Japanese bulling

>Chiho has trauma for life
>Responsable isn't even punished

This is way too realistic

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What type of bullying can possibly put someone in such a state?

Being honests here, here bully was quite softcore, the series just made a big deal about it.

Any kind can. Some people are just more fragile than the others, especially during early childhood.

Everyone has their own threshold of what they can handle, and anyway even the "mildest" bullying can be hell if you have to go through it every day for months. I hope they don't forget about this bullying arc. That would IMO be the one fault to 3-gatsu if they did. Both kids need help. The bully is a shitty person but they can't just throw her aside and let her stay a shitty person. Even though it happens all the time in the real world...

>Both kids need help. The bully is a shitty person but they can't just throw her aside and let her stay a shitty person. Even though it happens all the time in the real world...
never gonna happen sorry user the manga already move on

Both the bully and the victim are undergoing psychological treatment. Literally what else do you want them to do?

What show is this? I love that art style.

3gatsu no lion. Secretly AOTS for both S1 and S2.

Oh ok, that's why it looked like honey and clover.

I haven't watched any of it so I can marathon it when its done.

The bully doesn't give a fuck about the treatment though. I think all she needs is a good dicking. The giant dude would make a perfect fit.

They're probably going to announce S3 so you might as well just start now. Manga's still going too with no signs of stopping.

>Secretly AOTS for both S1 and S2.
Seriously fantastic, both the manga and the anime. I wish it was more popular on Sup Forums but in a sense that's a blessing too.

The baseball guy? Definitely. He's single since Rei is marrying Hina. He can rehab the bully.

God dammit its been so hard to wait. Honey and Clover is my all time favorite series, I've rewatched it at least 10 times.

>Just spoiled myself on an enormous fucking plotpoint.


1. Not a spoiler since it hasn't happened yet.
2. The page with his proposal has floated around since the dawn of the dinosaurs.
3. I don't care.

what did you expect? Rei marrying momo?

The threads are comfy, so it is better this way. Tbh.

Now this would be interesting.

Momo loves Nikaidou more.

>I think all she needs is a good dicking
Fuck off.

is this from the inferior version of Ryuuou no Oshigoto?

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>not torturing and using guerilla warfare against the bullies

a shit.

If she ended up with such mild bullying, she wasn't fit to live in that society in the first place. It is actually good that she realized that during such young age and not later in her life. She will be a good country girl.

"Hina, I remember a chubby guy that brought cat-shogi book. Where is he now?"

t. bully

>They're probably going to announce S3

Sorry momo, he is dead now. He collapsed during his title match with Rei-chan.

>implying cunts don't calm the fuck down when they have a cock to serve.

>wasn't a shogi episode

>Bullying arc isn't even over yet.
>Best girl is practically absent in this season,
>Kiriyama's disposition turned from a depressed loner whose only refuge is shogi to a happy go lucky normie.
>No dysfunctional family drama.
>Ever increasing focus on shogi that alienates everyone unfamiliar with the game.

Man, this is the most disappointing way I've fallen out of love with an anime.

Come on now user you've had a year to learn shogi

>watches a show about a professional shogi player
>baww there is too much shogi in it
I share this board with these people. Am I crazy?

>>Bullying arc isn't even over yet.
Actually, it pretty much is.
>>Best girl is practically absent in this season,
The stepsister? She was never a major character.
>>Kiriyama's disposition turned from a depressed loner whose only refuge is shogi to a happy go lucky normie.
That's called character development.
>>No dysfunctional family drama.
Good. That was literally in the past.
>>Ever increasing focus on shogi that alienates everyone unfamiliar with the game.
The show does a great job at presenting the shogi parts in a way that makes it entertaining to watch. I don't know anything about shogi other than it seems like a strategy rpg version of chess (units can be upgraded? and so on). I probably sound like a real dork. Anyway, I don't care that I don't know shogi. It doesn't matter. I like watching it anyway.

>No dysfunctional family drama.
hooooo boy you'll at least enjoy next season

>Bullying arc isn't even over yet.

It's over.
>Best girl is practically absent in this season,

The Kawamotos are present though.

>Kiriyama's disposition turned from a depressed loner whose only refuge is shogi to a happy go lucky normie.

That's what you call character development. It's not like it came out of nowhere. He is pretty much learning how to socialize one step at a time. It actually pretty unrealistic that he will not change after all the things that happen over the course of two seasons.

>No dysfunctional family drama.

Tbh, it is better for Rei to cut off his relationship to his foster family. He is basically unwanted there. Kawamotos are his family now.
>Ever increasing focus on shogi that alienates everyone unfamiliar with the game

LOL. Season 2 actually has less focus on shogi. Shimada arc had taken mot of S1 Cour 2.

What did you expect?

That or she is extremely smart. Think on it, she doesn't need to study or work, she spend her days in the countryside playing around in the nature without anything to worry about.

>Actually, it pretty much is.
>It's over.

IS not over yet, we still have at least half episode more of the bully

I am a mangafag. It is over now.

