Hero My Boku Academia No

So how is this meeting gonna go down? Fight or talk it out?

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Only children with ADHD read this shit.

are you talking about manga in general? then yes.

Dekus gonna talk to him then they'll fight at the arcs ending as per usual

literally me

best girl
best boy

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Gentle will use the secret Joestar technique at the start of the fight.

They’re throwing down. Three times before the end of the festival.

Reminder that everyone who shitposts does so because they care.

After all, why would they reply if it didn't matter to them?

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this thread is so quiet today

Dead manga = dead discussion.

That's what happens when nothing happens

I can't believe how cute they are together

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adhd kids wouldn't be able to watch paint dry

Deku makes all pairings look cute

gentle is already my favorite villain
fuck these edgy teenagers villains

Who do you think is the traitor and why?

What is Deku's plan here?
I get that he's not calling for help because he doesn't want to interrupt the festival. What does he think fighting by himself will do?

What the hell are you looking at wimp

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>Deku has rope on him and his student ID to enter the school
He's gonna get knocked out and tied up while Gentle walks into the school thanks to his ID.

Wow y-you're so amazing kaachan....

Is there any popular series with an mc hated more than Deku?

Some Tom & Jerry shenanigans. Hori emphasized time in this chapter so Deku needs to try capture these two before the festival begins. I feel like Gentle and La Brava are only used to show off Deku's new skills unfortunately. Those skills involving long range attacks. We know Gentle and La Brava must have some quirks involving putting distance between themselves and the enemy so it's important to be able to hit them from a distance too. Deku will fail at first to hit with his close range moves, but will later on succeed once he uses his newfound lang range moves. Eventually the chapter ends with some joke about Deku arriving just in time (looking all messy) with the rope in his hands, but it turns out Momo made a rope anyway.

This shit writes itself.

Asta probably

> After all, why would they reply if it didn't matter to them?
But than it wouldnt be shitposting. They have genuine criticism for the series, its just that the one who always insist on MHA being perfect call any user who says negative stuff a shitposter.

This arc was doomed from the get-go. Just look at the available options:

>Gentle does something genuinely bad and people get hurt
>everyone gets angry because Chisaki should have done that and saved us a year of cockteasing
>Gentle is a goofball who gets BTFO after some hijinks
>everyone gets angry because we had to sit through another bullshit filler arc that barely advances the story

Shit should have gotten real the moment All Might retired but instead Hori is a hack who killed his own hype by deflating any stakes that might have been at play back then. Now it's just heroes doing hero things with almost zero lasting repurcussions.

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Oh god now i want this to happen. Imagine the shitposting that would come out of this. Cant imagine what for a beautiful day it would be for anyone hating Deku and what for a horrible day for any dekufag.
Gosh why did you give me this idea? Now i REALLLLLLY wish it will happen.
Like...imagine the sheer salt that would exist. I probably would die from the amusement this event would bring me desu, but i think that something like that would be worth it.

Would be in tune with a SoL arc.
Hopefully we can get some more nice and fluffy chapters before Hori starts the herocalypse.

Natsu but he is hated more because of being in FT in general and not his character per se. He himself is pretty meh, average all around.
Other than him its certainly Tsuna. Its just the KHR isnt so popular (plus it ended) so people arent talking about him that much.

Quick question, how come they couldn’t just get Momo to make rope when she woke up?

bad writting

>more shitting on Deku
Because making the MC a fucking idiot nobody can get behind is always a good decision. Especially when all your fallback characters are one-note.

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Please tell me you are a woman. No grown man should type like this.

Nah women love Dicku.
This is a 14 year old child.

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>This is a 14 year old child.
That can't be. That would be against the rules

Is that really who spams "dekufags dekufags" in all of these threads? Some 14 year old child?

It astounds me how anons can pitch more fascinating plot lines than the professional mangaka

Water is wet I guess

Please tell me the criteria on which you can decide what gender the posting user has.
Really curious to see what horseshit you will post underage-kun.

>Because making the MC a fucking idiot nobody can get behind is always a good decision.
Worked for Naruto and One Piece

>beating around the bush to avoid answering

Confirmed for man kiddie

Because Deku left the dorm before everyone was awake. Anymore stupid questions?

mostly the caps and repeated letters.

How are Naruto and Luffy idiots?

>was able to pinpoint who Gentle was already

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That is just bullshit and not intelligence.


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Are you fucking serious? Naruto and Luffy are canonically stupid in both of their respective mangas

>any harem mc from popular series like nisekoi
>Naruto started getting hate once his amazing lineage was revealed
Don't let the shitposting fool you into thinking Deku is the most hated.

