What if Sota never returned to back his world?

And gets stuck with Altair?

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This show's biggest mistake was not letting Altair kill that worthless faggot. Sota was a mistake.

You mean if he stayed in Earthmelia? Then it would be an isekai, except he would never absolutely no cheat ability (or ability at all). Altair can just leave whenever she wants.

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Alicetaria was the best character.Fucking prove me wrong.

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Exactly this. Altair wouldn't stick around for long. Maybe she'd kill off Sota whilst she was there since she recognises him for being Setsuna's "murderer".

She didn't deserve her fate.

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The "you aren't a main character" line from her death really hit hard.

She lacked the brains to accomplish anything of worth (though maybe she was improved by her author after the ECF).

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She didn't lack the brains. She was a bit naive and a bit too trusting, but that's a miracle considering her PTSD.

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Are there any urban camping shows?

It seems clear that Hiroe didn't care much writing her character.She literally said she wouldn't trust anything that comes out of shark's mouth but a few episodes later she falls for sharks lies.Writing was overall awful but that was the first time I realized this show isn't going to be a good show.

>Altair and Souta never talked once.
I never been more pissed especially with that OP showing the both of them in the bum fuck of nowhere.

Mamika said she was innocent though. And she already hated Meteora, so it was more about confirmation bias.

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I was waiting for that to happen and it never fucking did. Sota should have been killed by Altair that would have redeemed the show.

ITT: Self-inserts

Altair wasn't a villain though, she was just doing what she thought Setsuna wanted. And erasing the world is part of world ├ętude lyrics, not murdering those who wronged her (though Setsuna doesn't even blame him, which is quite rational for a suicidal girl, or maybe she didn't want to blame her only friend).

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Altair was created from Setsuna's despair, she wasn't created from Setsuna's need of revenge, that was all Altair judging the situation and deciding the world sucks because it treated Setsuna like shit and needs to be off'd.
I like Altair too but people defending her as if she was a good person only doing her job is ridiculous.

>as if she was a good person
She isn't even a person, she is a character playing her role, like some kind of advanced robot that has the hardware to understand the world but can't break from the way she was "programmed" to act, especially when she detached herself from everything and acted as if she was in a different layer (fighting against the "story", "the worlds" and "the gods") and barely tried to interact with anything or anyone there.

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She is a teenage girl first and foremost.

RE:Creators gets infinitely better

>Sota gets stuck in Earthmelia w/ no Cheat powers.
>Throughout RE:Creators, while Meteora and Altair are gathering people for either Team Welfare or Team Hobo, Random people keep commenting on how Elemental Symphony of Vogelchevalier got boring since the school kid showed up and Celestia Disappeared.
>Ratings drop on show cause Sota can't do anything other than "Muh Setsuna Bullying! Bawwww!"
>At some point, Sota realizes that if the show gets cancelled, he's lost forever.
>Basically breaks 4th wall on TV in an attempt to save himself (all behind the scenes while Team Hobo and Team Welfare fight in the main show. never actually shown until the end)
>Show gets insanely popular due to Sota 4th wall breaking. Audience Meme Sota to Holopsicon level powers.
>When Charon Disappears, realizes something is going on, Starts to plan for his escape after he defeats the evil in Celestia's world with OP Powers.
>shows up unexpectedly at elimination chamber, Reveals behind the scene story, Fights Altar, Realizes that audience can immediately give him Setsuna Resurrection powers. Combined with Altair Powers, Resurrects Setsuna.
>Joins Altar and Setsuna in /U/niverse
>S2 is Altair, Sota, and Setsuna Jumping anime worlds Ala Quantum Leap.

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A SoL world-hopping and fucking up existing stories show?

It would be fun to see Altair killing the deleting the main character in one show, erasing the villain in the another and see how the story goes.

You know what this show should've been? Charon should've been the one sent to Earth, first. That way, the show would be "Me and My Buddy Kirito."

You know that would be the most hilarious thing ever. It would basically be Chad and the Virgin teaming up.

