Is this show any good? People are throwing fits about it, just curious

Is this show any good? People are throwing fits about it, just curious.

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It decided to get good right at the end.

So for someone that has never seen it, is it worth watching from the start?

If you like Dragon Ball, you're bound to get something out of it. Just skip the first two arcs, because they're just overlong inferior retellings of the movies. You should watch Battle of Gods, then episodes 15-18, then Resurrection 'F', then resume Super again at episode 28.

At which episode does it get good?
I heard it can't live up to DBZ while some people love it to death.

It's purely subjective where it gets good, but episode 28 is when the Universe 6 story starts, and introduced a few fan favorite characters, and is basically what leads to the Tournament of Power arc which is what we're currently in.

In general the show is decent at best but the SoL episodes are the best in the entire franchise.

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Is it possible to start watching from there and still enjoy it?

Only cause it’s ending kappa

You definitely at least want to watch the two movies first. That way, you get the gist of who Beerus and Whis are, and get introducted to the whole god thing.

>all these fucking questions.

Dear god just watch it and decide for yourself you underage shitter.

The show is cancer, don+t waste your time.

>asking questions is a sin

I'm not willing to invest my time in something if it's not worth it, I have a life, unlike your autist ass.

If you expect it to be as good as Z, don't even bother.

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No. If you want a dbz sequel then you should watch GT.

Why are you telling him to watch literal trash?

But I did not recommend him Super.

It was worth it for this episode alone

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You recommended GT you retard, I tired of you GT fags thinking GT is somehow better than super.

The only good thing to come out of GT was Vegeta's Moustache.


Prove me wrong faggot

someone post the fucking Trunks vs bricks or SSJ4 Goku vs building webm


Not him but I used to talk shit about GT until Super made me miss it. Super is proof of the fact that shonenfags will eat anything up as long as it's "canon." Despite the characterization, plot, and everything else being terrible; even powerlevel fags shouldn't be happy with Super.

On paper GT sounds great, the execution was fucking terrible. GT was literally just a circlejerk for Goku, no development for Vegeta, Gohan or anyone else that's important.

Excluding Vegeta's moustache, the best thing about GT is that the juicy nuggets of well animated and well-paced action are just long enough to forget you're watching cancer trying to eat away at the soul of something you love.

before this last ark it was super > gt ... but now ... now its pretty even, we're back at the bottom of the pit with the most concentrated shit

Requesting the pics with Goku needing SSJB to not get sucked into the vacuum of space, or any of the goku vs freeza webms.

Super was below GT tier from its inception actually. Nothing that happened in the 3 non recap arcs ever managed to make it superior to GT.

You are free to have an opinion no matter how retarded it is, the fact that there was no dragon ball for years after GT speaks enough for its affect on the franchise.

Vegeta turned Ssj4, where's your god now?

Nice delusions there user.

GT is shit and won't be superior to Super, EVER, honestly I seriously thought this whole "GT vs Super" debate died out but then
had to go starting it all over again.

These debates are retarded and I would rather have Anti-Gohan posting.

Didn't he need the help of some shitty machine Bulma made to turn SSJ4?

I know where my god is but what about yours?

>implying Super is not shit

You're comparing 2 turds.

>before this last ark

It was shit before that. Zamasu's Arc and it's effect both on Trunks's previously satisfying ending and on Dragon Ball's multiverse in general is one of the biggest reasons for why I'd prefer to ignore the existence of Super.

The best thing to be said about it is that it's better than GT.

I literally have only seen one solid punch in the entirety of Goddamn super that even remotely looked good(Gohan on that namekians). Don't waste your time on it. The worst episode of DBZ or DB is better than this crap.

Super is shit, but between these two turds Super is clearly better, like makes a pretty good point

A turd is a turd, they're both shit, none is better than the other.

At least GT didn't go all edgy god of destruction on us. So much cringe.

Oh good the shitty "Super vs Failed Abortion" debate is finally over.

I mean, it has its moments of entertainment. It's Dragon Ball, over-the-top characters, inconsistens powerlevels all over the place etc. Just be ready to suffer through 10 episodes of shit to get 1-2 episodes of good shit, and then 10 episodes of shit again, 1-2 good episodes etc etc repeat until the end. Make sure to catch the Blu-ray versions for much needed updated art and animation.

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GT still went EXTREMELY edgy and gave us black star dragon balls and shitty omega shenron and co.

>like makes a pretty good point

No it's not. Super is canon so a lot of people will watch it regardless of its quality. The best (worst? People thought Toriyama had lost it years ago after he forgot characters like Tao exist but Super destroyed whatever pedestal remained) thing you can say about Super is that Toriyama wrote it.

who are you?

The only good thing to come out of super were the Gohan memes.

True but it was all in a -mortal- realm, now in Super you got 12 different universes and kais, the edgy gods of destruction etc, it just went too far.

It's like watching a horrible fanmade animation, goku ssjgodssj12 ultra autist mode-

True. And it doesn't even treat the edgy shit well. You have entire universes getting destroyed with no pathos.

The show is incredibly underwhelming throughout, with some absolutely unacceptable level animation and some really awful characterisation and pacing issues.

People are making a huge deal out of it at the moment because:

1. Dragon Ball is a hugely prominent pop culture icon and it has a pretty large amount of lore and characters, so getting a new TV series meant pretty much every DB fan started watching it.

2. The last few episodes have actually admittedly been somewhat good, the writing is still fucking abysmal but the animation, direction and stakes are all a lot higher.

If you've finished reading the manga/watching Kai and you desperately want more Dragon Ball, then fine, but overall it's a definite 6/10.

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Worst of all, they reached the top, you know people will demand more dragon ball and it'll be made eventually cause cashcow, where do you go from there?

Btw, the digital 3dish auras are fucking gay.