Struggling hero isekai already exists

>struggling hero isekai already exists
>gary stu hero isekai already exists
>inn isekai already exists
>demon king isekai already exists
>skeleton isekai already exists
>shield isekai already exists
>reborn as baby isekai already exists
>slime isekai already exsists
>orc/goblin iskeai already exists

Is there anything that hasn't been done already? Pig-man isekai?

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Reborn as skeleton baby isekai
Reborn as struggling Gary Stu isekai
Reborn as Orc slime isekai

Bestiality isekai, femc

Is there an isekai where the MC is already a level 100 swordsman/wizard/sniper/whatever hero and not a mundane Japanese teenager before he gets isekaied?

Are you somehow under the impression that writing fiction is about checking off items on some sort of list?

It is when it comes to this garbage, the only selling point is the originality in the twist

Plenty, no I'm not your search engine so go look for them on your own.

Death March, sort of. Also Overlord

Reborn as the main heroine of an isekai story. Protagonist has to fight his destiny of being the main love interest of the hero who's going to save the world. He has to make sure the harem of other girls don't get picked by the Hero otherwise it will spell the doom of the entire world and ensure he'll never be sent back to the real world.

Magical girl (boy) iseakai?
Support healslut iseakai?
Slutty gyaru isekai?
Monster girl isekai?
Office lady isekai?

Good isekai.

>Office lady isekai?
That's like half of isekai with female protags.

King managing isekai against demon lord
Book isekai
kobold isekai
Miner isekai
Raising the reborn as baby isekai

>previous isekai thread archived before bump limit
Welp. Looks like we've lost steam, and there's almost nothing to talk about.

So anyone eager to see this animated?
Some are disappointed 8-bit will be animating it, but it should be fine, I think?

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There is only so much isekai you can do. Isekai is gonna die out pretty soon

It's been done.

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It was set to archive by mods. Was on page 2 before that.

It got autosaged, nothing you can do against mods. As for Slime keep your expectations low or nonexistent or you're just gonna get hurt when the adaptation is shit.

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>mods autosaged it
Well that sucks.
>keep your expectations low
Oh yeah, definitely. I want to be optimistic, but there are plenty of adaptations that are godawful.

But fiction writing is checking items out of list.

MMA fighter gets isekaid to a world where he joins a military and fights in a giant robot using martial arts.
I just want titan fights like in SNK happening more often than every two years and lasting more than two pages ;_;

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Drifters. Prominent historical figures get isekaed.

that sounds like isekai xenogears.

>tfw you'll never be a supower powered receptionist

>Magical girl (boy) iseakai?

Seems like the Sup Forums shutdown a day ago kill the hype in these isekai thread, that or there is nothing to read about anymore.

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the previous thread was going strong, but the mods killed it at 438 posts because fuck you. There was lots of good discussion there. Maybe they were butthurt/jealous death march fans or something.

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Nah, mods randomly killing the threads just kills some of the steam. That and it's still early in Burgerland.

No clothes transformation montages and no cute familiar to bully.

>Monster girl isekai?
There are a couple with monster girl harems. Can't think of one where the main character(s) are monster girls, tho.
>Office lady isekai?
"Common Sense of a Duke's Daughter" is pretty much this.

Nidome no Jinsei wo Isekai de kinda

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What was the first isekai? Escaflowne?

I felt like there wasn't as much discussion as before, the thread lasted for 15 hours compared to previous ones, which were usually much shorter. Thankfully, the cuckposting was practically nonexistent

Isekai in a game world developed by a western developer. All the women are a """healthy""" weight and the hero has to spend all his money at the cash shop to even stand a chance.

Don't forget the reincarnated as a bathhouse isekai

Don't underestimate them!

So isekai as written by Bethesda?

Alice in Wonderland.

Watch G gundam thats the xenogear of gundam

What about sci-fi isekai where the MC gets reborn into the far future?

>Is there anything that hasn't been done already?
A good one.

That’s just time travel.

>salary woman reincarnated in a qt female orc


it wasn't even an autosage. Shit got bumped from page 2 straight to archives.

Reminder that Isekai Smartphone is 90% of all isekai.

Reverse isekai where a female knight is transported to modern times and learns to adapt to the modern world.

she's tall and a tomboy and goes everywhere with her armor.

> spend all his money at the cash shop to even stand a chance.
Nah, if Todd was in charge just a few hours of collecting herbs, brewing potions and smithing daggers will turn MC into the most powerful being around who can craft stuff that could not be done by those with centuries of experience.
Well assuming the summoner is not Sheogorath of course where insanity ensues right away.

jesus fucking christ these Sairin yuusha translations are worse than ever
there's not a single fully correct sentence
I'm getting flashbacks to mtl arifureta

Devil is a part timer

Prequel to Isekai shokudou?

Sounds like Shieldbro.

