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>HorribleSubs] Gakuen Babysitters - 11 [720p].mkv

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Off to a great start.

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They picked the right chapters to end with next week.

Lot of Midori this week.

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It happened.

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Only one more ep after this?


I used to hide like that in preschool.

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This was a nice little callback, guess Ryu didn’t lose his phone.

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Most phones nowadays should survive a couple of seconds in the water, even the non certified ones.

Uh oh...

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Kotaro started young.


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How long before she and Yagi kidnap Kotaro?

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Indeed. It's weird that they reversed the order of "Usaida gets sick" and "Saikawa babysits Kotarou" chapters, but the Christmas one is such a good chapter to end the first season on!

>but the Christmas one is such a good chapter to end the first season on
I wish there will be a sequel, oh well at least there's still the manga.

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>Daycare daddy is the favorite over actual mommy and daddy

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Soon she will become a stalker.

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On the one hand, it doesn't seem to be doing well in BD sales. But it seems to be pretty popular (Kotarou recently came third on a favourite supporting male characters poll) and the manga did get a boost, soooo... one can hope


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As much as I loved the Santa stuff, it’ll break my heart if Ryu has the same first reaction to everyone as he had in the manga. But I guess that’s inevitable.

It's a breath of fresh air that the two love interests are more preoccupied with their friendship than a boy. Maria will probably concede the bowl to Yuki, but they'll have each other.

Does anyone have the endcard for this episode?

HERE WE GO LADS and like 3 grills

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It seems fitting to end the season on a "don't you forget they're orphans" chapter. It's a punch in the gut, just like the first episode was. It will leave a lasting impression

>The season will end with one final kidney punch about them being orphans

The credits best end with the babbies holding a "See you guys next year!" card

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>When your daycarefu takes the day off because he slept naked after a bath

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>First Yagi, now this?

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So is Inomata planning on using Yuki as a surrogate, or a babysitter?

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S2 fucking when?

>Teenage Usaida instead of Babby

wtf dropped

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Why not babby Usaida?

This is Maria "All cheaters should get the death penalty" Inomata we're on about here my amigo, it's clear she has no ulterior motives.

I remember Zetsubo sensei teaching us something about this.

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Somebody call the cops.

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>Saikawa being able to translate Kotaro's grunts into eloquent speeches

That and "I have failed you, please let me [long journey of self discovery in far off place] to atone for my sins" are my favourite gags.

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>Yuki shakes the hand of the inevitable winner of the Ryuubowl - Colorised 2018

Final one is going to be all of the characters dressed all Christmas, right?

Stone cold, good thing she was out.

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at least she's first place in the maria-bowl

Shaggy and Saikawa next week?

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Usaida don't know shit about lifting, since Ryuu has been carrying his arse all season.

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Stealing all the bitches.

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One detail I really enjoy about the series is that the characters aren't restricted to one set of clothes to wear forever.

That's more true than I'd like to admit, but their friendship is really cute. I doubt the author is gonna try and do any romance, but I wonder how they would react if either of them got more "serious"?

Oh god, they’re gonna do it. There will be much weeping.

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Ew, gay.

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>Managed to convince the millionaire chairman of multiple schools to adopt him and his brother by being brave at his parents funeral
>Instantly has every other babby want to be his best friend
>Doesn't bother his nii-chan even though his head is a volcano
>Can communicate perfectly with minimal effort
>Baby Mamas are desperate for him to stay over, but he rejects them all for his bro Usaida
>Has the Ryuubowl tied down before any more competitors even tried

What can't this boi do?

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I wonder if they're gonna keep the part with Taka and Kamitani's father? It would still work, even if he wasn't introduced properly

Shoujo authors tend to be good about that.

>They adapted like 6 chapters about Taka and Kami
>Even ones that tie in directly to the father plot like the baseball and the "you know him" ending
>Don't have it be the first half of the final episode to bring a nice story-arc conclusion if this is the end

I choose to believe this is because they already know they're getting a Season 2 and nothing anyone says will convince me otherwise.

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The face of evil.

