Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu

I already hate this girl. Gyaru is fucking garbage, always.

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It makes me want to purify her.

I really hope she will be normalized. But the way it's gone with the other quirky characters, I doubt it's gonna happen.

faggot, she is a pure manba, the evolved pure gyaru

but user...

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Brown is great, gyaru is not. Besides, gyaru is spray tan most of the time.

user, that's a gyaru...

>spray tan
Ewwww, do dem do it like on all body?
Tha't like tots eeky n' stuff.
Shiiiiz famm, why do dat?


That's a tan girl in a catgirl gothloli outfit.

This is gyaru.

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Japs have a thing against natural sunlight. They're fucking scared of skin cancer to an absurd degree.

Kinda ironic that their youth get WHV's for Aus and NZ all the time.


Isn't that like a Ganguro?

That's ganguro.

I mean the whole series is about accepting different quirks different people have.
Inside, she is no worse than any other girl in the series

I literally googled gyaru and that pic came up.

What's the fucking difference in either case?

But wouldn't you just love to tease, nibble on her ears, kiss her nape, and so on until she drops the gyaru persona and just starts screaming bloody murder at you?

Also, why aren't we speaking like this user ? He's making an effort, we should too.

probably the same differences between emo, punk and goth. they're still faggots.

Reminds me of this Jap girl I rooted in highschool. She gained 10kg in 1 year here in NZ. She was like 40 something kg then went up to 50 something kg.

Fat or muscle? This is important.

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Ganguro is a dark tan and bright, gaudy makeup.
falls closer to kogal, which is basically just high school girls trying to make their uniforms more flashy.

You right, it wont, If the Yandere cunt threatening death on MC wasn't reformed, Gyaru wont be.

I googled it, apparently Ganguro is a subset of Gyaru that was popular in the late 90s to early 2000s

Best we can hope for is that she'll start speaking normally.

Yeah, I remember playing that flash VN called Ganguro Girl in the early 00's.

>Doesn't even know the difference between ganguro and gyaru

And people say nu-Sup Forums is a myth.

To be fair, that's a /jp/ topic if anything. They're not really that present in modern manga and anime, Komi being the obvious exception.

She was an exchange student and she was really into volley ball because she played that back in Jap. She didn't really have that fit body, I'd use the word healthy instead because she wouldn't pass for a thick person either. She was pretty short, maybe just 5foot.

to be fair, the only part of the last couple chapters i really enjoyed since most of it was overshadowed with the feeling of losing so many good characters for some not so inspiring looking new ones and this fuckin' ganguro, was Yamai screaming about wanting to see the board of education. So worst girl gets credit for best gag lately.

Kinda jelly, to be honest. Only jap I've banged was a prostitute in Osaka.

Isn't this like, beyond Ganguro? IIRC, a couple threads ago, an user mentioned a term that covers this level. Like, with the hyper heavy, clown make-up and shit.

Personally, I'd call it "ridiculous prat". Not sure what the japs'd have for it, though.

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Get this purityfag pandering gabage out of here, worst gyaru yet

Kids these days don't even fap to ganguro or even know what it is. Step your fap game up.

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>getting off to this trash-tier fetish

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I just want the series to go Ichigo no gakkou

I don't fap to clowns user.

What if Mizuryu Kei gets a mainstream contract, like 774?

No user, is an unicorn

>Doesn't fap to clowns either
Go back to fakku.

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What a kunt

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That's the problem, Sup Forums isn't supposed to be infested with 00's kids who only watch modern anime because they're too young to have seen anything that came out a decade ago, like this faggot


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Both of you please stop shitting up the thread with this, nobody is breaking fresh ground saying Sup Forums sucks now and it's worth looking into something like gyaru/ganguro/etc before posting about it, you're both very pretty little girls now play nice

So they choose that way to translating her. It's nice, I guess.
I bet that she's a qt down all that makeup
maybe she'll become a new love rival once she's been purified

There's a wiki with different types of gyaru. Search it.
Manba gyaru (according to that site, is an extreme type of gyaru, like pic related.

