What Sup Forumsnons like about Princess Lover?

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The tits

Yup, this is the main thing.

I love Saber

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how does a chest like that even work?

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>what are arms?

Komori Kei girls are all weak to anal and start to pee when you stick it in the pooper.

The official hentai

>iqdb is currently under high load, your query has been queued. Place in queue: 64

Life truly is suffering. I had to manually type it into sankaku chan instead of waiting. Meh, not much else good from that artist anyway.

That's Sylvia's leg.

It has canon hentai.

>It has canon hentai.

Yuri spinoff when?

I liked the hentai spin-off OVA.

>media constantly teases Sylivia and Charlotte as being super close
>absolutely zero fucking payoff anywhere
>even the maid has more presence in the hentai
Fucking dammit.

I dick loves it, so I allow him the guilty pleasure.

This was not a good show, but I liked that the protagonist was upgraded to basically being a motorcycle-riding samurai in the anime. In the visual novel, he's the most useless fuckhead of all time.

The hentai's really good, though.

I liked it, the production values were nice and the fan service was great

I want to fuck the smugness out of her.

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Why do I feel like HOTD had the same art & animation?

The plot was retarded and everyone had a serious case of GoHands face.
Walkure Romanze was a more enjoyable Ricotta adaptation.

This is more enjoyable than the original.

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Fuck why couldnt charlottes H ova have been made?

I like Ricotta girls

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I was really disappointed when that didn't end up coming out, it also would have been nice if Walkure Romanze got a hentai OVA

I just want an ova for walkure romanze with celia getting impregnated


Too bad it didn't get an h-ova.

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The opening was great


it's a good fap.


Kuroda Kazuya design.

Been meaning to pick this up. What's this about cannon hentai?

How about Google?

Ricotta yuri hentai series when?

The official hentai sequel.

I still fap to Charlotte from time to time

Why only focus on one girl for the hentai ova?

Because "muh waifu"

Bertille is love.

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Who gives a shit? Give other girls the spotlight too. Wanted to see the entire female cast get fucked. Only got one girl.

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wtf multi-quoting the same post.

Is Ricotta working on a new game yet? I think they're done with the Re;tell games for WR at least, so I'm hoping they start on a new project soon.

He maybe accidentally clicked the reply multiple times.