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Today was a damn good episode for moments regarding our glorious Devil Queen Midori

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>What can't this boi do?

Read? Tie his shoes? Simple math? Dress himself properly? Squeeze the juice out of a fruit efficiently?

I figured Christmas is where they would end, but unfortunately since they didn't cover the Kamitani father thing it'll lack a bit of punch. Since there Ryu went behind Hayato's back to help with his father, so Hayato returns the favour by going to the chairwoman and telling her to get Ryu a new phone.

That's in due time friend.

It's so random as well, since they seemed to be building up to the father story being the conclusion, as they've been adapting chapters that are tied into it.

Makes me butthurt that they chose so many "Taka is a little cunt and Kami learns to deal with it" chapters, but skipped over the Kirin sleepover story from Chapters 3 and 4.

Just now noticing that there's like, 2 hairstyles with very minimal differences shared between all the guys in this series.

the adaptation skipped over a few too many of the melancholy chapters in favor of the less-serious ones for my taste

I think that'll make the finale hit a little harder. It's a realistic reminder that these kids are actually sad orphans.

there's something autismal about that boy. like he's not a bad kid, but he's probably on the more functional end of the spectrum

Lot of little kids like to talk about boobs (they're both pillows and food, so of course they like them). You're just sitting on the bus and all of a sudden some toddler points at you and yells "BOOBIES YEAH I LIKE IT".

These kids aren't wasting any time

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Autistic or not, he's the best otouto ever.

>We didn't get the kissing chapter where Kirins Dad tries to kill himself by jumping out the first story window
>We didn't get the chapter where Maria gets excited because she has phone contacts that aren't her parents
>We will never see Kyouko outside of two background shots

Again, the fact they chose to stay fairly early on in the chapters instead of just bouncing around randomly to whichever ones they felt would make the best episodes makes me hopeful for a S2.

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>Taka, Kazuma and Takuma didn't even make the list

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I'll give you a tip: When your baby says a name that isn't mommy as their first words, you just DON'T tell the mom. It's fine if the dad knows, but I've only met one mother that didn't take it terribly.
The chances of this happening are high if you're always babysitting, since the baby keeps hearing your name all of the time.
Likewise with walking: you did NOT see the toddler start to walk, it is totally surprising mommy with its first steps being totally caused by how happy it is to see her and everybody's going to stick to that story.

>A cute shoujo series getting an s2

Surprised the fujos haven't latched themselves onto this series. The manga apparently saw a boost in sales, so it wouldn't be too surprising.

I just want the author to kinda further things along a bit. I like the fluff, but I kinda wish we had a little bit more melancholy.

So she'll be prepared when she has her own. Maria's too serious for her own good, but at least her intentions are noble.

and teen midori (hawt) looks a bit younger than the rest too.
Maybe they added or removed 12 years from everyone?

>Ryuu not having Kirin hold both Maria and Yukis hand
>Not taking Kotaro and Taka while Usaida takes the twins

What was his plan here?

Just wait till Kirin 'takes the twins' in a few years.

He's trying to get his bro laid. Based Ni-cha

speaking of, babies do make great wingmen.
kirin and kotaro were a fine example a few episodes ago


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She's basically grown up and a mother already

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usa is an old fart!

>Just wait till Kirin 'takes the twins' in a few years.

And that's absolutely criminal.

>She has her parents names in her phone rather than mom or dad

I thought I was the only one autistic enough to do that.

How do I get past sad panda?

Fuck it, if that bitch doesn't take care of her own baby then she doesn't deserve the joy of watching it grow

Ask Usaida

wait. how's that autistic?

It's like addressing your dad as Mr. Lastname instead of dad.

What a fucking slut

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Don't open

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well that I can see as being fucked up (but sounds less 'autism' than "that old fuck was never there") but for storing phone contacts?

Plus my folks have like four shared mail accounts that they use interchangeably depending on which tablet or laptop they're on at that moment because they were convinced email accounts are per-device, so I'd have no idea who or what to respond to if everything said "mom" or "dad".

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