Touken Ranbu Hanamaru S2

New episode today.
I'm not looking forward the inevitable bad drama.

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They're going to steal ideas from the stage plays again.

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Rare serious Micchan.

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can anyone help an user out here with a stream link i need to know what happens tonight

Someone's getting broken today.

I just watched One-eyed Dragon the other day. This is going to be redundant.

Check last week's thread. Someone posted a link.

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What's happening here.

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Found it! Thanks user

First part will be cute and comfy with Shinanon.
He can jump into my 懐 anytime.

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>this is your little brother tonight

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They would never dare to do that. I still remember what happened on twitter with Tonbo last summer.

Shinanon is another sexual predator himself, beware of his thirst.

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The way I like them.

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Anyone using the bilibili stream? It's not loading for me.

I can handle him.

Black screen for me too.

I can't read chinese but from the few comments, I can tell it's the same for them too.
Well fuck.
Is the dsgstng one working? It's not loading for me either.

Neither stream sites seem to be functional. If anyone has a working link, please share it. Otherwise we'll have to wait for raws.

I have the one called mov3. Look it up, the channel is TokyoMX.

Nevermind, chinese streamer came back to life at the last moment!

>Kikkou being lewd even before the show starts
Oh great, I prefer their stream.

Eh, all these Tantou are so lewd. They all want to get in the Saniwa's 懐.

Even Kiyomitsu wants it. Goddammit, Hanamaru.

Iwatooshi fags rejoyce

Shinanon said Manba smelled good, even with his dirty hood on.

Yasusada ;_;

was yasusada carrying around a fucking gun?

Wasn't it a sword? Couldn't see well.

>chocolate captain

Death flag, I'm telling you.

>Ending finished with Yasusada's sword crest.

What a weird cliffhanger. Not what I expected at all.
How are they going to fit Yasusada in this?
I don't know much about japanese history.


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And there's the cliffhanger. I guess Yasusada will show up to save the bunch, but since Hasebe alarmed the others, maybe they'll also send a second unit with Kashuu for maximum drama?

>maybe they'll also send a second unit with Kashuu for maximum drama?
That's what I expect too.

>that cliffhanger
>implying they even have the balls to kill off a sword

>Wrong neighborhood, motherfucker.

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I had a really bad and busy week.
Thank you for this, Hanamaru staff.

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Raws are out.

Happy relaxed swords

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Not for long.

>you will never have evening teatime with either of them
Just end me already desu.

This old man will always be, at least.

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I don't like what Yasusada is wearing.

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I gave a ring to Jiji last night. Satisfied with the results.

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the QUALITY gang

They are having trouble against Tantou enemies?

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What a fucking mess. They didn't do anything with him for the whole seasons and didn't even hint at anything from the letters. So now they're just going to throw him in his new outfit and make Kashuu act like it means nothing at all? I doubt they're even going to bother giving decent character exposure.

Pretty mad desu.

What exactly is their relationship? Friends? Brothers?

Like hell I'm suggesting lovers. Miss me with that gay shit.

This week's login bonus is three big koban boxes.

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Kinda like brothers.

I'm starting to think they hate Yasusada.
In S1 they rewrote his personality and now this.

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Fucking sluts I swear

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Even Gotou wants it.

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Manba isn't pleased.

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Doujins write themselves.

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So who's the older brother?

Not in S1, no way. Sugiura really liked the Shinsengumi and the direction they chose. Them leaving out his crazy part was just something they did to give him a more easygoing "Hanamaru" feeling, like how they got rid of his rivalry with Kashuu and replaced it with a more brotherly relationship.
I think this is Toho's fault. It's like the new staff purposely but no effort into Yasusada and they just found an easy way to write him out of the anime. And when they reach the point where they inevitably have to bring him back they're just going to half-ass everything. Staff change was a mistake, but I already knew before the show starter anyway.

>HS late again
Every fucking week.

>The fucking flower

>Not wearing his traveling clothes anymore
>He's wearing his clothes western style
>Unclear if it's a gun or a sword on his back

What the hell is he doing?

If Touken Ranbu had a Musou game, which characters would they have in the game?

Usually in game musou the first of the franchise does not usually have many playable characters, it would probably be some 16 playable characters

I think the list would look something like this:

Mikazuki Munechika
Yagen Toushirou
Shokudaikiri Mitsutada
Kashuu Kiyomitsu
Yamatonokami Yasusada
Kasen Kanesada
Izuminokami Kanesada
Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki
Yamanbagiri Kunihiro
Horikawa Kunihiro
Hachisuka Kotetsu
Heshikiri Hasebe
Tsurumaru Kuninaga
Nikkari Aoe

I like it but you should add a Yari.

It looks like it's a black haori or something over his kiwame's white kimono. Maybe it's meant to be some sort of mourning grown.
The thing on his back is definitely a sword though.

Juzumaru is so incredibly relaxing and soothing, Hanamaru made me grow very fond of him.

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But Yasusada shouldn't be back until April. Unless they're going to throw him in battle and them have him leave again.

>tfw can't watch for another few hours
What am I rejoicing about?

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Iwatooshi's tits.

All of them albeit the playable ones should only be up to the wakizashis and the tantos should be some sort of support unit.

You know, with all the crazy outlandish shit the nips have been doing lately, a swordboy musou game wouldn't be out of the question.

Oh, one of my most favorite things. Good to hear.

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Digitarou already said he wanted to make something like that. I don't think DMM would ever authorize it though.

Why not?

This image instantly cured my back pain.

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>no yari
>no naginanta
Varied playstyles are important in musou. Kashuu and Yamatonokami would be clones with different specials. Genijis would likely be clones too.

Just seems unlikely, I don't think they would want another commercial game to compete with theirs.

That image rejuvenated me

Comfy evening swords.

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>I don't think they would want another commercial game to compete with theirs
This is the most retarded shit I've ever heard. Why the fuck wouldn't they want a thing that prints money? Mainline musou games sell like hotcakes despite mostly being rehashed assets with prettier visuals and every side installment has seen good sales.

Last thread we talked about the Fushimi inari, what are other good sword boy places to visit?

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This is one of the prettiest shots this season.

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Someone should tell them.

The Shinsengumi HQ is a good place to start.

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The sea

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Stop that. ;_;

The guy who did historical research for Katsugeki had a blog where he would post things about the show frequently, and he once said his favorite character was Yasusada and that he wanted to see him in the Katsugeki movie.
I want to believe.

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I wonder how he'd look in ufo's style.

I think I saw that tweet this morning.
IIRC they also said that the way Yasusada wears his Shinsengumi haori is historically correct and it's something rare in anime/2D media. He praised his original artist for that and also for the fact that she created Yasusada the way he is (cute and fluffy).


Ufo didn't even make Ryoma accurately bald. Everyone has wonderful hair in anime.

I hope Hanamaru gets another season.

Why would he be bald?

I feel happy whenever somebody praises Kumita, I hope she read that. I wonder if she went to thank-you party they did, wish she would post about it and upload pics of her sword's macaroons like the other artists did. ;_;

Only if they get a higher budget and a better staff.

If it does I hope they change the staff again. Lightworks and director with zero experience weren't a very good choice.

It's a joke because they made Okita bald in Katsugeki.

Why was there so much more QUALITY in S2 than S1 anyways?

New staff, new director, skewed priorities.

Even though it has more QUALITY, I think S2 is more fun than S1.

Agreed, the good episodes were better than s1's good episodes.