Are you done Dekurager?

What if they get to negotiate a collaboration for the festival? It's one way for Eri to see Deku give a performance.

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I am not that idiot but come on!


Naruto is brash and impulsive but he's never made himself wholly incompetent. Neither was Luffy.

Deku getting caught is just Hori being a hack.

Deku is still going to dance.


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He hasn't been caught.


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You are my sunshine

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Nobody cares about momo

Why are the threads so dead?

let's count the plot conviniences
>deku missclicking on gentle's video
>no one waking up momo for her to shit a rope
>deku saying he knew a store with ropes but he actually didn't know
>mei asspulling the new gloves
>not waiting for momo to wake up and get the ropes

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Everyone went to church

>Naruto is brash and impulsive but he's never made himself wholly incompetent.
>Battle with Haku
>Most of Part 2

>opinions of mainstream normies counting for anything

I love how suddenly Horikoshi put a time limit on this event to increase the rpessure.

Was thinking Mei was just gonna straight up ask him to the dance with her usual smile... theres still hope r-right?

>Deku forgetting to take off his new weapons and casually taking them with him

I want normalfags to fuck off.

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>i-i-it doesn't count!
Please stop posting

>I recognized his voice from the YouTube video
Look out folks we got a fucking Batman over here

this is Mirio wife, say something nice to her

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Deku is an idiot for not knowing what Gentles quirk is

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>conveniently running into the villains on the street

Yes that's how retarded his argument is

All cancer. All normalfaggotry complaining about a manga they don't read.
The reason these threads are shit is because people like this are allowed to post.
I'm out.

>So how is this meeting gonna go down? Fight or talk it out?
Am I the only one who literally couldn't care less? All I want is to see some Kaminari x Jirou in the festival

>deku missclicking on gentle's video
He said he was aware of Gentle before though. That video was not the first time. Still bullshit I agree.
>>deku saying he knew a store with ropes but he actually didn't know
Knowing a hardware store nearby is something you need to see foreshadowed?
>>mei asspulling the new gloves
That is a stretch to call a plot convenience

Agreed. You read the chapter and ask yourself "But wait, why does this happening?" so that later you could roll your eyes while thinking "Ohh, so that this other stupid thing could happen that'll lead to more retarded shit"
And where would he put them? On the grass? Gave them to AM (actually yeah, that is a good option, but I guess they aren't that uncomfortable for him to notice)? No, user, there is much stupid shit in this manga, but this one ain't one of them.

Her having her horn grown out means that she's suffering and being abused so I don't think she's being treated okay by Mirio

>there is no way even the fucking readers could possibly know what Gentle's quirk is
>everything is just guesswork based on things we have seen
>things which Deku has not seen, so he couldn't know his quirk
>somehow this makes him an idiot
Yeah that's retarded

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it is the third or fourth time isn't it

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Gee user maybe he should put them in his room or locker or wherever the fuck he keeps his gear? And yes even asking AM or even Mei to just keep hold of them for an hour is reasonable.

Call the cops

>tfw they can't make S4 into two cour because everything after Kamino is subplots

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And waste precious time he could be looking for a rope? He can't wake up Momo because "she isn't a factory". It's much more convenient to just wear gloves while looking for the rope, I find.

When will shit ever go down in this manga? Who the fuck cares about mha's equivalent of logan paul.

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I didn’t even mind the whole Gentle thing or the gloves honestly. I just wanted a reason for why Momo couldn’t make the ropes that didn’t boil down to “um no sweetie, she’s not your slave”. I mean if it was something like she didn’t know the atomic make-up of basic rope then that would a little more sensical, but whatever I am still enjoying this arc believe it or not.


Momo would be awake by then to get ready and more than willing to since it's a split of a second to make and Mina's reffering to not just wake her up, this of course is another unreasonable asspul so that Deku could go out and buy rope and stumble upon Gentle while wearing his gloves.

Deku was going to buy other shit as well.

Because she was sleeping.

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wait for her to wake up? I mean it is not like it take hours for her to make a rope, it is like 2 seconds, in fact they could just wait until the very last moment they would tie Aoyama to ask her to make the ropes

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Which Deku once again couldn't just be reasonable and wait until the festival was over since he had morning practice and they were starting early in the morning and assuming they were stuff needed for the festival he couldn't just ask Momo since she'd be more than happy to since it's for the sake of everyone?

Like this user said, Deku had some stuff to but too.