>no RPG crap
>no slave haremettes
>no dungeons

Bronze age isekai is pretty neat. I dig it.

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Maerchen Maedchen?

more wortenia translations when

>equipment menu on fucking page 3


What was that one isekai about the old man playing a VRMMO that suddenly became a real world?

The shield is at least extremely useful on top of its blessings, Sheogorath would give stuff like this shit and tell you to poke the demon lord's daughter with it.

pic related

Also Drifters, if you like chinese cartoons

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>"This is what they call another world, isn't it"
>No memories of his previous life
wat, that makes no sense

Already exists

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>new chapter of falling in love with the Villainess
>Ariel gets NTR'd by the world itself

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Hey, you asked for a isekai where everyone looks as if they got hit with a shovel while in their mother's womb, Bethesda are masters at making sure no character in their games looks attractive.

Where is the political one where the MC becomes a brutal dictator?

Truman Show Isekai

An average Japanese teenager wakes up in a "fantasy world" after seemingly being hit by a truck, but unbeknownst to him it's actually a massive film set filled with actors. He's the star of a new reality TV show:

"I was hit by a truck and reincarnated in a fantasy world, just like in my favorite light novel!".

The story would follow him, the actors assigned to be his companions and potentially people outside who support/oppose the show. Eventually he'd figure things out, potentially gets blackmailed to continue playing along, escapes, etc.

Elite secret military squad isekai into ancient medieval times.

GATE doesnt qualify as they came in whole army.

Give me 10.

>potentially people outside who support/oppose the show
Yeah, I'd oppose kidnapping too.

Where was the bestiality in this again?


>Walking next to me is the former Demon King who stuffing her mouth with the fruit which we bought in the previous town with great relish.

>This fellow is always eats something, isn’t she?

>「Remember this well Elfi. Please prevent your true identity from being blown at the Religious State」(Iori)

>As for the Petero Religious State where we heading to is much more religious than other countries.
My fucking brain hurts.

There are all sorts of nation-building or fief management isekai, though none of them unilaterally portray their MC as a brutal dictator. The protagonist of Wortenia Senki does some hard stuff, but that's more out of necessity, without excessive cruelty.
I suppose the closest would be Van from Death Mage, whose powers include literally brainwashing his entire nation into unconditionally loving him, removing the need for brutality within, but allowing him to be brutal with others.

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That's my boy Sheo. I really loved traveling in his Shivering Isles

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How about space era isekai mentioned in other thread

What GATE did fucking right was letting them cross over back and fort and there was no special snowflake

Just, like, take Battle Royale but instead of the kids being dropped in an arena by the government they get isekai'd together and some evil goddess is the one collaring them. Kids stabbing each other, fireballing each other, framing each other so they get hanged by the local township, forming alliances with the locals/demon-king, etc.

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Isekai in your mother's vagina.

Oh right, in Isekai Mahou the MC is already Harry Potter before being kidnapped to an isekai.

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Yakusoku no kuni ?

That's what you get for discussing Fire Emblem mobage instead of isekai anime and manga.

Already happened. It's a blast to read, too.

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Depends how far they get, if they go up to LNs and only do orc disaster it'll probably be boring as shit. First like 7-8 episodes would be boring build up, next ones would be slowly working into orc disaster which would be cool.

come on that was like less than 10 posts after 400 posts of good clean discussion

How about a isekai novel where the KC was the only one with teleportation supernatural ability in the original world, but in the new world everyone can teleport themselves?

Pretty sure it's just a joke. The only living "man" that Eliza has any sort of intimacy with is Rashiok, who's a big dragon-wolf monster she mounts regularly.

I'm talking secret police, political crackdowns, warmongering and totalitarianism level dictator.

Uuuuuuh, the one where MC is transported into a sci-fi world? Or is this a thing too

*Or more broadly, "The only esper in the world now transcend into a world full of espers"

I would read the fuck out of this.

>Can't think of one where the main character(s) are monster girls, tho.
It would be nice to have a neet MC make a wish for "monster girls to be real" and get turned into a monster girl himself and have to date guys who fetishize him.

honestly drawing a big fat blank there. Nothing comes to mind other than maybe overlord, and even then it's Ainz's subordinates carrying out that type of stuff on his presumed behalf rather than him being a true dictator.

there's a deathgame manga where all the participants are kidnapped isekai faggots and their weapon of choice are the cheat skills that were given to them by the gods of the respective worlds that isekaid them

Boo Boo best boy.

Vaguely similar to that succubus one, where MC was authoring a long-running eromanga with a succubus character. God liked it and reincarnated MC as the succubus, who then had to avoid guys fawning over her.
Too bad it went to shit when MC got into the adventurer's guild.

There's no isekai where the mc is dying with some incurable illness, and he has to survive in a brutal fantasy world where his goal is to live till he dies from the sickness. Prove me wrong nibbas

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book loli


Which isekai fall under the "struggling hero" category?