Dragonball super ep.130

>that moment you feel pity for this dude

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what a FUCKING aspull
fuckin dropped

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i cant bear to see you beaten up anymore
just give up reeeeeee

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i cant be the only one who got hurt by hearing him scream and getting beating up so bad

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i hope jiren wins

Imagine having your family killed in front of you so you start training yourself under a master with a bunch of comrades only to have them all killed in front of you AGAIN because you're still to fucking weak so you sever all bonds with people and train yourself intensely for the rest of your life until achieve godlike powers.
Then some monkey asspulls even stronger powers from nowhere which he didn't work for, shitstomps you and starts telling you about the power of friendship.

Jiren really looked broken at the end, some monkey with brain damage who grew up in a world where dead friends can be revived just comes along and pulls uber powers out of his ass and then tells you that your entire life was a mistake.

yeah i feel him
thats why i want jiren to win
he is a good boy
the rest of his team and the clow are shit tho

>Little time remains
>They're not even pretending that numbers exist anymore

>which he didn't work for

Give me one good reason why Goku deserves UI over Vegeta. He trains just as hard if not more.

He didn't you faggot gokutard

>Then some monkey asspulls even stronger powers from nowhere which he didn't work for,
Shut the fuck up.

>You have seen literally 1 minute of jiren backstory and 5 seconds of narration mentioning him training hard

>Entire series of Dragon ball that lasted YEARS was about Goku's adventures and training martial arts
>Then you have YEARS of DBZ series about space monkey training x fighting x training x fighting formula
How many times more you want to see training arc over and over again while you had YEARS of martial art training, adventures, hyperbolic time chamber training, gravitation room training, training with kai, training with whis...
I'm tired of people saying "muh he didn't train" Entire series starts with him training, even super starts with him training od goddamn farm, chichi being mad about him for training as usual and him begging her to go to kai place to train.
For all we know he is the hardest working fighter in the series, even vegeta at first didn't train because muh prince pride and later on muh goku sacrificed himself fighting cell I won't ever fight again...
It's jiren that's a complete ass pull, even bigger thna kefla and other sayians from u6

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this looks like resurrection magic
confirmed twin zeno restoring all universes back to normal

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It's the Gigga Dragon

long jiren is long

Ultra instinct is a pretty fucking huge ass pull.

goku is a shitty MC

serious question: at this point, is anyone defending UI as not being asspull?

Omen UI back in 110 actually made some sense.
Afterwards it became an asspull

The entire Saiyan race is an asspull. Everyone else is usually as strong as they had trained before the fight. Saiyan just keeps pulling asspull power-ups out of nowhere even when they had supposedly ran out of energy.

>just keeps pulling asspull power-ups out of nowhere even when they had supposedly ran out of energy.
Goku going SS in Namek and Goku going UIJ in the ToP. Any other examples?

Okay, talk as much shit about Ultra Instinct as you want but you cannot claim Goku didn't work for it. He literally works for every power up he gets, he trains constantly.

>goku worked for it
why didn't vegeta achieve it? he trained just as hard, if not harder. we witnessed him using the chamber right before the tournament. that's a solid year of training under his belt.

vegeta also trained under beerus and whis longer than goku.

both are factual statements, so why was goku given UI? oh, that's right. because it's the goku power hour, and everyone else is second class citizens.

Why is Goku so unlikeable this time round? I actually do want Jiren to win, feels more like he deserves the victory over Goku.

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You do not get into Dragon Ball and then complain about asspulls.

You can clearly see goku training and eorking towards it with every step he takes since Dragon ball episode 1 when he meets Bulma. FFS it's just an adventure/fighting shounen what the heck did you expect? Character not developing in power because you hate power levels? You watch series which invented it.

I was on jiren side until he tried to kill innocent people. Just because shit doesn't go your way means you should sperg out and kill people.

Kale and Caulifla. Trunks. Goku Black.

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Goku literally BTFOed and took a dump over all his haters in this episode.

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>why didn't vegeta achieve it?
the state of vegetafags
they hate UI just because vegan doesn't have it. He gave up on training after cell, then resumed it again but only because he heard goku is comming back, he didn't want to train with goku or train techniques like kaioken because of his pride. Maybe ironically it's genetic, maybe no matter how hard "prince" trains now he will laways be a manlet to goku. Vegeta should have been killed by krillin at the end of his arc. Trash.

jirens last power up was huge asspull
the hugest ever made

> confirmed villain
> deserved victory
uhhm no, my little edgy faggot

Show me a footage of jiren training
Hard mode:
1 minute long, no edditing

Realistically I know Jiren was trying to make a point, not intending to actually hurt anyone but the anime does not explain this, somewhat implies it perhaps. They all just react without explanation and we're just left to put the pieces together and make sense of this wacky jigsaw puzzle. Without any backing as to why the characters act like they do you'll just divide the fandom up into intellectuals that can make sense of what's happening and why, and the rest just gets assblasted by all of these "inconsistencies"
It's like a troll show, plz don't troll ;-;

It was a mistake. The difference in their circumstances doesn't change the fact that Jiren's philosophy was wrong.

