ITT: Touma speech; 3 word each post

Don't derail the thread, please.

I'm not as

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faggy as Kakine

Misaka is dead

but who cares

wait, I do

no I don't

but I do

Bring back Mami

Must gas Estelle

Stop my toenails


MP's ass without

Fear, and spank

Himegami's tight pussy

You're not jacking

Off, thus you

don't live your

Life correctly faggot

Remember these words

Kuroko’s tiny womb

Fuck off headcrab

Will be filled

Will never satisfy

Kuroko is worstgirl

Mikoto has a

Biri’s dumb notions

I will punch

...uh, Misaka? W-what

Mikoto will lose

Fuck White Queen

with black ones

Kuroko will have

this thread sucks

I love Saten

You should probably stop linking this to the Raildexmonkeys since regulars always ruin them and you might also want to stop doing them daily. It's not as fun that way.

Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei

Which is mine

Colorless Little Bitch

Can’t do anything

Hitler was right

I made one yesterday and it got derailed, just enjoy autism user.

Long live communism

I hate niggers!

Except for Kuroko

It bothers me

Buy chainnlink pls

How much of

Magic pogo sticks

are inside Misaka

Bitcoin? 3 fiddy

Cumming inside Othinus

Stop playing Skyrim

and do homework

Аутистичния обединен съюз

Shut the fuck up, Sup Forumsermin

Todd, you’re shit

Buy dogecoin profit

Estelle’s mandated law

Shill anons out

I’ll show her

for free waifus

Wassa wassa bitconneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeect


(((estelle’s))) Jew ass

I’ll smash that

My big sausage

It’s 100% Kosher

Overheating power of

I’ll cure faggotry



Girls get better

When living correctly

Saints did 9/11

Each time I

punch Himegami's face

a baby dies

Alpha world sucks

I cum 10 000

Silver-haired girls

are the best

Where’s the eggs

Kakine a shit

Beetle is better

Kuroko's cute face

Dick slapping opportunities

Op is faggot.

This is absolute

it's never wrong

Remember those words

Now, time to

find some eggs

And feel THIS

Punch White Queen

With your feet

and FUCK her

Don't you complain

my grand keikaku.

When Estelle rapes

that bastard Izzard