Go-Toubun no Hanayome 30

Gook scans out:


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Go to Baidu for the chapter.


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anime when

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Make it sixsome, Negi.

wat? Miku accepted harem?

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WOAH FUUTAROU, you making her drop her panties wew.

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>2 days out
>still no troll reviews

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Wrong Silhouette, Negi.

Miku wants the harem end ?

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Delicious Nino thighs

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where is chubby-chan?

Well, if you can't fight the NTR may as well embrace it

Why would there be troll reviews? Only reddit and the other assorted western garbage hate the girls.

All 4/5 of them are wearing the same jacket.

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Pretending to be the sick one.

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Why right here!

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>I could tell...Ichika isn't this fat

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Fuutarou the madlad

Holy shit!

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He probably realized when she called out "Uesugi-kun"

What did Negi mean by this?

End of the chapter.

Also, some other user was posting these a little before me and missed the first page so

Is page 2

Is page 3

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>What did Negi mean by this?

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Yotsuba is killing Fuutarou! She locked the door of the shed where he got drenched from the sprinkler and she forced him to ski in the cold weather.

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Yeah no way Obelix isn't winning the bowl

Who's the girl with black hair?

Shame Negi didn't post this Nino bigger. v1's cover was very big and even v2's was a bit.

Mama Nakano? On a sidenote, that's cool paneling.

Japanese cold strikes again ?

>sexual predator is still on the prowl

So far we'd only seen Mitsuba and Mika, glad to see Itsuka finally making her debut


This fucking madman

>Miku being this thirsty.

She's going to win the bowl eventually, isn't she? Miku has no chance.

How was that no obvious?
1st girl usually wins, especially since the others showed up at the same time.

Fucking hell, she's getting the "main girl" scenes again.
At this point I'm hoping for the harem end. 1 & 3 are already in for it.

Nino is such a pice of shit

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I know she's the favorite, I just like to cheer for the underdog.

>1st girl usually wins
Why hello there

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I don't think one example disproves usually.

It's so sad.

She was the first girl though

Cherrypicking the 1-2% manga that did this doesn't help your argument. I said usually.

I know, I just like posting Tsukasa since it usually triggers 80% of people who read the manga

>Next chapter would be treating his cold by them


Did the Author retire?`
I remember her last clusterfuck manga/anime was years ago.

A refreshing piece of shit.


> Looks for Itsuki
> Goes immediately to food court first

She thinks there is something going on between them.

Nishino is the best ichigo

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Truly the softest chest.

Oh user. She made Ichigo 100% East Side Story last year.

You have to go back.

4 chapters and nothing but oneshots since Anedoki. Well shit, i liked her characters.

I liked that story, too bad it got canned.

Twolips truly is 3DPD.

Exactly. Finally, Itsuki is getting the treatment she deserves, instead of that autist and the two sluts.

Cute Miku get!

Based mods putting Sup Forumskids in their place

>Ichika (一花) -> One Flower
>Nino (ニ乃) -> Two's
>Miku (三功) -> Three Achievements
>Yotsuba (四葉) -> Four Leaves
>Itsuki (五月) -> Five Months
What did Negi mean by this?

What did he post?

>Pulls out a map of restaurants in the area

>Yotsuba (四葉) -> Four Leaves
I wonder if she's lurking right now

Fuutaro lowkey got game. Just brush up on his social interaction especially being blunt as fuck calling them stupid(even if its true).

Cute Miku worried about Fuutarou

This is a great scene . Wonder when he became sure though ..

i want to rape Miku as right of conquest

Amazon.jp is full of troll reviews, much more than the Amazon here in the west.


What the fuck, i love Itsuki now

>Fuutarou gets KO'd before the bonfire dance
T-thanks Yotsuba

4D chess strikes again.

All part of the plan.

Sasuga Yotsuba-sama!


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