Hunter x Hunter

Is this the shounen with the best female cast?

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>all these normalfags discovering Nen for the first time thinking thjey're hot shit
Can't wait when some of them Job to Beyond and Ging

Since mito-san, yes

Well, since Cammy's introduction, I think yes.

Lol Pitou and Kite are there

I can honestly see why Togashi needs these hiatuses. This isn’t the type of story you can tell on a weekly basis and not fuck something up, you need to plan and think ahead and map shit out. If he manages to bring this all together without dying or completely going off the walls, bravo.

And bravo to Oda, for basically operating on nearly the same level of complexity story-wise while ON a weekly deadline.

>best female cast
>all the girls are just plot devices
>b-but pitou
>she's a man
>b-but illumi

>And bravo to Oda, for basically operating on nearly the same level of complexity story-wise while ON a weekly deadline.

what? does anyone actually think illumi is a woman?

>This isn’t the type of story you can tell on a weekly basis and not fuck something up, you need to plan and think ahead and map shit out. If he manages to bring this all together without dying or completely going off the walls, bravo.
I think he's focusing too much on plot complexity and forgetting to create engaging characters.

Don't mind me, just posting the best girl in that list

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That was good for a chuckle

>durr muh girl GIRLS hurr
FUCK OFF with your waifu shit, OP.

>someone cropped all those to pussy-worship the drawings

I like Botan more than all of them. Botan a cute.

What a fucking dick sucker.

I don't think so, this is my favorite cast in HxH yet.

cammy a best!

What program do anons use to square-crop pics like that?
I'm thinking of making an autism chart for my own personal amusement.

Please someone post a pic of Kurapika cheering for Hisoka in Heavens arena

Also Hisoka getting out of a clown car if anyone has it saved

I mean, it can't be worse than One Piece.

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This arc won't have feeling to it. Togashi is deliberately trying to make things exceedingly complex and technical while neglecting relationships between individual characters. It doesn't help that Kurapika is the MC.

Conceptually the characters are really interesting. But that's it. I can not say I care about them, because before I have time for it- Oops, one more appears! In fact, after CA, HxH kind of stopped being a story and became a game.


But every character is a plot device

Illumi doesn't need to be a woman to be best gril

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Did Cammy soil herself when she died?

Actually good female character in Hunter x Hunter: Pakunoda, Mito

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>plot device
Do you know what that means?

a game of taking shots each time a new character gets introduced.
it doesn't help that 90% of them are canon fodder, and we're just being teased before the princes actually use their nen beasts

Most Underrated Arc:
-Hunter Exam (Heaven's Arena comes close)

Most Overrated Arc:
-York Shin (nothing comes close)

what if the story is a slice of life?

Togashi has done a fantastic job at making me interested in the characters within a short amount of pages or even panels

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Who are those 3 just after greed island?

>ywn witness a slice of life spinoff where everyone’s in highschool and hisoka is the janitor

Kite's qts.

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There are a lot of others like you that say that they never had time to get attached to the new characters, and then there's a lot of people like me that really care about them (like the twins, Oito, Bill, Theta).
I guess it's subjective? Maybe I'm just more easily invested in general?

Except that one on the left, I wasn't talking about those. I was talking about the one on the left and two before.


Here it's better

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A character that exists only to make the plot advance. Everything they think, talk, and do is for that purpose. There are authors who can give real personality to them. Togashi is one of these authors. For example, although plot devices, Komugi and Meruem, can exist beyond the plot. That's why their drama feels real.

Others, like many of the new cast in the recent arc, I dont give a shit. See pic related here It's just a exposition tool with no personality. If it were replaced it wouldnt make any difference.

They're the ones Gon and Killua first teamed up with to challenge Razor.

They're GI players that challenged Razor with the kids in the first round. They got offscreened by Genthru.

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Oh, thanks. They're pretty cute in the manga, I only remembered them from the 2011 anime, where they're uglier.

Yeah, Astra was pretty ugly in the anime, but for some reason she was also the only instance of getting female fanservice in 2011.

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What reason is there for even thinking Pitou is female? Pitou literally uses "boku".

NotKalluto looks awesome but didn't say a word yet. If she will be relevant, I'll add her and other Morana's underlings, have patience

>And bravo to Oda, for basically operating on nearly the same level of complexity story-wise while ON a weekly deadline.

Nice bait.

Are narutard's hand seals a good condition for a hatsu? Just swinging your arm or praying already make your attack stronger, imagine what some autistic handseals can do


Females can use boku too.

Black clover of course.
Mereoleona and Mimosa win everyone.

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Yes, and?

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Diane from Nanatsu no taizai uses boku. Your gonna prove me she is a man now ?


Because she looks like a chick, makes my dick hard and her gender is completely irrelevant to her character and role in the story. Also the parallel between her and a mother cat implies feminine traits as well. I don't know why people so adamantly insist on her being male.

How is Kachou an exposition tool with no personality?

what do people mean by hunterxhunter been complex?

Shitposting. Now ignore it

It's generally tomboyish.
Actually it's undetermined if the royal guard can reproduce to begin with so Pitou may not be male either.

>Mereum and Komugi were plot device
They were central character's to their arc, you sure as hell don't know the meaning of the words you're using.

People are gay. Absolutely nothing suggest that she is male, just gay shit.

There's a lot of words.

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Stop pretending that you know Japanese.

Madhouse purposely made Ortho Sister uglier too because these siblings dared to hurt their precious Killua

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I don't think it's purposely ugly, the character designer just sucks.

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They were right to do so

I love Cammy!

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Pariston is the most qt character in the manga, I’m still made 11 fucked him up

>tfw you'll never see certain characters like how 99 would have animated them

You think Pariston is really good at sucking dick?

He seems like he might be, not that you'd want a relationship with him or anything ha ha.

A lot of people say Hunter X Hunter only gets good during York Shin. I find that kind of ridiculous, and think there were a lot of great moments in the Hunter Exam and the Heaven's Arena arcs. When people say HXH sucks until York Shin they're saying they want to watch something dark and violent. They want to believe they're watching something for adults rather than kids. Their appreciation of HXH is as shallow as "damn they tortured that guy to death, this shit isn't for children at all."

He pleasured Netero so probably

Some characters looked allright (Hisoka, Pitou, Bisky etc) and some downright terrible. I guess it was a matter of personal preferences after all.

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This. Madfags ruined this once thoughtful and unbiased fandom. Not it's just full of hipsters and fujoshits.

Is this a reddit post?

With the amount of evil characters introduce, i want togashi to give us a real that love justice.

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Nice pasta

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Pitou was probably the worst looking. Her hair looked like clay

Also Hisoka's face was too long and he had a massive honker and mouth

We have Halkenburg and he sucks ass

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>a letter every day


Nope, they improved Pitou in all posible ways

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Read One Piss. The fans think it's morally ambiguous because they're pirates when they're actually falseflagging their capeshit.

It was originally posted on Sup Forums but it's pasta. If it made its way over to reddit that's funny.

Pic unrelated?

What don't you get?

>Piika never had one or two genuine moments with Oito and Woble.

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Komugi is a plot device. Her existence is limited to a single purpose. We know nothing about her besides "I am good at chess and I like the king". She's there only for Meruem find out what love is.
I talked specifically about the pic posted, which the user used as an example of "interesting character". There is nothing interesting there. It's just someone spitting exposition.
York Shin was a cool arc because Togashi knew how to balance good interactions with complex plot. The new arc is 99% complex plot, 1% interaction.

Will he just copypaste the content or write something new every time?

>look, they're talking about the plot. great example of good relationships.

I love YOU Cammyposter!