Has nothing to do with the premise. Again

Could Souta X Altair even work?

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Maybe as hate-fueled necrophilia.

Then they'd go assassinate the Knights Templar and recover the Pieces of Eden.

Altair craved the Souta cock as much as her slut of a mother and that femdom shark who confessed to him.

Why not? Everything else seems to ship.

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Altair is Setsunasexual, user

Altair has no sexual interest in Setsuna.


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That's why they never met. Even the writers couldn't bullshit a scenario that didn't involve her ripping him apart.


That frame exists for a reason, son

Why would Setsuna sex it up with Altair? That's immoral.

I had a dream of Altair and Setsuna arguing but I can't understand Japanese.

That Setsuna was specifically made by our dear and beloved Sota to appeal to Altair.
That's why Sota is a fucked up character.

>That's why Sota is a fucked up character.
How so?

Nope, Setsuna is Setsuna.
Don't listen to him, Souta didn't program Setsuna or anything like that.

Because he took advantage of a mentally unstable girl and used her subject of love and obsession to alter her way of thinking to his own needs? That's pretty fucked up in my book.

It's not even Setsuna not being Setsuna that's the problem here.

Hiroe was clearly browsing Sup Forums when this was airing.

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ah ok, got it. calming down someone who's hurt is horribly fucked up.

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I dont think theres a single person in this world who liked Soda.

Waiting for that person to reach a mental breakdown and only then calming them down is still fucked up.
There's no way to justify his actions, if he was written decently, he would have taken responsibility for his actions when he realized who Altair was and went to see her even if it got him killed.

To be fair, at least this is acknowledged in-story. Matsubara thought he was a massive faggot after the Setsuna reveal but couched his thoughts in the gentlest words he could. And Magane only really got wet for Souta after she found out how much of a fucked-up chode he was.

To fix this anime, all that needs to happen are the following:

-Have Altair act as a villain and do something.
-Remove all infodumps. Just have Meteora smooth out plot details as they happen.
-Comiket and Beach episode
-Have Magane's miracle great emperor plan happen and she steals Holopsicon from Altair and becomes the main badguy everyone has to defeat.

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Even Hiroe acknowledges this. Magane raping Soda when?!

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Intelligence. On. Par. With. Rocks.

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That's parody.

Shark sure got a tit-boost in this

Suruga is so fucking hot.

He couldn't even find her. The government had to put everything they had into luring her, and that meant they would end up fighting before any feel good rehabilitation nonsense considering she brutally murdered Mamika before.

Kek, Mamika could have easily taken him to her after their talk in the cafe.

She wouldn't put her friends or innocent people in danger for something she is doing on her own.

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You got me there. But after she died, no chance.

>innocent people
Sota isnt innocent


Learn English you retarded faggot.

People could read it when it was online. There's nothing that interesting in it. Only scene order changes

Basically this is what should have happened

>Sota tells her he basically killed Setsuna
>Mamika tells him thats fucked up and that he should do something
>"B-but" *cries like a faggot*
>"Dont worry imma back you up if anything happens"
>They go to Altair together
>Sota tells her he fucked up and its all his fault and is truly fucking sorry
>Also tells her that Setsuna did have fun living and creating everything she did and by destroying it she would also erase her influence on this world

Worst case scenario Altair kills them both but their death makes her re-think stuff, plus she basically just killed the trigger for Setsuna's suicide so there's also that.

isnt Magane an extremely dark character there compared to the anime and they softened her out for the show? Also I remember Hiroe mentioning Altair having nightmares about Setsuna's death.

Charon is the spiky-haired hero that's the staple of most anime. It was his job to figure out what was going on and to make things right again. By removing Charon from the equation the anime became really unbalanced and confused.

It would have certainly saved the anime sales-wise with all the fujos shipping him with Soda

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She's so based

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Damn. forgot about these two in I guess it could be one of the tugboats, or replace the Rui X Hikayu ship.