thing is Mari.
Fixed that for you pal.

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202 was great, no doubt.

let me guess, most of the autists in here could perfectly relate to the protagonist, never being aware of his shitty character and whiny attitude.

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Rei isn’t submissive. She’s completely asexual and unattainable. You will never have her, and you will never make her happy because she can’t be happy.

People who waifu Rei are more “I want to protect her smile.”
People who waifu Azuma are more “I want to bang this sexually provocative German mental women.”

*Asuka, what the fuck autocorrect

stop phoneposting you newhomosexual

postan in a thread moved from Sup Forums to Sup Forums

>you were warned.
ehy wtf, kino is kino wat is this racist bullshit

Underrated post.

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>asuka as a thicc milf

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3.33 is garbage. 1.11 and 2.22 are "okay" and than "pretty good", but 3.33? Utter, complete garbage.

Rei can be happy though, she has her moments of happiness in NGE. She's convinced she doesn't need companionship, but truth is, Rei is lonely.

It's hard to accept for some, but Rei is damaged goods but STILL entirely good since she only came out stronger from her "damage". Asuka, not so much. She's worthless to everyone except pedophiles.

Evangelion is terrible overall. Surprised you enjoyed any of it.

>Should I go to bed now or keep marathoning this? 303 awaits
Go to bed and treasure the memories the first two gave you.

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The only issue I have with 2.0, which is an issue share with all Rebuild movies, is that the middle act is one huge dull drag.

>Btw. is that faggot the same mysterious "white" dude in space from the first two kinos?

>Is that faggot this important?
No. But that doesn't stop the director to force him into the plot so hard the whole plot and characters breaks down into a fine mess.

The third Rebuild movie is pandering to Evangelion's worst demographic.

You wish. Rebuild is what Neon Genesis Evangelion would have been if Anno was able to do whatever he wanted. With no one to hold him back, with no network executives forcing him to deliver the final two episodes rather than apologizing on TV like he wanted, Rebuild is what he'll make.

Escapist, bitter waifu pandering.

>3.33 is garbage. 1.11 and 2.22 are "okay" and than "pretty good", but 3.33? Utter, complete garbage.

3.33 is an irredeemable film whichever way you look at it, BUT the the great crime Anno committed was leaving fucking Asuka a teenager after a timelapse of 15 fucking years. And no there is no reason to do it, not even within the Evangelion universe. Anno decided from the get go "fuck this film" and then proceeded systematically to make it shit. Every single decision in this film makes no fucking sense whatsoever. Not even a 5 year old could have written such a meaningless piece of shit. And yet that's what Anno it. And the worse part is that hords of otakus, and western anime sites declared the "oh so deep therefore so good" card it was revolting. It's like thousands of stupid fucks basically shut down their brains for 3.33. The response was 100 times worse than the film.

Anno admitted that he didn't know where he was going anymore and that he lost motivation to work on eva with 3.0.

How can Sagiru make such iconic but also generic as fuck tracks at the same time

While I agree with you, there actually is a reason for all of it - otherwise, logically speaking, it wouldn't have happened, no? There must be a reason, however shallow and stupid.

>leaving fucking Asuka a teenager after a timelapse of 15 fucking years
>And no there is no reason to do it, not even within the Evangelion universe.
Because this is what you bring up as an important issue, I can only guess you're an Asuka fan. If that's true, your bias may prevent you from actually accepting the reason even if you perfectly well understand it.

Long story short, the retarded decisions in this film make perfect sense if you accept that 3.33 is purely an Asuka and Kaworu pandering flick. Rei is destroyed and written out because it's to the benefit of Asuka and Kaworu fans, removing what would be a rival to the attention as well as a romantic interest for the main character, who the aforementioned fans have an interest in. Asuka's changes, while utterely retarded (great that you agree here), are changes that all have one thing in common: they made her stronger. At the cost of realism, yes, but for nearly all Asuka fans, that is not an actual problem and never was in the first place.

So now Asuka is turned from the utter failure she was in NGE, into an eternally young and attractive super-strong girl with actual super strength, and renewed plot importance since she's now part Angel.

So who's fault is it that 3.33 and indeed, Evangelion has been garbage? It's Anno's of course. He made and directed it, and he's an Asuka and Kaworu fan. It's not a shock that he'd make a movie that benefits those two groups. Now what group can we blame, collectively for their self-reinforced destructive hatred towards the original? The Asuka and Kaworu fans. Tough pill to swallow if you're an Asuka fan particularly. Kaworu fans don't care as they're barely sentient.

The result speaks for itself. Never before has Asuka been this popular.

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Hope your stupid goose drops you for this one day.

3.33 is the least liked of the movies, though. It also sold less (in total!) than 2.0 did in the first week. That's saying something. It was extremely front-loaded, because with a movie there's high expectations for, no one knows what they'll get. Next week, attendance dropped with more than 50%. Then another 50%, etc....

The people you speak of are the hardcore otaku that 3.33 pandered to. Their opinions are just disguised zealotry, and they can't be taken seriously. Attempting to do so will only frustrate you because how easily their narrative and reasoning comes apart. They need this. You don't.

It made more at the box office though.

That's what I meant, although not very well worded perhaps. It was "extremely front loaded", as in, a larger part of the movie's earnings were made during the first week or two. This is consistent with people watching the movie "You can (not) Advance", becoming very excited, and pining for the third movie. They all met up, got disappointed, and didn't spread good word.

Take "Your Name?" as an example of the opposite - that movie made more during subsequent showings, as word spread around. 3.33 was extremely well advertised and the fans couldn't wait to see it.