Parallel Paradise 38 korean

Finally most natural portrayal of how sex, with an emotionally stunted girl in heat, looks like.

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>Just ballantly show what you have between legs.
Truly MC that we always needed.

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Finally touched her. Let's see how she be stoicing now.

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When your body is hot, but your face is still trying to keep straight.

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When your kuudere finally becomes slutty.

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Well what say. After so many chapters one trident finally down. Who will be next?
Also more fun with Tia next time.

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Still kind of kuu, nice!

Also whats the point of badly drawn doujin with plot?


Dude, this is from Young Magazine.

best girl, can't wait for the translation on this

and Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou is hentai too, right user?

fuck off, retard

> the absolute city of Sup Forums

Nice. It's been a while since he dicked a new girl.

Now he'll just need to dick the lolibaba to solve the current plot.

Don't forget on gorgeous body of Hanahana.

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Lumi was my favorite girl in the previous city, but they can't even compare to the semen demons we have now.

And now imagine what comes in next city.

Oh god
>protag dies of exhaustion
and so do I

so prawn girl fucks like a dead fish, seems fitting.

I wonder if the dude will have to start travelling from city to city ever so often because the guardian girls cant all leave, and they wont just stay without taking the D once they have tasted it.

could swear it was already dumped

I haven't been following this in months, did anything happen of is it still business as usual?

>her armpits don't start gushing out too
I can't tell you how dissapointed I am.

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Same for me. I recall having seen a PP thread a few days ago. And I waited for the Japanese raws to come out to read it in the archive ('cause it disappeared, or so I thought). Then I came to Sup Forums and found myself shocked when the thread I saw on the archive was this one.
Did our memory play tricks on us?

Look properly here

But they did, just before Youta fucked her.

That's pretty weak. I was expecting a flood to match her crotch pit.

OP here, I roughly searched for PP thread of this chapter, before made this one and found nothing. It there was some, then was done without proper references to find.
Last thread what I found was about English translation from our guys, 6 days ago.

found it

hahaha what the actual fuck?

>using manga title as Nickname.
No wonder that it was nearly impossible to find.

Well, at very least, if this thread will live long enough, then we will see something interesting, as just few hour remains until release of 3rd tankoubon.
For now at least enjoy Roomi voiced by Yukarin:

I knew it existed.

So that's why.

I swear to god she's milf material

According to Okamoto she is "bakunyu". To comparison Roomi is just "kyonyuu". Interesting that they are only ones where he directly mentions their breast sizes in their character description.

Holy shit this girl

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Tankoubon is out!

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OK, a special chapter that is answering what is happening with rest of quintet in meanwhile of Youta's traveling with Roomi.

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In Monmusu characters dont fugg

Same shit

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Ok, let's just say that what is happening next is cruel beyond belief. And puts current chapters into a little grim light.

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>That look.
Oh please don't.

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Please dont

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>they all gonna get kalled
ah hell no.

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so they are going to stop functioning without the D?

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>When the abstinence of sex is so great your body has violent reactions to the thought of getting the D

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Essentially they are lock in state where they constantly have urge to masturbate, but no matter how they are trying, they can't come without Youta.
You can expect them be semi-crazy once Youta returns.

Thank you for the extra.
Does the volume have more stuff or is it all?

They are gonna suck every last drop of cum his nuts are gonna look like two raisins.

>>they all gonna get kalled
wouldn't they die?

It still amazes me this got serialized. It bodes well for the future.

Little more expanded Lilia's run cry at chapter 21, then several chapters got 1 page expansion with some futher focus to portray things. Infamous chapter 24 got an alternate finale that shows much more fluids. Respectively how much they made room/bed dirty.
Content of special pages are primary full colored version of various pages from older chapters and special chapter posted above. Nothing more nothing less.

If the entire series just ended with these 2 pages, it would be a massterpiece.

So how are they gonna die?

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So user what do you think is gonna be the despair twist for this manga? (You know who the author is after all)

Given by nature of story following two twist are basically guaranteed to happen at some point:

1) Nishina (Youta's love interest from original world) appear in Parrallel and make Youta emotionally confused.

2) Second man, beside Youta, appears and makes girls torn apart on whether stay faithful to Youta, or give free to their urges. Add more drama of potential rape, if guy will be evil.

I'm just gonna TL some lines.

>I can't… I can't take it any longer…
>I just keep going into heat from simply thinking of Youta…

>My head's been…
>full of thoughts about mating with Youta…

>Youta… Youta…
>I want you inside me…!!

>I'd have been better off not knowing about mating…!!
>I want to keep my hatred towards men if it means they disappear…!!

>I want to see you!! I miss you!!

>Youta…!! I love you!!

>I thought somebody called me…
>Really? How curious.
>I don't know why but I suddenly felt overcome with guilt…

>whether stay faithful to Youta, or give free to their urges.
user they don't have enough will power for this

I think we already saw it.
The more girls he "frees" from moon breaking, the more girls he can't properly satisfy since he can't be everywhere at the same time.
As more time passes, these girls won't be able to get anything done without fucking him. And even if they were all reunited at the same place so Youta could fuck them from time to time, Youta would die of exhaustion after fucking non stop dozens of girls daily.

Things will start falling apart on their own if he keeps fucking new girls.

Melt into their own vaginal fluids

That's time to start experimenting. Is some of his hair enough to limit the effects of not having him around?

And that's that evil twist.

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So we still don't know about the 2 replacements Misaki ordered for the team.


Maybe they're too busy masturbating to make a selection

>I felt a great disturbance in the Force

Holly fuck what am i looking at?

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A manga about aurora borealis.

Well she said she put a request in from the castle, so I assume her work is done and the castle has to send them.

was finally reading this due to seeing that last thread on the catalog. was having a hard time figuring out who she was reminding me until reading the thread again.
she does look like hayasaka

Selection will not be done by them as Misaki stated that she ORDERED replacement from castle. Also you can notice, that chapter completely ommited status od Momo.

This sequence is perfect.

Shit that's pretty fucking grim.

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Is very likely, that this manga will not have edgy twists like Elfen Lied or Gokukoku, but instead will play on drama by showing how much screwed girls' situation is. Just remember Kimi wa Midara.

>will not have edgy twists like Elfen Lied or Gokukoku