And Goku did work for it. It just wasn't the solo "I need no friends" grind that Jiren had. It's a common trope...teamwork accomplishes more than going it alone.


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>Where all the spoilers and dirt sheet faggots at? Where all the faggots that defend them at? Where are all the Gohan faglords at? Kek.

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Jiren going full villain was done to give Goku and the others the moral high ground for the fight. No more, no less.

What the fuck is up with Goku's face ?

but they are under a barrier and he would have been disqualified for killing
he knew goku would cover or the barrier
they showed the destoryed stone and he said: see that? friendship means nothing

>.teamwork accomplishes more than going it alone.
Literally idea behind every 2nd anime. They're raising children with that idea from the kindergarden in Japan

Jirens screams were great screams tbqh famalam

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>And Goku did work for it. It just wasn't the solo "I need no friends" grind that Jiren had. It's a common trope...teamwork accomplishes more than going it alone.
Also his training isn't a short mention and few seconds of still images in 1 episode. Goku' development lasts en tire series.

his pain moments are enough
plus the pain he got this episode

>Actually has noble goals and intentions
>His character is literally the opposite of all villains we've had before
Nigger what


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If being in pain you count as training then you have a bdsm fetish filthy degenerate do not watch series I watch and do not browse board I frequent.

>Trunks. Goku Black.
They didn't run out of energy only to power up seconds later, although the latter had some plot convenient zenkais going on and they didnt work the same way as the classic namek era zenkais.
She wasn't any stronger after 20 minutes or so hiding in the rocks recovering her stamina. If anything she underperformed on her second match with Goku, being pushed in SS2 by his base form and then admitting she needed Kale's support to fight him in SS2, when in the first match they had both fought in SS2.
Okay, I concede on her. She did run off for 20 minutes to recover stamina and when she came back she unlocked another power up by controlling her power.

>jirens body deforms completely
>lol whats wrong with gokus face hehe
wtf is wrong with you??

So does Tenshinhan

it hurted hearing them
i want to protect jiren
wait that sounded gay
but it was painfull to watch

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As cliché as he is, fucking hell I hope he survives.

Because he's the MC.

Is super any decent?

Jiren was a joy to watch through the tournament. Every time he as much as moved someone was getting pummeled down.

...It's so fucking disappointed that at the end what we got is the most generic possible "I need no friends/I'm strong because I have friends" shonen speech.

Anyone got the gif? It's pretty much the exact same as the end of Super.


Umm...Super Saiyan God? He did zero work for that, which gave him a head start on achieving Blue. Meanwhile, Vegeta had to work for it.

>Ayylmao decide that his only chance of not feeling the trauma he felt more than once was to embark on a solo adventure forever where he has no ties to anybody
>But power of friendship trope comeback faster than a fucking asspull that mastered ultra instinct because removing that would be a crime from your general anime
Dragon Ball Z+ certainly reached a new low.

I get that you have shit like spirit bombs where everybody share their energy, but fuck if the friendship meme isn't over done to death.

Considering the character, the whole "I need no friend" would probably revert to his trauma of: can't have friends if they can die instantly, which results in more trauma.

1) he's mc
2) he was fighting since 5 and had a hard childhood unlike prince Vegeta

if all it takes to Jiren to go head-to-heat with UI is to take some beating, then it's totally expected for Goku to asspull another "don't need to transform again to keep the strength of UI while fighting in normal state" just like SSG
dude got "killed" at least 3 times this episode

Vegeta overtrains, speed watcher.

Vegeta may get his own power up in the next series like SSGoD based on his own power, but UI is for relaxed types as Whis said from the beginning.

>DB/DBZ/DBS manage to avoid the friendship speech for hundreds of episodes
>Shits the bed right at the end.

This is so Fairy Tail we even got "because she's Erza" bullshit.

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Time should just run out. Jiren be like "I dun goofed".

user, I wasn't saying it was only the running out of energy part as the asspull but one of many examples of why the Saiyan race is an asspull. Goku Black had no reason suddenly jumping from base Saiyan to Saiyan Rose within a few fights and be able to create a weapon that can break space-time. The less said about Trunks and his fight, the better.

is next week last episode?
whats going to happen afterwards?

If DBS doesn't end wit Frieza killing all the gods and becoming the final big bad I want no part in it.

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He didnt
He worked up to super saiyan blue (which got humiliated by jiren), everything past this was him getting power out of his ass

Can someone explain MUI to me? I thought it was just base form with super dodge and super unlockable attacks like Karnak since you need literally zero ki to activate it. How is he somehow stronger for it? I thought it was described as a sidegrade and not an upgrade

>that gif
It just never stops being relevant, does it?

>The literal darkest arc in dragon ball in which everyone in the future timeline is killed by Zamas and Zeno in a dystopian future where everyone is only there to be hunted as prey by god-like beings in a world of destruction and ruin with no dragon balls to save them
>followed by a fun tournament arc where multiple characters "sacrifice" themselves including 17, Roshi, and Vegeta yet no one actually dies; the other universes probably aren't even erased really

It's like two polar opposites. Poor future Trunks man.

Well, to be exact Black was stronger than SS3 Goku when the arc began.

