35 episodes in. Who is this guy? What is he doing cleaning up city streets with robots in japan? He should be working for Interpol.

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Some say he was too sharp.

I hope u watched the far superior OVAS + movies.

I think it's mentioned later on that he used to have a higher position but was either removed or just quit, can't remember which.

OVAs + Movies are different sorts of stories altogether. Only thing they're outright superior in is the animation.

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He made me love the show more than I already did. By far the best character in this show. Oh, Kanuka was cool too.

I always assumed that the higher ups don't like him because he's a dick.

He is too good for interpol. IIRC he resigned or something like that

Reminder that he gets cucked by a grandpa.

Reminder that Shinobu is Oshii's favorite character and self-insert in this series too, which makes that even weirder.

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It's still so funny how Masami Kondo from Koi wa Ameagari no You ni look so much like Gato in Patlabor. Yet different personalities.

and Batou from Ghost in the Shell is in Mitsuboshi Colors

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too soon user

oh come on. TV series was great

Poor gato

It's his honesty and earnest attitude that kept him from getting a position he deserves, the fucker regularly bitchslaps the higher ups for being indecisive and spineless faggots so it's no wonder he got stuck with a shit job in a backwater region of Tokyo.

Everytime they are alone in the break room I want him to bend her over the table. Christ fuck.

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Akira also looks like a certain someone...

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