Saekano Memorial Spoilers

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>spoiler for ants

I hope they correct their mistake in making Megumi win.

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T-that doesn't mean they had sex! Probably fake.


At least 3 times I bet, all inside.

Holy shit, best fucking girl.

>At least 3 times I bet, all inside.
Yes perfect.

This makes me feel good inside

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Utaha a best.
Megumi a second best.
Eriri a shit.

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>Has sex, tells Tomoya goodnight since she's got school in the morning and nuzzles up to his chest leaving him confused
What a girl.

How is she so perfect?

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This better be in the movie.

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I just can't imagine Tomoya fucking a girl. He's too much of a faggot. Worse than Ichika.

There are way less assertive faggots getting laid all over the world right at this fucking moment.

Megumi is the dominant one.

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Maruto delivering as usual

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MCs voiced by Matsuoka are so lucky.

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Why is so so sweaty?

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I'm coming from the anime, and I've been wondering where you guys are keeping up with light novels. Where can I read them translations?


So how did they do it? Cowgirl, missionary, doggie?


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Probably from missionary to cowgirl. Their romantic scenes usually go with Megumi coaxing Tomoya into doing something at the start and then Megumi getting aggressive at the end.

>Probably from missionary to cowgirl

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Wrong. It was solely missionary. Megumi was a virgin so cowgirl would be impossible to do right away.

Can't wait.

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According to Magna, the special story in the fanbook implies Eriri and Utaha's action is what brought Tomoya and Megumi together on the day of his high school entrance exam before he even knew her. Looks like the losers dug their own grave.

>Memorial releases on Eriri's birthday
>this is her birthday present

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Kurehito knows.

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We NEED a color version of Megumi just after sex.

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When do they invite Izumi for a threesome?

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Kurehito has unpublished materials.

is eriri dead already

Now he needs to fuck Mayu in KM and he'll be the luckiest MC ever.

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Eriri and her fans are as dead as this thread.

I hope so. Utaha doesn't deserve any happiness, not even in her own spinoff.

Never. Megumi is the clingiest out of all the girls.

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does mayu have a death wish?

Eriri and Utaha are irrelevant in this thread, don't force your stupid fights once more.

>a whole week alone with Tomoya in a hotel

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Big Megumi

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Too bad Tomoya is so big of a faggot to even attempt to do anything to her

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She'll learn to share

Mayu is worming her way into his heart the way Megumi did. It's just a matter of time.

>thread about Megumi's sex life.
>no one post lewd

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We need more official Megumi lewds. Other LN illustrators have drawn nipples for girls of their series, why can't Kurehito?

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We'll have to rely on the anime team. A1 drew nipples for Asuna so there's hope.

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She looks very soft and her pussy very tight

I wonder if her breasts will grow more, Setsuna-style

Literally not happening.

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Nopan and paipan Megumi is too hot.

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This picture makes Megumi seem as big as Utaha.

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Megumi's size has never been drawn consistently.

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>casual pillow talk after a night of hot and steamy goofing around under the sheets

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Man, Maruto's erotic scenes are always top tier

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Megumi is literally too good for Tomoya.

But he makes her happy, and that's all that matters.

It's mandatory to post more Megumi lewds

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I liked this swimsuit more.

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>you will never play with Megumi's Megumis while she's on top of you, on the bed and under the sheets

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Best girl never stops winning. As expected.

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>Tomoya cummed inside this
It's not fair.

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>Megumi pressed her bare chest on his

I hope that oregairu will get similar ending with yukino to force yuipollfag to commit suicide.

Long haired Megumi was too underutilized.

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It made her feel too much like Utaha.

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>implying that's a bad thing

>best waifu
Kek. Which one of you was this?

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This desu.

At least post the actual figure.

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>22:06, February 14, 2018

>these pics are suddenly sexier now that I know she's not a virgin
what the fuck is wrong with my head

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>what the fuck is wrong with my head
Well, you think you need a tripcode for starters.

So what's Megumi's actual size? Here she seems just a bit smaller than Michiru, but still pretty big. I would like to see a timeskip with Megumi outgrowing Utaha and Izumi. It would be hilarious.

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about 3

I probably wouldn't have minded it if Utaha disappeared after Megumi got long hair. She just felt redundant.

>too much like Utaha
>the literal succ of Saekano
What the fuck are you talking about?

Ive never been interested in figures but for this i might just for the number of hotglues ill use it for

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It's literally pointed in-universe that she's like Ruri.

>long hair
>cold tongue
>big boobs

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They increased her bust size again. Utaha tier

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I've always considered this to be her actual size.

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HQ illustrations when