How do you feel about full metal alchemist? Would you rate it as one of the best shonen of all time?

How do you feel about full metal alchemist? Would you rate it as one of the best shonen of all time?

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Mal-tier series

The story and characters are nothing great but it avoids most of the flaws other shonens have so sure. Battle shonens are universally terrible anyway.

>The story and characters are nothing great
You dont like them? I really liked it. The only things I disliked were Ed vs Pride and maybe a few other things. Bradley was fucking awesome, Roy, literally every female.

The live action movie sucked.

Pretty good, shonenshit ending, great alchemy system. Should've made a sequel with Al traveling hijinks.

They were alright. Like not bad but nothing amazing.

Too fucking long. I'm sorry, but if you expect me to fully watch something that's basically an ordinary shonen then you're retarded.

If there is one thing this battle shounen excells at it's characters and the story.

It's the only one i managed to get trough.

>Too fucking long.
Isnt FMA much shorter than a ton of shonen?

was probably comparing to seasonal shounen.

Zatch Bell is the best,
FMA is better than most but thats it.

I'm pissed as fuck Zatch Bell didnt get a Brotherhood anime or at least a new anime that redid Zeon's character and then went on to finish the story.

I also liked the english buttrock opening. The dub still holds up imo.

Winry was shit

FMA is a good manga, Brotherhood is a lackluster adaptation, fucking stop calling everything the best ever just because you liked it.

2003 > Brotherhood by far.

>Great animation and OST +2
>God tier openings and endings +2
>Terrible Humor -1
>Bland Characters and worldbuilding 0
>Great for the absense of fanservice and edgyness +1
>Few plotholes and asspulls +1
>Pacing, build up and completeness +1
>Bland memes 0
>Not pretentious +1

Solid 8/10.

According to certain places it's the best anime of all time.

I liked Brotherhood as a first anime to get me into the medium, but it isn't perfect by any means. I think it's the ideal entry level anime for someone who has no interest in moe shit

it's an anime that you can't really dislike

the character design, the story and the script are all on a high level, but the biggest plus of FMA is the comparison with shounen in general. if you directly compare it to the popular stuff like naruto, one piece etc. it really shines as a masterpiece.

also FMA:B is arguably the best adaption of an anime ever

tl;dr: interesting and very condensed story with decent characters and without most shounen flaws, so yes

that doesn't mean it's the greatest anime ever, it's the best of a genre that's full of shit, so most ratings of the show are biased

A perfect 10/10 to me.

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