Can we all admit that Violet Evergarden is amazing now?

This show keeps getting better with every episode & the direction in episode 10 was just incredible. I cried on 3 separate occasions fist when Ann said "I'm going to be all alone when you're gone" then during the timeskip & finally when violet let out the tears she had been holding back.(i thought i was ok at this point but no)

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I'm also calling out you fags that said KyoAni wouldn't top episode 5. Episode 5 was very good mind you but 10 is just on another level.

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Episode 10 was great, but episodes 6-9 were mediocre. Violet Evergarden suffers from a lack of consistency in episode quality.

I liked it from episode 3.

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That's just creepy.

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The new queen of Sup Forums has arrived.

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hit or miss melodrama

I disagree i thought 6 was very nice. 7 & 9 are are also good. 8 was the only one i found to be pretty mediocre.

I want to see Violet and Gilberto children!

When will OST be released?

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I want to see violet buried next to her husbando by Dietfried!

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Inconsistent episode quality, so no

I liked it from ep 5 see. 1-4 were comfy but didn't leave a lasting impact on me(i liked them nonetheless) like 5,9 or especially 10 did.

>it's amazing because I cried

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I what possible way could you interpret that as creepy? Knowing that your mother cares so much about you that she prepares a message for your birthday every year for 50 years as she's gone? No mate that's love.

No, shit white filter is still around and the drama is average if not cheap.

It's not a melodrama, it's jut slow paced. Episode 5 was really good & after ep10 this is definitely a hit. It's definitely a show worth watching in the long run. Watch it and form you're own opinion.

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On a tangentially related note, this was the first ep in which the time lapse gimmick actually didn't feel gimmicky and out of place.

All of the episodes are at the very lest satisfactory so i disagree.(with most of the later episodes being a lot better) Have you seen ep10 yet?

It was well directed.

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No, it amazing because of how well executed it is. Showing the mothers tears and then cutting to the maid was what got me the first time. Ishidate knows what he's doing at least when it come to this.

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7,8,9 was meh.

VEG has 2 very good episodes, 5 and 10, the rest were bad. Overall so far for me VEG oscillates between a "I don't regret watching this" and "I might rewatch this".

Episode 10 did in 23 minutes what Clannad took 30 episodes to do and what Koe no Katachi never did in 2 hours.
All hail Ishidate and Ogawa, I hope they team up again for future sorrowful episodes in other shows.

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user how much have you seen? If you haven't seen ep10 yet then go watch it, it's genuinely really good.

The episode itself was fine apart from the last scene with Violet which should have been changed or cut. But I wouldn't even call it the best directed or exectued episode of the show.

Fujita and Yamada just got shat on.

It's just cry porn. There's no substance, it just exists to make you cry.

I watched all of them so far and whenever asenshi put them out weekly.Dont get me wrong I'm enjoying it but its like I said.

No way man 9 was really good & so was 7 despite being slightly rushed. Episode 8 was kinda meh though..

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>cut the development of the main character please

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I tend to watch almost anything by KyoAni. I even watched Phantom World, but I never understood the hype for this show. I went and watched episode 1. Then episode 2. And then episode 3 and I felt pretty disappointed, the show felt uninspired, boring, nothing was making sense and that gray filter put me off and finally I dropped it before finishing the third episode. I constantly see threads about praising the show and I genuinely think, even if the show became bearable later on, you guys are exaggerating. That, or KyoAni really shit the bed and the first episodes were really bad and you're right and now the show is actually good, but then it's way too late, lots of people dropped it because the beginning was bad, like really bad.
And don't come with
>muh pleb filter
If you have to endure eating shit in order to get a couple bites of caviar, then there's something wrong with you

Go watch episode 10 now, then come back and tell us what you think.

>mama dying, daughter sad, pls cry

The same could have been made a lot more natrual, by not making it so forced and melodramatic.

It gets a lot more interesting when she starts doing house visits. I liked the early one where she writes the letter for that girl and she goes and views the town from the top of the tower, though

Oops, looks like browsers can't handle EAC3.

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>Can we all admit that Violet Evergarden is amazing now?
Wait let me check my last opinion.
>Overanimated average story.
Okay, did anything changed in episode 10? Well it is still overanimated and it is still average story.

Sorry I think I can't "admit" it even now.

I liked how they kept the camera on Ann. In order to get attached to a character we have to spend time with them. Letting us see what she sees, and letting us hear what we hear. The episode literally starts with her talking to her doll. The end was the pay off. The Violet final scene was for people who were watching violet develop; she was finally able to empathize with characters.

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it's "forced animation" get your buzzwords right

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What the hell is "overanimated" ?
Is it somewhere in the vicinity of the "forced animation" meme?

There is it, the buzzword combo. Nice job schizzo.

If it really was amazing you losers wouldn't be making blatant shill threads every day.

I actually agree, I think the scene way exceedingly overdone. It shouldn't have been cut, but It did warrant a more subtle touch. Then again, that can be said about a lot of scenes in VEG. It is what it is at this point.

What can you expect when animators get overpayed

>stop praising stuff I don't like

I just mean it felt over the top with her breaking down infront of them while saying how and why it is so sad. And then the brown girl saying
>but she will get the letters you wrote
It could have been done with a lot more subtlety.
What do you mean?

Are you retarded?

It is funny how this deep and symbolic anime attracts lots of shitposters. Why is that I wonder.

Breaking down after you've been holding stuff in for a while is perfectly normal.

You're doing something important at work, you receive news that a close friend or a relative just died, you can't start crying in the middle of your job. You hold it for the entire day, you finish your shift and get in your car, you break down.

You've been having a terrible time lately but nobody around seemed to care so you kept going. Then a friend or family member sits down with you and offers a shoulder and you break as you tell them what's going on.