Fuck off.

>move out to the country away from shitty classmates
>spend all day playing with puppies and baby farm animals
>have nice older ladies teach you how to cook and make stuff
>dad you never get to see anymore comes to pick you up every day
literally the dream

You mean to serve them. Sex is only temporary though


What are the chances they announce S3 at the end of the last episode?

>Couldn't handle the banter

More likely than not. It is NHK cash cow. It even have higher viewership than Pokemon sun and moon based on Kadokawa 2018 Marketing Report.

We also have enough material for S3. Chapter 146 is the latest. S2 will end on around Chapter 89.

High chance.

Oh fuck, I forgot about him.

>That's what you call character development.

An introvert can't magically become an extrovert especially not of the course of such a short period of time.

It wasn't a short period of time though, and it's not like he was ever a lost cause.

>Uses "normie"
>Is a drooling retard
checks out


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He does not magically become and extrovert (being introvert does not mean you do not have social life). His social circle is still pretty much limited - Kawamotos, Shimada study group and Shogi club. It's not like he is befriending everyone (he still does not have any friends from his class). He is just now learning to open up to the people who helped him a lot during the course of 2 seasons. Seriously, it looks like you missed the point of the 41 episodes you watch.

And how is he an extrovert now?

So, Sup Forums, how old is Shimada? We got some mixed opinions on it in the last thread, from 28 to 40something.
I think early 30s, the same as Souya

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I also read someone say he's as young as 28 but yeah a bit older, early to mid thirties seem plausible. His stomach problems ages him a bit though.

There needs to be erodoujin with Nikaidou

Cock is always the solution

>become an extrovert
please stop

Leave Nikaidou alone, you sick fuck

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It doesn't even matter what type of bullying there was, she had all kids that she thought were her friends but one throw her under the bus because one bitch needed a punching bag and authority figures that were supposed to help her ignored it because dealing with it is too much trouble.
She got ostracized by the only social group she was a part of for no real reason at an age people least equipped to deal with it. Shit's fucked.

Nikaidou should have the chance to learn about sexual pleasure before he dies

Bodoro is in a better place now

Yeah, by watching others.

Yeah there are basically two kinds of people:
Introverts who are holed up at home and don't talk to anyone.
Extroverts who have 1+ friends and are able to exchange 1+ bytes with another human being.

Only thing I can find that mentions it is the Wikipedia article that says he's in his late 30s. I know that Rei's teacher said they're the same age, but I don't know if we've ever been told the teacher's age either.

>here bully was quite softcore
Not really. Chiho was put through what she perceived as complete mental torture. It's shown that she probably didn't have very many friends before so being completely shunned by everyone when you already felt like you didn't belong would be pretty brutal.

>not wanting him to learn together with Momo

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According to VNs and some manga, bullying in Japan is something else. It's basically a socially-acceptable torture you have to undergo day after day for years not being able to fight back. I'd break, you'd break, your father would break. Nobody can outlive this amount of psychological and physical abuse, no matter how hard and edgy he is on the Sup Forums.

Momo was incredible annoying this episode


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This was the best scene of 2017

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>implying the best scene wasn't all of Burnt Field

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This drove home the fact that shaft was the best choice for this show.

>of 2017
That's looking like the best of 2018 though.
We still have a few more episodes to go.
Gives me goosebumps.

SHAFT outdid themselves on this, it just fits so well.

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I'm pretty sure there is still another chapter with the bully being lectured.
Bitch never learned the lesson...not that there was a lesson to learn in first place, she never really was punished or anything bad happened to her in any way form or shape. Her mother was also a dick without redemption too.
In the end the teacher doesn't even put in her report that she is a complete bitch-

I guess that was a realistic approach but...it still hurts that she faced no consequences while Chiho is broken for life.

Do not have much to say, so I'll just post a cute Hina.

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Good idea.

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Is anyone doing a BD release for this?

i dont get it

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This show has a good way of showing reality without having to become super edgy in the process.
Kind of reminds me of byosoku 5cm.

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>That Akari
My dick gets it.

>In the end the teacher doesn't even put in her report that she is a complete bitch-
It is implied that the Head Teacher did not stop the newbie teacher in punishing Takagi. He looks disappointed while talking to Takagi and he even said time's up.

Show hasn't even finished airing yet man. It'll probably be Commie eventually. They did season 1.

It definitely said late 30s at some point. Might clash with the manga tho idk

Aniplex. There is also a dub for S1. I actually watched some of the dub episode and it is decent.

I really liked the colors they used during this scene.

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This show is also good on making a normal scene
seems magical.

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Hopefully unlike Honey and Clover it doesn't really end on a bitter note.

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WTB Akari wife.

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oh hist this got a second season, I remember watching the first season and stopping at the last episode because I didn't want it to be over, nice.

>Cock is always the solution

>a bitter note
Hagu and Takemoto (and Morita) going their separate ways was best for everyone.

Can't beat the cock, user.

Sounds like you need a good dicking, user.

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Just let this ship sail, please.

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