Why doesn't Dragon Ball have good, natural fight choreography anymore...

Why doesn't Dragon Ball have good, natural fight choreography anymore? The final super fight wasn't even as entertaining as early Saiyan saga stuff but it's hyped so much more.

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The last good choreography we had was in BoG and RoF (the movies, not the arcs). Jiren vs. Goku has an excuse though, as I really doubt two guys fighting for survival under a time limit would give two shits about stance and technique.

Because why animate something and come up with good choreography if you can simply use tons of screen shacking and characters teleporting around?

I don't think Vegeta gave a shit about stance and technique when fighting against Recoome. The choreography was just better.

I think the only time Vegeta gave a fuck about technique was when fighting against Golden Frieza, he's basically a brawler.

>DBS Episode 130 in one .gif

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Its cheaper, the fanboys would defend an animation even if it physically hurts them, its cheaper

I love the last bit.

I dont remember when does nakama power up started
Is it because inferior manga try to make intense battle like DB but fall flat and dont get why DB is good?

Hand drawn > digital

before it was based on the manga, which was a 10/10 storyboard

now they just make shit up as they go

no shit

No, DB isn't good.

Cheap budget, lazy directors and animators

but when does nakama power start

What you call "digital" is also hand-drawn you retard.

that's my main problem with super, none of the punches/kicks have any weight to them it's just teleporting and atatata

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Because you're watching a shameless cashgrab.

No one at Toei is as talented as Toriyama in making fights.

>Why doesn't Dragon Ball have good, natural fight choreography anymore
Toriyama isn't drawing the fights anymore, that's the issue. And even if they used Super manga as a base Toyotaro can't make fight as good as Toriyama either.

No Toriyama
Oh and Toei hires slave shitters who'll work for nickles and have no talent or skill with fightan.
The few who do have to work with a disasterously small budget and are forced to cut good fights back so that goku can shine
No seriously.

lack of toriyama

honestly shit choreography is the reason i stopped caring about DB in general. i'll deal with power creep for days so long as there's still inventive action on display

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guys ik super is trsh but take this in, toei is L.A.Z.Y. To them, whats the point of putting in the effort when ppl r just gonna see its dragon ball and eat the shit up like its candy.Also most of the ppl who complain every week are still bck here watching the new episode

Man that choreography in Battle of God was fucking good, especially since it had been so long. It's just a shame the actual fighting was actually very short.