Is next week's episode an hour? No way this isn't rushed af.

If you actually watched the anime you'd know he actually broke his limits by training nonstop the entire series and constantly pushing his limits in every form (he was using fucking kaioken in his blue form)

Previous UI had weak offense because Goku still put some thought into attacking, so his punches ended up hitting like a feather.

In Blanco he's in actual complete autopilot with no pulled punches.

Zamasu trained as a god of creation, just because he got his ass kicked didn't mean he didn't have god ki.

God Ki in Goku's body, followed by going super Saiyan with God Ki in Goku's body, it's pretty self explanatory. Goku and Vegeta have been doing it all series.

How can anyone possibly feel bad for Jiren when he brought this on himself? He could have just powered up and eliminated everyone in the first 30 seconds of the tournament except one of the females and spent the next 47 minutes plowing her until he was satisfied. He chose not to because he's a fucking idiot. He deserves this.

Incoming movie with Freeza and the saiyans some months from now.

Who else bursted in laught after 17 got out of a random rock and was "oh wow I can't believe I'm still alive :^)"

What a fucking fraud

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Its not still base form then? Where the he'll is the extra energy coming from? Higher transformations always meant more drain with the exception of Blue since it was all about getting an almost equivalent boost from less ki compressed and controlled.
I desperately don't want this to be an asspull form

>why didn't vegeta achieve it?

Because Vegeta doesn't actually like martial arts for their own sake or enjoy training. The only reasons he trains are his wounded pride and desire to one-up Goku. And during training he usually tortures himself rather than proceed at a more reasonable pace.

>during spare match Goku use SSB Kaioken against Hit
>Whis literally state out that it would fucking break him if he keeps using it
>TOP arrive within like, how much was it? A month? Less than that?
>Kaioken SSB is now a non-factor and suffer no drawbacks
>UI not only start showing itself but is mastered within the entire TOP
>Probably even surpassed angels

basically SSG is SS4 and MUI is SS5
the advantages of UI are the same as the concept of "retard strenght", the body's natural limitations are turned off, disregarding pain and hesitation.
UI was a temporary buff that lasted too short, just like when Gogeta SS4 got too cocky with Omega Shenron. also, it gave only the defensive properties of this state.
MUI is a proper transformation.

I'd assume his Ultra Instinct is just a new form + ultra instinct.

Like he can only use Ultra Instinct in Super Saiyan White.

Maybe we'll learn more about it later, like how they later called extended Super Saiyan "Super Saiyan 2"

Maybe it's even something like the Angels have

>Where the he'll is the extra energy coming from?


>I desperately don't want this to be an asspull form

Way too late for that. The form and the concept behind it is cool, but Goku had no business suddenly getting ahead of several gods of destruction because a Genkidama rocketed on his face.

S-save me, Hermano!!!!

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that was so retarded that it was funny, they should have put a laugh track in the background

My previous headcanon was that Jiren had no power limit and he built it up by constantly meditating, which was why he only did careful single hits and strings before resting to build up again. Clearly thats wrong
Now I'm 100% convinced that he's a very angry psychopath and the deliberate hits and meditation was to SUPPRESS his shit so he didnt murderfuckkill everyone present. Toppo and Dyspo ran so much interference because while unstoppable, an unrestrained Jiren is a HUGE liability to them with the current no kill rule. Thoughts?

>Goku uses some power that breaks him
>it no longer breaks him after a bit of training

>>>>He hasn't followed Dragon ball and seen Kaioken, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3, Super Saiyan God

Literally all characters in DBZ are just as guilty of doing this

The difference being that Goku & co are the protagonists so they always get to overcome anything that is thrown at them


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UI is forgetting how to think and letting fighting become an automatic process, like your cells dividing or organs processing nutrients. It's the ultimate brainlet power so Goku had to get more concussions to the head to master it.

Did you forget against Frieza he had a flashback of Chichi, Gohan, and everyone else while drowning then stood up and started countering Frieza in base form? Not the first time this has happened.

Shouldnt he be disqualified for attacking the Angels / gods/ viewer Lounge?

Shit was worthy of a Seinfield rift on Jiren's part.

In terms of asspull I'd call UI the 2nd least asspull in the series.

Super Saiyan was the least asspully because they introduced the legend, and the concept itself is pretty clear. It's the ascension past all previous powers that makes one a legend.

SS2 was an asspull

SS3 was an asspull

SSG was an asspull

SSGB was the ultimate asspull

UI was partially introduced 100 episodes ago. They at least give a reason for it being a new form, characterize it, that being that it is moving without thinking. It's also a power that the GoDs seek to master.

>Vegeta got out lasted by 17 and Frieza

Say it with me


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Jiren was just a faggot and wanted everyone else to lose for the dragon balls.

Every character in Dragon Ball ever has always waited for everyone else to power up before fighting them, either by toying with them like Frieza, watching them power up without attacking (they even made a joke about this when 17 blasted Ribriane), or waiting for someone to get a new form so they could fight them at their strongest

If he succeeded.

I'm surprised Beerus didn't retaliate. I guess they're no longer doing the MUH BEERUS IS STILL STRONGEST CHARACTER no matter who comes along