Holy heck anons, are we finally making progress?

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what the fuck I did not select that picture, sorry anons ;_;
page 6

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Have a bump

thank you

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Imagine the camming they'll do once in highschool

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16, end
Please discuss

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Thirsty af

why weren't little girls like this when I was in elementary school

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They're in middle school. And they were, with other boys.


Takagi is cute.

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You know, that video is pretty damn incriminating without context. He could get a lot of teasing out of it.

They were, you were just too dumb to get it.
Like the MC.

This chapter and the dodgeball one accompanying it were written by the voice actors of takagi and nishikata in the anime. Not canon imo.

I thought they had only given the mangaka ideas.
Did they actually write the stories?

maybe I'm just a fat sweaty loser that no girls would even want to look at, even think of that?


The fact that Takagi's guard drops so rarely makes those moments that much more precious.

>Yuki Kaji is actually good at writing/conceptualizing stories
Fuck, why does he have to be a seiyuu with that annoying voice of his?

Middle school girls are incredibly thirsty. Unfortunately for them, most boys are dumb as fuck and doesn't get it, or even worse, they're afraid of "cooties".

why is Takagi so much better and cuter than this bitch Nagatoro?

Takagi's threads are comfier too

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Then they would have ignored you or teased you Nagatoro-style.

I think there was a disclaimer from the translator that they did, and that's why the chapters felt "off".

This hits so close to home...

idk, all I could remember where the spit on my lunch box by them bullies

It's been a while

Seriously Nishikata, get it already.