Is this image of Yuno sexualized? What do you think?

Is this image of Yuno sexualized? What do you think?

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Yuno is never sexualized. Yuno is Yuno.

Not sexualised enough, we must go further.

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Yes but I don't mind

What about this image of Yuno changing into gym clothes?

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Original Hidamari's wern't meant to be sexualised, but the newer design versions are definitely meant to be sexualised.

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I think we need more comparison points before we can jump to any conclusions. Preferably images that show her butt.

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That image was created a long time before the current don't sexualize meme started being forced by normalfags on facebook. Please do not taint Hidamari with your normalfag-level bullshit.

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wow get a load of this badass in this thread

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Please stop posting GAY shit!!!

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Etch a sketch one touch

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The ‘don’t lewd ______’ didn’t start on facebook, calm down. There are just some girls you don’t lewd, like Yotsuba.

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>no bagina

Debbly goncerned

Not wide enough to be sexual

I have to admit, Yuno is really sexy

Ahh pls remove or source?

Yuno is way too cute to be sexualized

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Yuno yuri is gross.

Yuri is gross.


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I like these images of Yuno in bed

>X is just too pure
>delete this
>not for sexual
>i like pics of X in bed

i will never understand waifufags threads.

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guess you should go back.

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I will never understand crossboarders.

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I want to hug Yuno and fuck her.


I want to be Yuno's friend and do fun, girly things with her.

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Sensei is kill.

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I also wanna do something bad. Really bad

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She died

Seiyuus die. Anons cry.

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Give her back, dammit.

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Season 5's ending was not comfy at all.

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Why is Yotsuba reading the paper backwards?

O my nut bladder!

What is sexual about getting a good rest in your bed?

She has autism.

>Yuno would be in her mid 20s by now
>She's probably found a husband and settled down at this point.

Is her husband Miyako?

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What did she mean by this?

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The manga is ongoing, so no.

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Don't lewd the Hidamaris!!

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It has to be pretty damn explicit before I can find the images sexual. All I see is Yuno being comfy.

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Yuno is for love

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