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komi's love rival will be the girl that tadano confessed to, and the secret final boss will be nami.

Funny you should say that, I just though that she might be the rival as I was making dinner.
But would Chadano be the one to purify her? Or komi?

That's not exactly "gyaru"

>muh purified
that is not how this works
it is not a phase, but personal style

There will be no fucking love rival, retard. It's apst that point already.

Please fuck off to Bokuben threads.

>There will be no fucking love rival
I don't know user, I'd say there's a high market demand for jelly Komi.

Yandere lesbian cunt was a little bit reformed and purified (the manga said this several times). Rumiko's gyaru style will be toned down and probably she'll manage to speak normally, but that would happen way later, maybe in the middle of the second year

Should be Tadano the one that purifies her (if she becomes a love rival), maybe with help of Komi, of course

Like Tadano would have eye for anyone else.

You might as well fucking say that Yamai is a love rival too?

This is true.
The only jelly Komi we are getting is through a misunderstanding, like with Onemine-senpai.

This. I want to take care of her and rehab her. Nothing awakens my paternal instincts like girls with problems.

onemine was in the same class

Wait... no, that can't be right. I don't recall her being in the class trip with them.

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I don't like how it looks like she doesn't have a nose, or that the white stripe IS her nose.

>Wait... no, that can't be right. I don't recall her being in the class trip with them.
she was with the slow one and the one that lives in the stick

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user, you have to reread the manga then

I'm torn Sup Forums. I don't want love-triangle bullshit, but I desperately want to see a jelly Komi getting flustered.

Oh shit yamamba, hope she will be nyankoi tier under that

Ahhh, thank you user.

You might be right.

Well, there's always possibility of repeating the misunderstanding route.

another misunderstanding maybe?
this time could be longer than a single chapter

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Poor Shougi-san, the ebarassement is palpable.

I'm actually amazed how I wrote "ebarassement" correctly on the first try.

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Wait, no, that's not Shougi girl, fuck I'm blind or something.


Not really, I'm just horrible with remembering characters and their names. Like the worst

Actually, it extends to irl humans too.

You mean like Tadano chasing men like the gayboy he is

nigga, here's Shogi

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She took classes from certain vampire

Seriously if you don't know what ganguro is you shouldn't post on Sup Forums.

I like the author not taking the easy route of everybody conveniently ending up together, even if the big players are still together, but knowing we'll see even less of Onemine and Otori hurts.

That's ganguro, not gyaru.

whipped cream chan
best gyaru

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hoshino all over again
i can't take that pain

man, not even her "friends" replied her back

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>terrified of The Komi
>chadano rehabilitates her slowly
>under the make up is an 11/10 drop dead gorgeous beauty that fell head over heals for him
>Komi & Najimi BTFO


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>it is not a phase
It absolutely is for most of them.

That being said, I like the new girl and hope Tadano figures out she just wants to be friends like he did with delinquent-kun.

Thank god ganguros aren't as popular as other kinds of gyarus.

Is he The best boy?

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The lost cousin of both Seki and Sakamoto

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What if it's Tadano's time to get jelly (over another misunderstanding, of course)

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They don't know the difference between muslim and sunni.

So who was doing TL for her?

>difference between muslim and sunni.
You mean "shia and sunni" user.

See last page. There are credits. It wasn't the usual translator.

First off, she should have been labeled ganguro not gyaru. Two very different things, but are similar in that they have trendy flashy clothes and are brown. Ganguro however is much more excessive on the tanning and accessories. Gyaru is a more toned down version.

Second, I want a doujin where Najimi takes everyone's virginity especially Rumiko.

You apparently don't know either.

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Gyaru and ganguro are a subset of?

Building and apartment complex?

cultural appropriation is wrong

What about the Komitani character? Acting as the visual narrator for the translations?

Yeah, he was translating what she was saying into normal Japanese.

I'm saying who IS that little chibi character. Because it doesn't look like Tadano or anyone else that first comes to mind.