Is Pokemon worth a rewatch?

Is Pokemon worth a rewatch?
I remember nothing

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Only in dub.

Just watch the episodes that have gym battles in them.

Literally for children.
What do you think there's gonna be of value that would make a rewatch worth it?

I want to watch the sun and moon one because I am a little girl enthusiast but I don't know if it is worth it.

You'd be watching hundreds of episodes of Ash losing with just the first few seasons.

>Is Pokemon worth a rewatch?
>I remember nothing
That's for the best.
>this triggers SMfags

anime is for children

>Only in dub.

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Sometimes I get an urge to rewatch Pokemon, but I never actually do it. I've only seen a couple of episodes from the first season anyway.

Diamond & Pearl is. Best series.

Being for children is not inherently bad, just as being for adults is not inherently good.

yes but pokemon is bad as an adult

Who do you think you are?

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I'm watching HxH in dubbed

1 episode per week

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Only the original series with the 4kids dub.

>Literally for children.
>What do you think there's gonna be of value that would make a rewatch worth it?
Good dub writers with self-awareness are often funnier and definitely wittier than the average jap humor. I remember watching these as a kid, and my parents enjoyed watching the show despite being completely disinterested in Pokemon.

There's shows aimed at children that can also be enjoyed by adults.
Personally I don't feel like Pokemon is one of them. Outside of nostalgia or as a joke while being drunk I don't see how you'd enjoy watching it.

I only really like the episodes with Team Rocket, and I only really bother with the sub because I like Megumin's Musashi more. Other than that, I really don't give a rats fuck about Pokemon or its thot of the season.

>tfw Team Rocket vs Team Plasma is still unaired
God fucking dammit.

why would you subject yourself to that torture user, there isn't even an overarching plot you need a refresher on

I still remember getting mad for missing episodes when I was 10 because I thought I'd miss something important

The SM anime is nice, I actually laugh each week watching the chapter with my friends

>rewatch first episodes
>it's much more hnk in feel than newest seasons
>people afraid pinsir would literally kill metapod until it hardened
>pinsir's pinces shown breaking, makes one question how hard it'll be to be a trainer if weapon can just break like that
>ash and brock afraid to hurt each other's pokemons, they have to because gym rules, brock doesn't even wanna fight
>ash rescuing his metapod as it evolves

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almost every pokemon episode is the same. Just watch a few and it's like you have seen the entire series. At the end Ash always loses and then a new journey begins where the same shit repeats itself again.

Holy shit user, you've just made me realize/reminded me that I, too, remember nothing about this show.
Nothing, holy shit. I've never even thought about that before.

If the next pokemon game is reboot as the rumors say we may be lucky and they could finaly end the series. (They can always continue with the new reboot movies they are making)

I wish there was a list of emotional episodes like this one. Because I remember a fair number of these fucking up kid me.

I'd do it, but I don't want to watch the entire franchise of episodes to do it. I'd also be biased because the Butterfree leaving episode did nothing for me.

It will never be aired, since they had to change the plot of the rest of BW to revolve around them removing that.

>tfw if they aired the episodes it'd make more sense than N and Plasma 2.0 appearing so suddenly

Uh I'd say the first 12 episodes are alright but I couldn't care much for the tournament arcs. Surprisingly there's really little filler in the original series. There's always a move learned or pokemon evolved or a badge gained so that's pretty nice for a long running series that's just a blatant CM.

Watch the tournament arcs of Diamond/Pearl instead. They're much better.

How did they get away with it?


>rewatching a show with over 100 episodes.

i could never do this.

Only for nostalgia. Otherwise it's complete shit. Worse than DBZ.

You mean wishful thinking. Not rumors. Also what does a reboot even mean. Gen 5 was a reboot, gen 6 was a reboot, gen 7 was a reboot. Gen 3 technically was also a reboot. The fuck is wrong with you?

>muh "adult" joke
It's like you weren't alive back then because that shit is really tame. Especially since South Park aired and that is literally for kids as-well.

Agreed. Same could be said about the games.

Outside of the 1st episodes of the season or Gym/League battles, not really.

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Literally only worth if if you're either want to go on a nostalgia trip or if you want to watch the sakuga battles

Otherwise, don't. It's shit with only the first season and XY being decent from time to time.

Pokemon games are all trash except for the first 4 gens, every subsequent gen adds so little depth to the gameplay even mobage shit can emulate it.

Honestly not really. It's classic shounen trash, unless that's what youre into.

And the fans eat it up and vehemently defend passionless installments every year.

this, and only season 1

Just watch XY or SM. They're both good and subbed.

Season 1 has some semi interesting episodes and the art is decent with all the painted backgrounds and stuff. Its biggest problem is that the main characters are one dimensional and boring. I grew up with it (got up early in the morning to watch the first episode ever aired in the US) and going back to it I can't watch more than a few episodes because it's super repetitive.

