Do toei still have the rights? how can we make madhouse adapt this?

do toei still have the rights? how can we make madhouse adapt this?

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Is Gash bell, dare i say, the most overrated manga in Sup Forums?


Oyasumi Punpun
Biscuit Hammer


Yes, and it's a good thing.
Refreshing as fuck when cunts on here actually enjoy something.

But it's fun throughout.

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The last arc sucks.

biscuit hammer

It's not as good as Faudo, but I think it was still alright. Ending was hype as fuck at least, even if borderline ridiculous.

The only thing I strongly dislike about it is the way Kanchome went out. I get why it had to happen, but it felt cheap.

>The last arc sucks.
shhit taste

100% Kaiji.

>but it felt cheap.
cheap ≠ bad

Last arc isn't on the same level of the rest of the series, but I wouldn't say it sucks, that moment were he summons every ultimate attack from all the friends he made was pretty hype even if its one of hugest asspulls I ever seen

for what pvrpose? current madhouse sucks.

that word never make seems to me how can something be considered overrated when a lot of people liked? with that logic, everything that people like, can be considerate overrated

>if its one of hugest asspulls I ever seen
not really they do something similar in every arc

The begining is ok~not so good (vols 1~9, I think)
Demons revived arc is ok~some moments good
Gash twin/faldo arc is very good!
And the final arc is excelent.

Overall yes, is a excelent BATTLE SHOUNEN and a good MANGA.

t. Finished reading the entire thing these past days.

>biscuit hammer and kaiji are overrated
Now is just you guys shitaste.

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Because of HxH adaptation.

>current madhouse sucks
Hurr durr derp

>Because of HxH adaptation.
>implying it was good
the absolute state of Sup Forums.

the absolute state of your contrarianism and faggotry

You just have shit taste, user.

Baiting this level should result in a ban

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>le ebin reddit powerpoint adaptation
Get some actual taste before posting here, you fucking tasteless newfag.

>HxH adaptation
Nigger why would you want Gash butchered too?

>if I say it is bad many many times it will turn bad I swear!
the absolute state of (You)

Nice argument, faggot.

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Old as fuck series. Not popular enough. Lack of interest for them to do it.

I'm reading it now, and I have to say so far it's been mediocre. The way Sup Forums hyped it I thought it would be on a par with the best parts of One Piece, HxH, etc. But it's just not. Maybe all the amazing stuff is at the end?

>so far it's been mediocre.
i think like that for every manga, movie or series

How far into it are you? The first hundred or so chapters isn't nearly on par with the rest of the series; it starts picking up during the first real arc.

the manga gets pretty repetitive, it never reaches the highs of one piece and hxh

Just don't expect anything big, Sup Forums mostly likes gash bell because of the fun fights an the fun characters. Don't take it too seriously either, a lot of retarded shit happens.

I'm on chapter 75. I guess I'll keep going with it. It's not like it's bad or anything, and I can see that it does have potential.

>I thought it would be on a par with the best parts of One Piece, HxH,
You got tricked. Same happened to me. There is no shonen on One Piece, HxH and JoJo 1-6's level. It just doesn't exist yet.

But Jojo sucks

>I thought it would be on a par with the best parts of One Piece
What are the best parts of One Piece anyway?
Water Seven? Marineford?


You're pretty close, then. I've usually seen people say it's around Volume 13 where it picks up for them, and that's chapter 110ish.

Arlong Park, Alabasta, Skypeia and Water 7. But even East Blue is better than anything in Gash Bell.

>But even East Blue is better than anything in Gash Bell.
explain (this could be interesting)

Seems like you dont like Hippos

I'd remove Skypeia from that list. It's nowhere near as good as the others. I don't even remember the name of the girl they met there.

It was alright. I ended up noticing myself almost skipping/speed reading entire sections of story because I was uninterested, mostly because some scenes were just too childish for me, it has its high's though and it has some seriously hype double spreads in the final 2 arcs and some great character moments throughout, the double page spread of Tio's final shield was my favourite moment, it was a really great end for a character whos archetype probably uninterested most people, it also helps that the art itself during the final arcs double page spreads were really amazing.

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conis you casual

It's good but it's not on the same level with one piece. Gash started pretty mediocre, though, and it doesn't really get that good until the revived demon arc. The next arc after that (faud) is top tier. Final arc is good too but I still think it feels kinda rushed so faud arc is still my favourite.

Also I really like Makoto Raiku's humor.

This. The final arc has full choke of awesome spreads.

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Yes people generally agrees that Water Seven - Enies Lobby and Impel Down - Marineford are the best arcs of One Piece to this day

>Also I really like Makoto Raiku's humor.

That's one of the things that's kept me reading, even when the plot isn't quite so captivating.