Is there a more tragic character than Griffith?

Is there a more tragic character than Griffith?

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shit you're right

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Angra Mainyu

Not after the shit he pulled.

>Band of the hawk pledged to follow him and even die for him to achieve his dream
The only wrong thing he did was rape Casca in front of Guts, had he raped her after finishing him off (since it was required it to be reborn) he would've absolutely have done nothing wrong whatsoever and I'm not even being ironic

But they didn't only die, their souls were sent to the Abyss because of the Brand so now they're in endless suffering

what about casca?

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Yes, me

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Griffith a shit, his only tragedy is aiming too high too fast

Oh boohoo you gronk
Have some perspective, your backstory probably isn't that tragic in the greater scale of things

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Griffith did nothing wrong, sacrifices were necessary to realize his dream and bring forth literal utopia.
Yeah, maybe the world outside Falconia is a mess now, but it wasn't much better before.

Marcille's position might need to be adjusted

pretty sure madao should be at top suffering

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Ah, good pick. Crybaby was really good, even better than the manga i would say.

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>homu not 100
>enma ai not even on the list
Crappy, though that's stating the obvious.
Enma Ai.

Unironically Griffith no longer wants to kill Guts

The only person that wants Guts dead is himself

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Easy Jiren

what did guts really lose though?
his life was shit before he met Griffith and it was shit after
so what if a bunch of nerd non-characters like gaston died? the important ones (Casca, Shota engineer) lived
he has a big family of actually fleshed out NPCs now anyway

This poor kid

He just wanted to be loved

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yeah, his life was shit before and after the band of the hawk. But it wasnt shit while he was in it.

Fuminori at 70%? This chart is too good a bait for me.

>closest friends he grew up with is dead
>horribly maimed and almost killed
>casca was raped in front of him and turned braindead
>trusted griffith more than anyone else
I can think of a few

reckon his childhood was worse in all honesty
his life is definitely better now than during the Golden Age

All wrong

No, it's not. He's missing an arm and a leg, all his of old friends got massacred by the man he looked up to the most and the love of his life is retarded. Not to mention the constant struggling he had to endure the past few years. And now that Casca is about to come back, shit's gonna go down soon as we're surely about to head into the series's climax.

>a leg
what the fuck i meant an eye lol

Why the fuck is the pure and kind goddess aqua so high on the deserve scale?

What was wrong with Griffith during that scene?
Why all the hate towards Guts all of a sudden? I still don't understand his words in the beginning of the manga. He was just talking shit to Guts when he and the god hand appeared

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Just typical weird beginning characterization.

I imagine it as Griffith still deep down resenting guts for making him weak, and on some level he feels like he's not really earned anything

pretty much this i think.
Golden age hasn't started so i think Miura hasn't fully fleshed out Griffith's character

Or as I like to call it hack writing.

Sure, that's fair. Black Swordsman is the weakest part, but as soon as Golden Age starts the quality of the writing goes way up.

Even though it's the weakest part, I still remember when I began reading Berserk. I didn't have as much fun reading any start of any manga as I had reading Black Swordsman arc

Takeru from Muv Luv arguably had more traumatic experiences than Guts.

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Casca will be speaking again in three days should the Chinese manga mafia succeed in procuring leaks.

I mean the Band of the Hawk was an upswing for him with meeting Griffith and Casca.

So you could argue he basically gained and lost an entire family which was the only reprieve from his shit life.

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szayel aporro suffered more than that

>what did guts really lose though?

The only group of humans who ever cared about him.

>spike got less suffering than he deserved


Who's that to the right of Guts? Is that anime worth a watch?

Ed and Al definitely should be higher in suffering, especially Al who was trapped in a metal suit devoid of all enjoyable sensations for years. Maybe at the end of the manga their suffering was pretty low, but the whole trip they experienced a lot of fucked up shit.

Alucard should be at 100 for how much he deserved it. The guy is personally responsible for the genocide of millions of people and laughs about it.

>anthy deserving any of it
>sakura matou deserving any of it

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He lost his best friend, his surrogate family, his girlfriend, and had his fucking child mutated into a demon by Femto's sperm. It is pretty fucked up.

This is the guy who raped his best friend's girlfriend because was bitter he lost a fight. It marginally makes sense he would continue to find ways to spite Guts

Out of story context, Miura simply didn't know what he wanted to do with Berserk yet and was making shit up.

Were you sleeping through the entirety of Berserk? He's seen so much shit in his life, getting buttraped by Gambino, losing his friends whom he had truly cared about, losing his best bud Griffith then reincarnated and raped the love of his life right in front of him just as he became desperate enough to gnaw an entire arm off. Shit's fucked up man. 100 suffering is an understatement for the bullshit he had to put up with.

Nice quints mate, but I don't know. More importantly however, who is that girl (or boy?) underneath Guts? Shouldn't it be Casca instead in that spot?

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It's pretty great how almost everything works even though it wasn't planned at first.

Looks like Texhnolyze.

It speaks to the talent of Miura as a writer. Usually when an author doesn't plan out their story they write themselves into a corner, but he somehow was able to avoid plotholes and gimmicks in a 20+ year long story with almost zero planning. It was a case of "I'm going to set something up and I hope it works out 5 years later" and it always did.

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I think Miura just wasn't entirely sure on what kind of character Griffith was going to be at that point.

Stop posting the outdated version you dumb fuck.

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Yeah but it works. Griffith is a cunt, so him being a cunt towards Guts is understandable.

>The only wrong thing he did was rape Casca
You somehow missed how he killed off the whole band of people that trusted him, worked for him and helped him achieve his goals and even went out of their way to save him?

Don't argue with Griffith apologists


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I'm probably pulling shit out of my ass right now but what if he was trying to protect Guts?
He knows how strong Guts is and can be, and he knows he will be trying to mess with him again in the future, so he should know he's far from beneath their notice.
Maybe he just wanted to keep him safe untill he needs him again
idk though,it would make a lot of sense

bitch earned everything that befell him

The difference?

Nice head canon. It doesn't make any sense. Griffith doesn't give two shits about anyone or anything except his dream. The only possible exception is he cares for Casca because he was spawned from her child. Did you even read the chapter with the Hill of Swords?

I told you i'm pulling shit out of my ass
I don't know i had other arguments, but w/e

>reckon his childhood was worse in all honesty
get fucked, all he had to deal with in childhood was war and one rape

Everyone else in Berserk.

>gets raped
>turns into a vegetable
Nah. She was weak minded.

I believe in Moot, he only works at Google in order to infiltrate them, get information on their evil deeds, and expose them.

I'd like to see you in the same situation your asshole being ravaged by la creatura nocturna. Wonder if you'd break.

>be impregnated with the demon rape baby of her guiding light and leader turned into a manifestation of almost pure evil in front of the love of her life while her comrades are eaten by demons all around her in a surreal nightmare
>lol just walk it off