It's one of the most human things out there but Sup Forums is one of the worst places to talk about people.
There's nothing subtle about crying either.

I have no problem with her crying. The problem is with how the scene is portrayed with her standing infront of them while saying how the situation is sad. She could have broken down anywere else, and said nothing, and the same message would have been conveyed, and in my opinion would have had more of an impact.
Crying definitely can be handled subtley, it is just that anime rarley try.

Her coworkers didn't know anything about Ann and her mother, they thought it was a happy story.
Clearly it wasn't and so when Violet started telling them the truth all of that pain she kept locked just spilled.


>calling it "deep" and "symbolic"
Yeah I wonder why?

It had literally one good episode that wasn't even related to the main story.

What is even the main story here?

It's not even slow paced, it just ignores the main story for tangential shit. And it definitely is a melodrama in the sense that it feels overblown and sensational.

Nah, man. That was one of the moments that came out as trying too hard for the drama. Everything else was great, but that moment seriously took me out of it for a moment.

With last one it makes 2 good + 2 decent episodes out of 10. That's far from being amazing show.

Not really. As others have said, episode quality is really inconsistent. Easily on the worst side of Kyoani shows.

True episode 10 was exceptional. KyoAni were playing with my emotions like an instrument.

No, you're just shallow. I'll admit that the first few episodes of veg weren't exactly inspiring but the series has come a long way. Give credit where its due this was a fantastic episode.

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I don't watch this throw, and I haven't been in this thread at all, so I have no idea if you're right. I'm just autistic about the word melodrama and want to note that to fit the definition, the characterization has to suffer for the sake of drama. Think of a shitty CW drama like Supernatural or Arrow where characters will do things that are obviously out of character for the sake of creating conflict.

Hey my show was also mediocre until ep5!

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Are you retarded?

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I am still confused. This anime didn't answer this important question yet violet seems to have learned something. Yet i still don’t get what is love? I feel autistic just like old violet but she graduated and i am still autistic. Maybe i should also become daihitsusha like violent.

aawwww the animation is too high quality, poor me..

I'm the OP and this is in no way shape or form a shill thread. I'm serious about everything i said. I also urge anyone who hasn't seen the episode to go watch it for themselves and form there own opinion. It only looks like i'm shilling it to you because for some reason you assume the show is bad.

not him, you're the retard

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It's an autist complaining about the animation being too good again. Ignore him he has an irrational hate for kyoani and tries to derail all veg threads.

The episode made me depressed but at the same time it also made me happy. That timelapse at the end was absolutely beautiful.

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Episode 1-4 2/10 top
Episode 5 6/10 top
Episode 6 5/10 top
Episode 7 8/10 top
Episode 8-9 7/10 top
Episode 10 6/10 top
I admit VEG will go downhill from now on, wow.

Is the show that's shallow. From the LN descriptions I thougth it was going to be about Violet actually learning and experiencing the whole espectrum of human emotions but it's been all drama for the whole run of the show. I remember someone saying that the thing about "I want to learn what love is" wasn't made clear in the LN, and the director just decided to make it the focus from the start, and it seriously limited the kind of stories they can tell.

It's mostly just 1 shitposter who keeps on complaining about the animation being too good, he also can't tell the difference been faces.(a symptom of severe autism) r &i when you see it.

Are you retarded?

Love is wanting to get your brother out of alcoholism.
Love is being the surrogate mother of a troubled princess.
Love is always feeling lonely without a specific person around.
Love is writing a play based on your dead daughter.
Love is sacrificing your life for a young woman you raised.
Love is dedicating your very being to another person.

Violet is going to find out what she feels for the major soon. Don't get left behind user-kun.

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More like this
Ep1 = 7
Ep2 = 8
Ep3 = 7
Ep4 = 6
Ep5 = 9
Ep6 = 8
Ep7 = 7
Ep8 = 6
Ep9 = 8
Ep10 = 10

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can't wait to see some autist post crying video on youtube

No, but like i said YOU are.

But there's plenty of those already.

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>Ep2 = 8
>Ep7 = 7
>Ep8 = 6
You havin' a giggle there?

the earlier, weaker episodes have actually been great for ger development

Are you retarded?

More like this
Ep1 = 1/10
Ep2 = 2/10
Ep3 = 3/10
Ep4 = 4/10
Ep5 = 5/10
Ep6 = 6/10
Ep7 = 7/10
Ep8 = 8/10
Ep9 = 9/10
Ep10 = 10/10

>It's just cry porn. There's no substance, it just exists to make you cry.

Best description of Violet Evergarden I've seen to date.
Evergarden is what you get when KyoAni wants to plagiarise the World Masterpiece Theater shows without having read instruction manual. All you get is a tear-jerker without substance. It ain't worth a dime.

Are you stuttering?

>t. idiot

>Ep2 = 8
The early episodes were not bad they just had nothing particularly interesting going on story wise. However in ep2 we got to violet restrain a guy and also his beautiful shot of her gears that i masturbated to.

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old and busted.

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We got more action than usual this episode which was good though i didn't generally like it overall.

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Ah, you're that guy that's rating the episodes based on mecha porn.

The truth always hurts my dear Evergardenshit-fag.
Don't worry, you'll forget this piece of shit show in a couple of weeks.

Can't say I blame him when it comes to those arms.

>Ep7 = 7
It was an emotional episode decent backstory, i didn't enjoy it quite as much as 6 but still. The episode also wasn't directed nearly as well as 10 hence why i rate it much lower.

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True this, they did a good job of setting up her character.

What's your favorite anime?

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It was amazing since episode 1. One of the contenders of the season

Nice projection.
VEG has almost too much substance. It's gotten to the point where I'm wishing for a silly and fun episode, just to give me a breather from the constant wave of characterization.

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