Precure Thread

Precure Thread

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First for myaa

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I've just watched the movie. Now I'll have to wait several months for the Super Stars movie for more Aoi. I love my lion bae. I will miss her.

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Should i start with Huggto?

She was the only good thing about kirakira until CL show joined.

I want to lick her whip cream

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Stop. My dick an only get so hard.

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Homare has so much ass power

I completely understand, but there's no need to be so vulgar.

Flexible girls are the best.

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I want to marry Hime.

Hazard RR Whip is cute, CUUTTEEEEE!!!!!

Is this a picture of God?

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I've said it before but she strikes me as a girl who will have a 24-30 year old girlfriend when she's still 16-17

I want to die.


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Freudian slip, meant boyfriend.

>Kamen Raida.
>They don't raid treasures.
How the franchise is getting away with 40+ years of false advertisement?

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>hymen: gone
Ewww whores get out.

Is Rider, they ride things and they ride sometimes each others.

To be fair, I'm still half sleep.

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Is this from this week's episode?
Probably the most satisfying feet shot ever made in Precure.

Well there's that other one from hacha but yeah.

Bibby deserves all the hugs

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Someone post that webm of lulu

So is this Blue is in love with Pink(again)?

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lulu? more like lewdlewd

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That older HaruHaru looks stunning.

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>[user] Hugtto! Precure - 07.mkv

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based leaf

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Thanks a bunch [user]

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Today is a good day!

I like how Saaya narrated the intro this time, I hope they keep changing it.

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HMR old and busted
Lulu new hotness

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He's fast!

I care about you user.

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This was so cute. I wish they could stay as a 3 precure team.

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They need more time to bond.

God yes
I hope she becomes the 6th Cure

You're the best user around

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Some people will tell you it makes a difference, but unless you intend to start with the first series and watch them all in order, just jump in wherever you want.

Watch Go Princess and Hugtto at the same time.

Thank you, user.

That works.

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thanks, user

Would you feel safe in a house like that?

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Zaaaankooku na teeenshi no yoouni~

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I'm sure the user who made that custard monstrosity could relate to this.

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I love Saaya. What a nice episode.

Is Hugtto saving precure?

god's work user

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Precure is saved literally every year.


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Lame job.

those waistlines shoudn't have been possible

Not with that retard Pafu in the kitchen causing calamity.


Himari's bangs are very cute.

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So many things I loved in this week's episode. That friendship! That Lulu-chan! That Saaya! I still can't decide whether I like her or the cool and chill Homare better. Maybe after her episode next week.

i want to lick her forehead

Fucking perverts.

I want to lick Ciel's forehead.

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Was this animated by that one dude who did a lot of hacha's sakuga.

I would like to bonk and smell her forehead.

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Cute droido

The gore was cut out from the actual movie.

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I liked kirakira, fuck you haters.

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I liked Kira too! Though you should be ashamed of downloading that.

Not the last two years it wasn't

>the movie is about ciel
>it's actually good
Should Ciel have been the MC?

it's okay, I liked kirakira too though maybe it's because I'm a sucker for animal ears

A little girl shouldn't have hips like that

What's your point. Other people do too and they make stupid posts like this.

Ciel should have never existed or kira should have been 3+her

Technology is amazing

It sure is