It has great episodes here and there. It really becomes a slog in Johto though.

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Bye Bye Butterfree
Snow Way Out
Pikachu's Goodbye
Holy Matrimony!
The Pi-Kahuna
Go West Young Meowth
Friend and Foe Alike + Friends to the End
Meowth Rules!
Tracey Gets Bugged
Bound For Trouble
Hello, Pummelo! + Enter the Dragonite
Viva Las Lapras
Ignorance is Blissey
For Crying Out Loud
Charizard's Burning Ambitions
The Fire-ing Squad!
That's pretty much all of them up to episode 250. Still need to watch the last 20 episodes of Johto

I'd rather rewatch Yu Gi Oh dubbed to be honest

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Someday twitch will play a full marathon.

Also XY/Z got good battles

they nerf animation in sun and moon to have more charcters.

Watch the I Choose You movie. You'll remember everything they changed.

Only the first arc tries to be a story and not an advertisement. From Vermilion to Saffron is an excellent stretch of episodes.

Read Pokemon Special instead.

Don't waste your life on such trash user your time is worth more than this

I feel like it still holds up pretty well until Johto, even with the Orange Islands arc.

XY&Z were pretty good for a modern Pokemon anime and SM is pretty comfy. Well anything would look like a masterpiece after BW.

Season 1 is a fun watch. Johto onwards the filler becomes more boring and only the Gyms/League battles are worth watching.

IIRC there is a list out there listing all the "plot"/important episodes.

Are AG, DP, and BW as boring as Johto?

Has anyone trasnlated the movie with the japanese names yet?

>Worse than DBZ.

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>4kids dub

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I rewatched it last year, the first seasons holds up very well but starting with Jhoto, it becomes boring and with more fillers.

this, it's hilarious

>he didn't watch all of Johto just for this track

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Try 2100.

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im actaully just starting to learn japanese so im picking this up.

All the episodes? Hell No! I don't care how much nostalgia you have, that's 1000+ episodes of dealing with 10 year olds!

For fuck's sake, the "Team Rocket's blasting off again" Compliation is over TWO HOURS:

But that shouldn't stop you from finding the memorable moments and re-watching those.

I tried a year back. There's a ton of filler so it's up to you. The movies are easier to rewatch.

But if you haven't checked out XY and XYZ they're on par or better than pokemon has been since gen 1 (some including myself even like it more).

Best OPs coming through

Serena is best girl!

I really only want to re-watch all the Jessie specific episodes. James ones are okay too. But I don't care for Ash or anybody else in the show. Everyone else is so vanilla.

The first few movies still hold up surprisingly well. Much better than shit like the DBZ movies

My power, my pleasure, my pain!

I've recently gone back to watch some shows from my childhood. Kanto League dub was amazing. Orange Islands carried along a bit but was noticeably less interesting. (Mostly because they had to make it all up themselves while they waited for Gold/Silver)

Johto onwards is where it starts to noticeably run itself into the same rut. It was refreshing at the end of Kanto when the hero DIDN'T win. It rapidly grows more stale with every season, and Ash develops his selective amnesia.

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Isn't the dub censored?

It is in a few places, and there's a couple of episodes that were just outright skipped (you'll still have to find the subbed versions), but the jokes are well worth it. Surprisingly talented translation team that filled in the blanks on some of the more esoteric Japanese puns.

You forgot Spurt!
that fucking scream

I like that Sun & Moon opening, but the XY openings blow anything that came before out of the water:

Also here's the best ending while we're at it:

I think it borrowed the soundtrack from one of the movies though.

Am I really the only person who kinda liked BW? I thought Iris was cute and for me the garbage filler was somehow much more tolerable than in the previous regions, Kanto excluded. If anything it seems like BW really wanted to recreate the first season, but did a really shitty job at it and despite that I could still watch it every other week without fast-forwarding or skipping through episodes like DP for example.

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Ah hell, I hadn't heard Volt since they replaced it with Getta Banban and I just realized that was years ago at this point. I got a minor rush of nostalgia.

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It was good up until the earthquake ruined the plot. I think the director sudoku'd over all that ruined build-up because afterwards there was never a mention of it again

Up until hoenn is good to watch. That was when it was more of an anime not something for children all over the world to watch. It was also when they stopped making it in cel and turned to digital. the electric tale of pikachu is manditory as it was drawn by a hentai writer who was fired from the job by nintendo because he made it really lewd and adult. Also because he made a team rocket futa doujin.

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this. anime is literally for kids. go ahead and ask any normal Japanese person if they watch anime and they will not only look at you like you are a total fucking retard but you will also have deeply offend them at the same time. the only Jap I ever met that liked anime was a girl and she was basically retarded, with that being said she is high grade waifu material.

