Senpai...Am I dirty....?

Senpai...Am I dirty....?

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No, you're cute and perfect


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Yes, and so are Rin and Saber.

You are literally filled with dick worms

Yeah you smell like donkey.
Take a shower.

Yeah but the problems it causes and the internal conflict you have about it makes you the only interesting girl in the whole series. So it's not all bad.

No, you're pure. The goddess of purity herself confirmed it.

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Why is Sakura so lewd?

Years of sex slave training

Yes but I'm as well.

>original VN

I don't think you know what secondary means user

You should probably actually read it before shitposting.

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I would save Sakura so long as she stops trying to be pretend to be innocent and accepts that she's a mega selfish bitch, be's true to herself, and actually fucking fights Man Jew as he tries to HF me.

>Removes worms in one route
>Doesn't ignore the fact that she is still filled with worms in a million other canon multiverses.
>Doesn't ignore the fact that she was worm'd.

Just because she removed it after the fact doesn't make her pure.

Looking back did he actually do anything wrong?

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>actually fucking fights Man Jew
That's what Dark Sakura was trying to do originally, actually. It becomes strong enough to restrain her on its own after the fight against Rin, though.

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>one route
The canon route.

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Not by the standards of an average Mage family. They're all fucked up in the head

For fuck's sakes, that's not what true end means. All the routes are canon.

Oh your a real dirty girl aren't you? Thinking about senpai's dick, getting off to the idea of it sliding inside you. Wondering just what it'll taste like when you put it in your mouth.

>she has worms, so she's not pure
>she doesn't have worms, so she's

>that's not what true end means

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Not an argument wormface faggot

Once wormed always wormed.

She had the worms. Even if they get removed, she still had them. It's like losing your virginity, you can't just become un-wormed. It happened.

>she had sex, but isn't in this moment, so she's pure
Not how that works

He only wanted to preserve his family heritage. Everyone would've had done the same thing had they were in his place.


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Do you shower daily? Because if you don't, you should.

>being this delusional
People having worms and getting dewormed is an actual thing, you know. Literally nobody holds it against them afterwards, because it's the exact same thing as getting sick and being cured by medicine.

Magic worm rape dungeon experience isn't the same as drinking dirty water. Bitch is used, deal with it.

>trying to compare real life medical issues to magical dickworms from grandpa
I wonder who's the actual delusional person here user

You remember that she was still canonically raped by pretty much all males in her family, right? Worms or no worms

>trying this hard to cling to retconned shit

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>muh all ages secondary version

>muh porno
Pathetic. Literally nobody liked it unironically.

That really depends on your own definition of "dirty". You should sort out your insecurity instead of seeking out some sort of self-serving confirmation from someone else. Take a nice, long shower for your soul.

I masterbated to Rin's ass.

>quickly became one of the best selling VNs in history when it released in 2004
>no one liked it unironically
yeah you might just be retarded

>thinks the porn is what caused that
Seems pretty clear the retarded one is you.

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and yet I've never implied a single time that the porn is what caused it or even that the porn is what I prefer about it. nice bullshit though

No but you're about to be.

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My wife Sakura is beautiful.

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>marrying a toilet

You're thinking of the wrong girl.

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I see what you did there.

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Rin is a canon slut. Would fuck Archer,Gil and Cuu in front of Shirou if given the chance. Sakura is just a rape victim.

See, the thing about Heaven's Feel is that all this shit could've been avoided. Like, just pick Rin man. Then you have an adventure that is ultimately life-affirming, where you square off with your future self.

Heaven's Feel? Pssshhhh. Fuck that shit.

I'm aware that it's actually because of different circumstances, not just a matter of picking the girl. But why the fuck would you want to stick your penis is that, is what I'm saying.

She really is, I'm happy for you user.

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Is that or is the writing really bad?

It's odd that there aren't many parodies of Sakura's phrase "Senpai, if I became a bad girl, would you scold me?". I thought it'd have as many memes as worms, Tohsaka's anus, et al.

This is why Saber is best girl.

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>repeating the same mistake as your dad and future self
Heaven's Feel is literally the entire point of the story and what all the themes of it culminate in.

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It isn't a particular issue if you're paying attention. It just means that Sakura can do it while possessed by the Grail. Characters contradicting each other isn't a plot hole unless you're a retard.

Actually you're kind of right. Heaven's Feel only happens becase Shirou decides to walk Sakura home at the beginning.

yes. now get on your knees and start sucking.

based Zouken just wanted the best for his family, he's a happy grandpa

The thing is, Archer and Kiritsugu aren't making mistakes. There's absolutely nothing wrong about what they're doing. It's just that the job is soul-crushing, but it's 100% necessary.

If Archer wasn't there, millions of people would've died. If Kiritsugu hadn't shot down that plane, a zombie apocalypse might have started. More, if ANYONE except Kiritsugu had reached the Grail in the 4th War, it's quite likely the world would have ended, too.

These dudes saved the world multiple times. Sure, it was shit for them, but going through shit on behalf of other people is what being a hero is all about.

you lost me

take a shower, stinky!

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Yeah, but think of everyone else! Sure nobody wants to be Shirou, but I'm pretty sure that the unwashed masses are like "Oh, thank God someone made the hard decision."

Who cares about the unwashed masses if you have to sacrifice those dear to you for their sake?

Yes but I don't really care.

They're so cute.

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sluts are for fucking not loving.

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Exactly, that's why Shirou doesn't love Rin.

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Was this drawn by Takeuchi?

These two have the cutest interactions.

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I don't think so, looks like Ufotable art to me.

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>the official HF manga refers to Rin as a slut

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Why Makiri's magic power dried out? Inbreeding? If that was the case then he has no one to blame but himself.


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The ironic part is that Fate / Grand Order literally proves that if Kiri never fucking meets Iri he becomes a literal Hero of Justice and achieved his dream.

Discard thots; Keep to Ideals.

But Assassin Emiya is a cursed existence.

>Fate / Grand Order literally proves that
Trust me, you don't want to go down that road.

If I remember correctly he kept most of the teachings to himself. Instead of passing his knowledge along to his family he kept himself alive for 500 years instead.