Is it redeemable yet?

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I like it a lot.

Same. Gotta say, the plot got a lot better than expected

It's getting there. I hate Mei slightly less with the latest ep.

Likable cast of characters
Simple plot that's easy to follow
Drama seem serious and threatening as fuck but are quickly resolved and (so far) always ends happily with all characters becoming friends

Don't know what needs to be redeemed, honestly. It's a good show.


I just want yuzu to be happy

And AssOTY

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it's anime soap opera, but I love how over dramatic it gets

just watching to find out why everybody in the show wants to dick mei including chicks. is it because she has no free will and makes a perfect slave?

God this last episode actually hurt to watch.


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Mei is such a fucking whore. She will literally throw herself at anyone that gives her the slightest bit of atention. Except for Yuzu, that she will only go for sometimes, and then reject her other tiems.
Not that Yuzu is much better.
Harumin is the only good person in the anime, the rest are cunts.

Yuzu should just fuck Harumin and be done with it

The fact that even the author is shipping Harumin and Matsuri is garbage. Matsuri is fucking garbage

Yuzu is pure kindness. At least, her mistakes are not from malicious intents, the contrary, but it backdrafts.

>so many girls after Mei's pussy

Why can't they just either take their turns or just all at once?


I want them both to be together and happy.

No, forget Mei. She's the wrong one for Yuzu

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Matsuri is cute and she was right about Mei

Who the fuck is Neutral?

Daily reminder that this time, in the anime, the trip arc was SAVED by smug Yuzu

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A 3rd year introduced in the manga. She's basically an observer.

How is she lawful good. She asked Mei to kiss her right after finding out that Yuzu was in love with her.

No, i will not forget Mei. Sure, she is acting like a total douchebag at times, but she herself has been treated like shit and grown up with shit ideals in a shit environment. She genuinely loves Yuzu and whilst her actions in the manga currently are 10/10 douchebag moves, then they aren't irredeemable. She still has a chance to prove that she is worthy of Yuzu, and i hope she does, cause Yuzu loves Mei, and nobody else has the right to decide who Yuzu loves except herself.

a JoJo reference

Yuzu has one obvious choice. Pity that she will never realize that.

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So? She is dating Mei, Yuzu is not. Should she just dump her because she doesn't want to hurt the "friend" she has known for a day?

It started out pretty bad and has only gotten worse and worse
Whoever wrote this should be shot for shamelessly using a "NTR villain of the week" arc structure in a fucking "romance" where the MCs aren't allowed to make any progress just for the sake of dragging it out as long as possible
It's like if the pokémon anime had the team rocket replaced with a squad of psycho NTR lolis and pikachu was the most unlikable autistic backstabber ever created

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What part of evil in her did you see? Sara won, deal with it.

She planned on breaking things off so Yuzu and Mei could be together because she knew how much Yuzu loves Mei. She asked for a kiss just to see if Mei actually loves Yuzu too.

dw user, improvement really soon

Best girl.

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>Dat smug look, knowing she best gir;


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It is Yuzu's first time, after all...

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>yfw, getting eaten out

Is Haru confirmed lesbo as well?

Is Nina a best girl?

No, she has never talked about her love life or dating anyone. A lot of people assumed Harumi is not into girls since she told Yuzu a lot of girls at the academy just like to fool around with other girls before settling down with a guy.
But there's been hints that Harumi x Matsuri might be endgame. At least we know that Matsuri is into Harumi.

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Y'know... Nina should take Yuzu

Nina's ninas

Mei what have you done to poor Yuzu

I came up with the best pairings yesterday, mei/sara, yuzu/nina, and harumin/momo

>Matsuri is into Harumi
What? Since when...

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Drill hair deserves no one.

Legit I wouldn't mind, at this point and after so much drama and fights I'm wondering why such radically different girls are being forced together when they clearly don't go well.

Then haru can have the other vp

Kumagorou. Between furries.

If Mei doesn't conquer back Yuzu. I want this pair! Nothing can top that.

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Am i the only one that ships Anthoniko with the yellow bear that Yuzu won for Mei?

