This is the demon world's number 2. Say something nice about her

This is the demon world's number 2. Say something nice about her.

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Manga translations never since translator went on hiatus.

Where are the new chapters you fucking slut

It'll be ok. Don't give up!

I want to do stuff to Jahy-sama.

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Nowhere, translator stopped since batoto died.

didn't know you guys liked this lil demon slut as well.

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I'll fight you.

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You take that back.

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Just look at the way she dresses. It's not my fault.

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Perfectly normal demon attire.

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Sad times

I hope good times come to her in the future

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Then how come the other demons don't dress like that?

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Clearly, they are ashamed of not having perfect bodies like Jahy-sama.

But Druj has an ever better body and she doesn't dress like a slut.

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>Druj has an ever better body
And that's where you're wrong.

Is Druj actually aware of Jahy-sama's situation and is only playing along?

>the demon world's number 2
Jahy-chan sama will punish you for such insolence

Hey y'all, I'm the TL for orchesc/a/ns (check out our music covers).
Rejoice, for we're now going to translate more of Jahy-sama.

Any idea if you guys are also planning to take over Scarlettscans other works like Ikusa X koi and Pani Poni aswell?



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I think someone else picked up Pani Poni already. Haven't seen the other one, so I dunno.

Mahou's right hand man. Looks like a dark skinned catgirl and nothing more.

still gives me a boner[/boiler]

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At the moment, I don't think so. We only picked up Jahy-sama because our members really enjoyed it.

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Damn guess I have to wait for shillpress for Ikusa X koi then and they will likely only catch up with scarlettscans translations somewhere in december this year. So I was kind of hoping someone else would take over.

Under what circumstances is a dark skinned catgirl not something to get a boner over?

>dark skinned
You answered your own question Sup Forumsnon.


Is her world a tough place?

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The toughest

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