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jap can look at me funny all he wants, but he won't say shit cuz i'm bob fucking sapp

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What are the best Johto episodes?

I always forget how fucking good some of the music in the anime is

All the gym battles in Johto are good, actually better than the Kanto gyms except Blaine.
"Happiness is Blissey" and "Charizard's Burning Ambitions" are the most emotional episodes.
"Tanks a Lot!", "Forest Grumps", "Houndoom's Special Delivery", "The Heartbreak of Brock" are some standout fun episodes.
Casey episodes ("The Double Trouble Header" and "The Bug Stops Here") and Duplica episode ("Imitation Confrontation") are good because they're a cute.
There are also some decent mini arcs in there, like the Todd/Articuno arc, the Whirl Cup, the Claire/Dragon's Den episodes.

That's all up to episode 255 anyway, I still need to see the rest myself.

First season still holds up well to this day. Characters are interesting and are actually developed and Kanto itself was more than just the Kanto from the games. Orange isles is also pretty good, but the whole plot with the GS Ball gets dropped latter on for no reason whatsoever. Everything onward is pointless since they just ruin characters and put their focus on dragging the show as much as they can, although Battle Frontier and D/P were pretty fucking good, so you could watch those if you have the time. Everything else skip.

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Shit I meant "Ignorance is Blissey"

Pripara is for little girls buts its great

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The "James is gay" innuendo was easily the best part of the Pokemon dub

The GS Ball plotline was dropped because the plan for Celebi to be in the ball got thrown out when they decided to make a Celebi movie instead.

I didn't think I was a Nostalgiafag until I caught this on TV and every change they made infuriated me. You don't get rid of fucking Brock.

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It's supposed to take place before Ash meets Brock or even Misty, isn't it? Like I thought it was just remaking the very first episode of the series

No it's a retelling of an alternate version of the whole first series. Instead of bumping into Misty and stealing her bike he finds a Ho-oh feather and does a quest sealing with that with two new OC companions.

what were they going for with that movie exactly?

I feel like it'd be a fun thing to watch with others. but not in real life that's gay

Kanto dubbed is great so are the movies up until about Destiny Deoxys. I also recomend Pokemon Adventures/Pokemon Special up through the Yellow arc.

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wouldn't watching it on twitch also be gay?

Explain Seinen.

XY season has it's moments and the animation is good, but overall it's the most generic shonen pokemon has ever gotten and only people who don't watch anime think it's "unique and interesting". Ash became more some sort of VN wishfulfillment character. The shipping was annoying. Couldn't bring myself to watch it complete. All the XY movies are garbage.

BW also has it's moments but it's very underwhelming. It tried to be more serious or something for a while then it tried to revert back to the light hearted mood of the previous seasons. I don't feel it pay off. Team Rocket is awfully boring here.

I don't have strong opinions about Sinnoh, sometimes I also tried to be edgy or something. Lots of poor quality animation. I liked the episodes with Shigeru, Aoi and Team Rocket focused.

Hoenn season is full of asspulls and bad animations. Improves in the Battle Frontier season. I really liked the art style and art direction tho. The movies are really good too, just Jirachi movie is kida boring and cheesy.

My favorite seasons are original series and Sun & Moon. Original series still holds up, very good recurring and daily characters and plots. Art direction and animation was very good too. OS movies and specials are good. My favorite movie is actually Spell of the Unown. Sun & Moon is all around good (dare to say excellent) and brings me back to original series without actually trying more than BW ever did.

Sub or dub? I would reccommend sub over dub, but 4kids localization despite it's censorship and changes had srong humor. Watching dub is A MUST for DuArt episodes. DuArt is fucking awful. Their OPs and EDs are awful, the dialogue is awful, the edits are awful, the background music is awful. There's nothing here worth saving and you will only ruin yourself PokeAni.


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Watching sub is a must for the movies. The problem is that movies to fit some sort of requirement they cut too much content. I think some movies are missing like 30 minutes worth of content. First movie is missing The Birth of Mewtwo which is totally neccessary to understand Mewtwo better.

They also have a lot of dialogue changes that drastically change characters or plot, only once for the better (Spell of the Unown). The music gets replaced, at least 4kids music is good (Lugia's 4kids music is very iconic) but DuArt music is terrible.

Another problem is that 4kids and DuArt sometimes use the cinema version for the localization, not the Japanese DVD/BD release. Pokemon movies sometimes have errors and these get fixed when they go to DVD/BD, or they get extra content. So western audiences get the half-assed product.

And some weird edits here and there. Latias and Latios has some deep dark blue tint in some scenes for whatever reason.

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>Watching dub is A MUST for DuArt episodes
Meant to say sub. Please never watch a DuArt dub unless you want terminal cancer.