We all want this pair. Ideal

New Cover features Harumin putting the ring on Yuzu

Mei ships them too, they share the same bed during the trip. Those are Yuzu's gift. In Mei's childish head, she sees them are their children, probably. The yellow one reminds her of Yuzu, and Anthoniko is her own self, that Yuzu's symbolically patched in volume 1 bonus.

BIG GIRL NINA/poor lil momo getting dommed

GO away Nene

Why Yuzu would be crying... more Mei in wedding dress turning her back. Haru will be on the volume 11 cover with Yuzu.

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>she wanted to fuck mei next to her best friend
That's kinky as fuck.

>and Anthoniko is her own self, that Yuzu's symbolically patched in volume 1 bonus.
And for some unknown reason they fucked up this in the anime by making Shou giving the bear to Mei

She'd love it, momo was born to be bossed around

Crying because she found happiness with Haru

No question about it

Yuzu is perverted as hell, she literally has a yuri porn stash hidden away in the same room she shares with her fucking sister.

Don’t forget her yuri games she plays when Mei is asleep.

Why do i have this burning need to protect Yuzu and her perverted little fantasy? Is this how SJW's feel? Am i becoming a SJW?

No, you're a normal heterosexual man.

You mean BASED?

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Mei is such a slut.

Was Yuzu fingering Mei?

Yuzu is such a slut*

Yuzu is a such a fucking pervert holy shit she is a legit womanizer.

>implying you wouldn't be a slut for Yuzu and her secret dyke techniques if you were Mei.

Fuck that.

Yuzu doesn't deserve Mei. HA! I SAID IT!

I still think Mei is such a cunt. All she cares about is self-validation while completely ignoring Yuzu's feelings and giving her the space and time she needs. Space and time she should be taking herself to sort out the mess in her head rather than act like a passive-aggressive cunt.

Let's investigate further.

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>Since when...

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I guess no, there isn't pussy juice on her fingers

>Mei panting heavily
>One of Yuzu's shoulder is lower than the other and moving rhytmically
>Mei gets really mad
>Yuzu looks at her fingers afterwards
>probably sniffed/licked the shit out of her fingers after all that like she did with Mei's bed
Yeah there was definitely some finger action

If all was right in the world, this is how it would be.

The theme throughout the series has been Yuzu showing and teaching Mei new things. In the final chapter it will be revealed that Yuzu has no idea how to please a girl and Mei will have to teach Yuzu hands-on how to finger her vagina.

Fixed it:
Mei/ Sara
Haru/ Matsu
Nina/ Momo
Yuzu/ Kumagoro

>Likable cast of characters
Yuzu, Haramin, Yuzu's mom, and Sara are the only likeable characters in the anime so far.

mei is a bitchu

nah, when she lifted herself up it's clear her arms are both at Mei's side. I want to believe though.

Yuzu was' reading one of her yuri manga, a hot one where the two sisters had sex since they became one in a kid parc, on a rocking horse. And she was rocking this shit like crazy. Believe me, Yuzu knows how to please a girl. She is just shy but whe passion takes her, she is an unstoppable horny hurricane. Mei witnessed that during the summer trip.

No, listen.

Yuzu/Harumin with occasional 3Ps with Matsuri
Sara/a random new girl who treats her right
and everyone else is single and miserable.

Does Mei clearly open more her cleavage to give a view to Yuzu?

did it differ in the manga? anime only fag here.

When this marriage drama will be over, Yuzu will nuzzle these puppies every night starting chapter 40.

It's only this one page in the manga, then Nina shows up and asks Yuzu to support Sara's love.

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And it will be glorious! GLORIOUS I TELL YOU!

what does she want from harumi's sister?

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Yeah because she wants yuzu to love her and not just lust after her. They both are having a rough time reading each other's signs

I wish I could nuzzle those titties.

>She wants Yuzu to love her and not just lust after her
Wasn't it the other way around?

Nope. Yuzu was thinking of the we're both grills AND sisters thing, so she got scared and dropped the ball.

is this anime further responsible for lowering Japan's birthrate

Why would it be? These girls weren't even on the market to begin with.

the v

Don't worry, Abe will stop the gay

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