Dagashi Kashi 119


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In anime, Hotaru is coming back next week, but we're not going to catch up before then.
Manga is ending next month too.

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suupaaa boooru

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last page

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Thanks OP.

Hajime best girl

that's pretty early

Hm? What do you mean?

nevermind, I thought this was chapter 183

Oh, that'll be on Wednesday like usual. Should they be on Tuesday?
Here's a little peek from 183.

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I shit, that's Hotaru's and Kokonotsu's hideout, Kokonotsu is the one saying that line

I actually forgot how it looks like but yeah you're right.

>Kokonotsu is the one saying that line
Are you sure? I thought it was Hotaru.

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Wait no it actually doesn't, I'm blind.


maybe it's the bridge near the shop

Hajime is so fine.

That's a toy not a snack.

Sucks the manga is ending but I hope it goes out well and we get S3 of the anime.

I hope so too.
Also, you'll still have threads like this one to look forward to. They'll last for some time because scanlations are really behind.

>Boys, wait!
Here comes the doujins!

This clumsy woman is so sexy.


>This clumsy woman is so sexy
The artist put a lot of effort into it



is this the japanese equivalent of the blond bimbo

because im falling for this shit hard

Is manga really ending in 3 chapters?

Yes. See

How the fuck is the anime already at chapter 119?

Or have they skipped a fuckton?

They skipped a fuckton. Like really a lot.

Guess I have found a new series to read. Nice.

Have fun.

>Ending next month
Hajime killed this manga.

Can you explain this?

Why does Hajime have paints?

Kokonotsu is saying it to Saya..

>best girl shows up
>Japan has shit taste yet again

Best girl was in this manga since chapter 2, though.

She's been in the manga for quite awhile now though. I think Koto probably just wants to end the story and move onto some other project.

He might take a break before he starts anything new too.

A break forever, followed by a visit to gensokyo.



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Her name literally means Ending Beginning, not this shit.

Thanks for the new typesetted chapter.

>Hotaru and Kokonotsu have their own secret hideout
Thats fucking adorable

>older lady giving boys blue balls

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