Is fat moe a thing?

is fat moe a thing?

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a big fat no

You can’t be fat and moe and the same time to be desu



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No, that's just fat

That's child bearing hips moe

She’s not fat

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Fat in all the wrong places
Fat in all the right places



pick one

Depends on your measure of "healthy"; "voluptuous"; "thicc"; "chubby"; "plump"; "obese"; "landwhale"


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>Rigth: The pure OL cake
>Left: The whore cake
>Middle? The moe fat old man



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It's a fetish.

However, there's a lot of gap moe involved with gluttony, poor hygiene, and clogging the toilet.

I would normally say "no" but that pic is pretty fucking cute.

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Yes, considering Kanako is the cutest idol. Soft and squishy things are cute.

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Chubby lolis are the cutest.

>fat and flat
its like pottery

Kanako isn't even that fat.

Moisture chi is awesome ! , like mag aka ya draw what is popular even though they may not like it,given that fat chicks rule the dated land yet don’t give it up & become highly opinionated; American Hikomori answer with “you really aren’t beautiful & return to H-manga for comfort lol

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Please no, tell the americans not to spread their diabetes into my sacred anime

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No. Just no.

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Ugh you want pizza" blorggg

Puu-chan a cute.

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boards.Sup had one job ... now it’s all now”self respect this & body shaming that , Omg hurry up and serve the patrons Audrey before we feed ur ass to the ship...

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Wait what?

>There are people aroused by this sow
Then again, zoophilia is a thing.

What is this from?Also is is as good as I think it would be?


You better post link because google is returning gay things

Check the filename. Also yes it is.

>not wanting to fuck Erufuda while she stuffs her face with fries.

They had one Fing job...

Too late for that, what with Elf-san wa yaserarenai and all.

is Taruko too fat to be cute?

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Fun fact.

Fat chicks smell.


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They all smell.
Even 2D.

Does she spread her legs if I ask nicely? Does she know Steg as a first or second language?

>Even 2D.
2-D only smells if you want it to smell

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>Fat chicks smell
That's a plus you know.

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>side mouth

>Anonymous 03/18/18(Sun)16:32:52 No.169965805

When its this easy to fix you have to wonder if they really tried at all

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you can't be moe if you're dead

not anime

Drawings aren't alive to begin with, user.

Yeah, but most depict people who are alive unlike yukari.

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>hating side mouth

See, here she looks fine but Tsuji draws her so unappealing.

of course

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What the fuck is wrong with you

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What about now?

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it is indeed, very cute


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>Autist projecting his delusions.

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>not liking a cute soft belly
Out of my thread

The Japanese hate fat people

This is the cutest Mirai

The tits being that big take away from the chubby allure.