Danchigai chapter 64

I can't believe Satsuki is fuckng dead.

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Remember to tell your sister you love her.

She's so awkward with her brother

Thanks as always OP.

So happy for Haruki and Mutsuki, their daughters are really cute.

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>me too
me either

unconsciously (?)

>prank master Uzuki
master, Uzuki

The last chapter thread died too soon, but for it:
pg 77
>present in onions, evaporating
onions evaporating

>raises appetite
increases appetite

pg 78
>onion in the frigde

Haruki and Mutsuki are such good parents.

She really is Yayoi 2.0. She'd better be careful with the pranks or he'll never believe her when she confesses.


Oh, you even did the last chapter, thanks a lot.

When's the last time you heard a 9 year old say "me either", though?

Oh fuck, now that you mention it, it sounds way lewder than it was supposed to. Maybe I should change it to "orange juice"? Or maybe "my juice" for maximum lewdness.

Why is she so lewd

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she likes pranking her brother way too much.

I'm not allowed to talk to nine year olds anymore, so it's been a while.

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Oh god, it's that kind of juice? That's even worse.

when their sister's not here, they get all sticky with the juice she leaked

Danchiparents never

Considering how many kids they have, the cost of life in japan, and the basics of their culture, it's no wonder we never see those two. Probably sleep under their desks fifteen minutes a day at the office.

Give it around nine months.

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No need to wait

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Yayoi needs to try harder if she wishes for this to happen. Mutsuki is in the lead at the moment.

>When's the last time you heard a 9 year old say "me either", though?
Well, technically it should be "me neither," but that's even less 9 year old like. Just go with whatever sounds most natural.

Satsuki is so much better than the other one.

A better sister, yeah, but Uzuki is the sexiest.

on the contrary. I'm not even a lolicon, but satsuki's the one that makes me think bad thoughts

>I'm not even a lolicon

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Uzuki is least sexy.

and my brother isn't gay, only his browser history and boyfriends are.

That's what you get for being a tsundere.

goddamn little girls, you just want to headpat them and next thing you know, your hand is covered in juice.

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You can enjoy lolis without being a lolicon

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Hey man, it's ok, I don't judge. Whenever you're ready though, just remember that we're here for you user. We'll accept you no matter what.

Cute chapter, thanks op.

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Since the thread is dying and I think a lot of the anons who read this also read SisBrocon: there's no chapter this week, since the author is busy preparing the tankoubon. Or so she says in twitter, but there's a fuckton of Granblue posts too so I bet she was mostly playing.
Next chapter should be released on March 26, according to Cycomi's page.

>I think a lot of the anons who read this also read SisBrocon
Why would you assume this? They aren't in any way similar.



Because I always see images of this one posted on those threads.
Anyway, I just wanted to spread the info, let's not derail the thread.

What a cute series. Picked up.

I'm pretty sure there's plenty of overlap. At least if you're into one of them, I'd definitely recommend reading the other.

They offer different aspects of the siscon experience. Danchigai is for the cute family moments fantasy. SisBrocon is for the fantasy of taking that further. I enjoy them both in different ways and the fact that they're both being actively worked on at the same time enhances the experience of both for me.


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Nice way to subtly get that idea inside your closest imouto Haruki

Thanks for the chapter user

This from an untranslated one?

I read both since they both have cute sibling antics with incestual under/overtones

If only, and doujins never ever ; ;

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Yes. ch79

Author is sick and there won't be a chapter for Villain Prince this month. Danchigai is fine though he said, so we can look forward for Wednesday.

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I know this is late but it must be said

Yayoi a shit.

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Where is this page from? A one shot or extra during his Echo-Pun days?
Aneki loves BL and probably enjoys herself reading them on Haruki's bed.

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Oh god, is she gonna turn into another yayoi ?