Golden Kamuy 151

Didn't see a thread up, so here we go

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>birdskin clothes
First time I heard about this, I can see if the feathers used but bird skin? Damn, thats some dedication.There was also salmon or some kind of fish made into clothing too in some chapters ago.

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What kind of face is that wildcat making?

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Last page.
Looks like we're getting that Hokkaido arc after all.

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Will we see some Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu?

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Boner's got a girl waiting for him, good for him.

>two old swordsmen
>another old even older swordsman

I can already see it.

And she's a cutie to boot.

Dammit professor penis.

>Tanigaki looking directly at the reader and nodding, proud of his son

He's a good dad.

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Can he smell my dick too.

There's no guarantee he wouldn't bite it off though

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Ohh shit.

Ahh! I want Ogata to bite off my fingers! Thank you Ogata!

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>Superior officer lies to you for years about how your childhood crush wasn't murdered
>Still save his life when shit hits the fan just as you're beating him up
What did he mean by this?

That Tsukishima has an extremely dependant personality and can't survive in the wild without someone new to tie his psych to.

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Can’t wait until things get super tense with each surfaced memory.

Aww she's already giving him things that belonged to her daddy. He's got a good wife.

Never heard of deers with tusks, interesting.

It's this.

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AHHHHH girl better run away soon. Kiroranke you are even worse than Ogata.

Butthole is fine too.

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His attitude turns me on.

Disdain and asexuality?

Oh lordy I think I'm coming down with the vapors, hoo wee! Hubba hubba!

Perhaps. Not that it matters since I want to rape him but he will shoot me first. That’s fine too.

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First GK thread I'm spending with Sup Forums after seeing the threads all the time. Thanks for dumping.

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Oh shit another crazy strong old guy.

Welcome, brother.

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I wonder who he will be, I don't remember any famous bakumatsu assassin going by that name, the first one that comes to mind with that description is Okada Izou but it doesn't seem to be the case.
Maybe he'll be a fictional character.

Thanks! Didn't expect to adore the manga as much as I did (already re-reading it). Hope the anime doesn't ruin the comfy threads.

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Is Ushiyama going to be the Boke for this group since Shiraishi, Sugi, and Asirpa are all away? Cute.

Indifferent to team hijikata but looking forward to convict of the week again.

How are the bara doujins coming along??

Do you know what this series needs? More female characters.

Muscular females?

muscular females
dainty females
all kinds of females
need me some more gals to ship the men with and self insert as

Happy family. This will happen right?

Yes, because Noda isn't going to pass up the chance to showcase an Ainu wedding.

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Omake from volume 13

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Thanks. Anymore vol 13 goods?

Russian muscled women pls.

I don't care. I also find the people stanning incredibly minor female characters with no background and zero personality annoying as hell.

>More female characters.

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But user, don't you want to hear about how Umeko and Igogusa are secretly badass and how they're going to eventually save the day

Manga is close to an end or you think it will last more 40~50 chapters?
This information is important, I'm still on vol 6

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40-50 or more.

I do because I like romance but I don't ship mxm because as a heterosexual woman actively gushing over men in a romantic relationship feels fetishizing and makes me uncomfortable. Don't have anything against women who do that it just isn't my cup of tea. Not saying I want more females for the sole reason of pairing them up with the guys tho.

Asirpa is my favorite character but she and Inkarmat are the only "main" women in the series and we only really know a lot abour Asirpa. I want more female characters that get enough screentime to become fleshed out. I want to see aspects of history from the eyes of women, how the war affected them and stuff that affects them differently from the men.

No, that would be gay.
I give it a few more volumes, so yes maybe 40 to 50 chapters.

I wonder who could be behind this post.

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Oh okay, that's fairly decent actually. Normally GK fans complaining about the lack of women present the dumbest """"solutions"""" possible, so I automatically assumed the worst of you. My bad.

oj yeah

If Yuusaku was the one chosen to carry the japanese flag into battle, does that mean Yuusaku was an imperialist?


Hell naw, this isn't endgame. I'm betting 80-100 chapters to finish this. This is just the second last arc, the setup for the fan that the eventual shit is about to hit.

I actually don't think we're that close to the end. Does anyone know how many skins there are left to go? I thought it was at least seven.

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I can't wait for this face-off.

I figure this series is going to explode with fujos once the anime hits though. It has some really appealing dynamics for that crowd, and there's already a substantial fandom just with the manga.

We're the majority in these threads however, which are chill.

I can see animayonlies whining about spoilers, but other than that I think things will be fine.

Honestly I have no idea how much longer this could end up being. Every time I think it's peaked it hits some new height a dozen chapters down the line.

Maybe but it's more manserivce than fujoservice. Anyway fujos can ship any two males that stand beside each other. As long they don't get too delusional it doesn't matter who are fans.

Depends on how far the anime gets. I don't know how fujos tend to be but it takes a while for the kinda gay stuff to come in the manga.

The 152 preview leaks should be coming out later today, so keep an eye on (and the thread alive until then?)

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i can decide who's my main fetish in this serie between Giant Tanigaki and Oganyan

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Kamuy is a pure and true bara muscle fantasy
Don’t sully the spirit of aniki

Generic taste, but good taste.

I find it funny how Tanigaki is drawn these chapters vs. how he was at the start.

Don't dismiss my wife like that

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He had a glow up.

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Tanigaki of course
>Good man
>Can hunt and live in the wilderness just fine
>Mad pecs game
>Good dad
>Can make shirts explode
>Can wrestle under the effects of sea otter soup
>Will protect you from bears

Ogata's only good point so far is that he's getting voiced by Kenjiro Tsuda, which is a huge plus but not nearly enough to compete with Tanigaki.

>possibly another Hijikata POV story incoming
Awesome, the Yojimbo homage arc he had before was one of my favorite arcs in the entire series. Ushiyama is horribly under-utilized as a character too.

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There was the fortune teller, the Yakuza mom, and the chapter with the fake Ainu. I thought they did a good job of showing how things were from the perspectives of women at that time period. Ienaga could count too if you want.

Considering how strict gender roles in Japan were back then you're probably not gonna see much besides courtesans and housewives. We're lucky enough to get O-Gin and Asirpa.

Still wish O-Gin & the Lighning Bandit became recurring characters. Though I guess the current cast is just too big as it is.

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Tanigaki. I'm in love with Oganyan and I wouldn't wish it upon anyone else.

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