Find a Flaw

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She belongs to .

Flawed Ninja

didn't save anyone

She belongs to my dick

What's with those cockroach antennae?

Didn't get a sequel directed by the same guy

She couldn't get dicked by that giant ogre ever again.

to detect dicks.

why doesn't the anime version looking anything like the game version?

The game has a good story backed up by Kagami's art
Anime has a gorgeous art & animation by Maestro Murakami Teruaki.

>No Murakami
greatest mistake by lilith

Lurk 2 years before posting.

i just assumed with was all abou the faps

what a garbage series

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it was great fap with a good story, TA3 was the greatest though.


You just have shit taste, user.

Lurk more user.

She loved it

>tfw you love Sakura

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Are you an orc?

Best girl

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/h/ is for western shit like doki doki literature club and league of legends porn. post about h-anime here

source for the HD rips?

Yukikaze best taimanin

Asagi is the Best when it comes to handling dicks.

man they are shit at what they do

Gaping holes from years of rape, torture, and birthing orc / demon babies?

>tfw you will never be able to order a virgin clone of Asagi, brainwashed to be your loving wife and start a happy family with her

user you know its fiction right?

We need more murakami threads on here