>tfw still no season 3 PV
Was it forgotten?

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It's lurking in the shadow to surprise everyone by being AOTY.


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>shitposters clinging to “omg no OP” when it’s been explained a billion times that we probably won’t get one until a few months before air date

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The only reason anybody will post in this thread is because Saten is in the op and she’s super cute.

>Index got a season 3 but not something actually fun like Horizon
We live in the darkest timeline.

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1:24 Rukio!

>PV finally gets released
>it's a BloodSign PV and no Railgun/Index whatsoever

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What do you think shitposters are going to default to once the PV comes out? Sales again?

They're probably trying one more time to convince you-know-who to come out of retirement to perform the OP. I'm sure her husband and kid wouldn't mind.

That, or Maon's too busy to start recording a song.

Her career is over

It's going to be low budget crap and won't even sell 8k.

There's nothing that can prevent even a temporary comeback, right? Even her husband said she isn't rule out making a comeback (or at least, that's how I understand that one tweet of his). Besides, her husband is her composer anyway, he'd probably be okay with composing songs for his wife again.

I've already accepted that she's gone, but I wouldn't mind her coming back even if only temporarily.

It's already a given that S3 will flop. People will focus more on the quality of the adaptation, especially after the blunder that was S2.

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Will you eat your own shit if you’re wrong?

Your low efforts are humiliating.

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Would Index III sell better if She came back?

See? Even the Raildex meme magick God agrees with me

JC stuff are busy working on the superior series

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>It’s cold. It feels like I’m sinking into deep waters...
>Is this...death? Asks Misa...ka

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Hopefully. This series is complete garbage.

Miki lied to save himself. There will be no news until Fall fes where Miki will dogeza and say it's been delayed without giving a release window.

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God what a fucking tragedy.

No OP can top Only My Railgun.

She probably survived.

I would finally drop this piece of shit franchise for good if this happens.


when will Kyousuke reconcile with his rapist

I disagree, I like PSI Missing more.

>girls with sliver hair
Is there anything more disgusting?

Why are they trying so hard?

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Shitposter sure seem to be getting defensive lately

Girls with green hair.

They’re scared

A potential good character laying it all down and offering up sex because the main character did her a small favor.

I just want another season of railgun

Who is "they"?

Some misakas were probably partially saved.
Lets be honest for a second here, why would academy city NOT investigate resuscitation?
Especially on clones who would without question accept dying and being revived?
There were no better people than the clones to investigate this on.

But S2 did good

the fags that think season 3 is really happening

It will sell as good as VO game at least(17,000+Copy).

Index is poop. Why couldn't we just get more Railgun?

>A potential good character
Saints are fucking shit.

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Their deaths were required for Will. All 10031 on them.

I learned the hard way that almost all magic side characters are.

Kamikuro is already happening

Clinical death would be the same to will.

Nagai just managed to kill the anime, you should send your regards to him

It is?

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That guy never could give specifics for why he thought Silent Party wasn't canon.

its a meme

Silent Party is a meme?

Rare Misaki art.

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Cute Himegami


I just realized the whole purpose of Kamisato arc was to make Mikoto job more.

She does it on her own.

Remember that Mikoto doesn't know what a Magic God is so it wasn't that dumb for her to challenge High Priest. Same as with Kakine attacking Othinus.

Even if this is true, these theoretical clones are dead by now anyway. You said it yourself: it would have been for an experiment. The clones would have been either vegetables or severely disabled. They are not coming back. They are not alive somewhere lurking. Some of them probably would have even failed the resuscitation attempt. About the best you can hope for is a clone brain among the Rensas or Rensa prototypes

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Heavy Object is getting another season?

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I want Frenda to be my daughter and buy her all the cute clothes she could want.

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Is there art of Ohoho getting punched?

From an AC scientist point of view, there would be no point in a facility full of brain dead and cripple clones. I doubt they'd even be that valuable from an Aleister "spread AIM everywhere" stand point because he already has healthy, non brain dead clones for that.it wouldn't even be good for "fuck with Accelerator" move cause he'd just kill the one responsible and put the clones at rest

I want to date your daughter and buy her all the cute clothes she could want.

The girls don't beat up the guys often enough in this series, which makes me think Kamachi is a misogynist.

Is there are of Mariydi, Frolaytia, White Queen, Biondetta or Colorless Little Girl getting punched?

Guys don't beat up the girls often enough in this series, which makes me think Kamachi is a soyboy.

Well which is it faggots?

At what point in the series did you realize Kamachi was a hack? For me it was as early as OT3.

You know what, the reason nobody really likes this Ohoho girl very much might be because she just doesn't have a very good character design. You can see that she is wearing a red coloured suit despite clearly being blonde. A pretty bad design decision if I do say so myself.

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In production limbo because kadokawa forced to use S3 announcement card to quell the Kemono shitstorm

Beat up girls and guys but only halfway.

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No one likes her because she has a shit personality and should kill herself. Her design (however ugly and unappealing) has nothing to do with that.

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NT 20


Is there a better couple?

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Unironially ot15


Mariydi spin-off soon.

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Mariydi getting punched in the face when?

After you kill yourself.

Girls shouldn't be punched, they should be bitchslapped and spanked.

Mariydi doujins when?

He's doing good with the Index spinoffs. Like Railgun and Astral Buddy. Main Index storyline is boring as fuck half the time though

Nah. They should constantly be reminded that they're inferior to men and can't take damage as well as men can.

Shitposters sure are trying hard.

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Shut the fuck up you whore!

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Why don't you make me shut up, big daddy?

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They'll give up and stop making threads once season 3 gets canned and Raildex dies forever, don't worry.

>Give it a wash before trying
Used goods like Saten would know, wouldn't she?

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Reminder Frenda and Rakko will return

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