What are some characters who actively enjoy showing off their naked bodies?

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Your mum lol

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Will he ever recover?

obligatory Shimoneta post

Medaka did until Zenkichi fucked it out of her.

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you mean sluts?

Doppel had to be forced to wear clothes

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>enjoying the naked body as something pure and natural instead of thinking about lewds

Souds like best girls to me desu

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Amagi girls don't enjoy showing off their bodies. See how embarrassed they are?

More about Sento she got caught naked already and didn't even care much Kanie was more embaressed than her

Someone post pirate Sento hip jut.webm

Rude, Nero is pure.

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Exactly, confidence or even being aroused by exhibitionism does not mean the girl in question will actually sleep around.

This, she can't even hold hands without blushing

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gtfo back to you're containment chamber

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Honorable mention to nagatoro.

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