When the fuck are we gonna get a literal 10/10 AOTY, Sup Forums

When the fuck are we gonna get a literal 10/10 AOTY, Sup Forums
I wanna be here for the shitposting and hype, the wait is killing me. When are the stars gonna finally align and give us a god-tier original anime?

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No such thing. Anime is art, art is subjective, there will always be people who hate it.

>a literal 10/10 AOTY
It's already here. Otakus are already even traveling to go freeze in Antarctica looking for their waifus


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>anime is art

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VEG already won baby

But made in abyss was last year user

Sora Yori is definitely AOTS, but although it's incredibly well written, it's still a very tamed SOL.
I'm talking more about TTGL/KLK/PSWG-tier hype, once every 5 or so years that the entire board gets engulfed with the hype of an amazing & original action show.


Do you guys know what 'original anime' means?

Should’ve been here when code geass was airing, user

>textbook definition of melodrama
>shit animation
>irredeemable writing

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>art is subjective
(not true, by the way)

2/10 bait, try harder next time.

Something completely different from "anime original"

Well, if you had taken a moment to read the examples of shows I gave, you would understand what I meant by that.

nani the fuck are itteiruing?

I dropped it because the characters don't learn or develop. They don't have a single serious moment in the anime

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Get out of that basement boy. And learn english while you're at it.
Everything about the show is melodrama. Teenagers acting like teenage friendship is the most amazing and important thing in the world is pure melodrama.

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Show me the truth
(everything is subjective, by the way)

>argue with me
>(everything is subjective, by the way)
Give me one valid reason why I should.

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If more than one person claims to like an anime it's overhyped shit, op. I hope this helps.

You will entertain me, boy.

I'm gonna be chill with you guys and explain why you're wrong.
First of all, if you dropped it then obviously how do you expect to see any development? Keep watching and judge it after the final episode, although you could already see a development in each and every one of the main girls.
Got a development once she realized her life is boring and after her friend betrayed her.
Realized she cant do anything alone and that she needs some support to achieve her goals. She's also a lot more trusting and she doesn't alienate herself from other people now.
Her character is the only one that evolves around friendship because she was friendless, so she holds it at top importance. She also got a lot less cynical once she realized that life can be fun when you have real friends.
Stopped bottling all of her problems inside and realized that she needs to let it out and hold grudges sometimes and confront her issues instead of running away.

I dunno if you're just trolling or you just dropped it because you're so used to shitty SOL yuribait anime, in which case I dont blame you because I had my fair share of shitty anime as well, but trust me you need to re-pick this up and finish it.

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>When the fuck are we gonna get a literal 10/10 AOTY
Did you mean
>>When the fuck are we gonna get another literal 10/10 AOTY
Because you posted a picture from a literal 10/10

>I wanna be here for the shitposting and hype
A Code Geass situation won't ever happen again, due to the catalog (and the admins' failure to update the 'bump' system), the "general" culture cancer and the simple fact that Sup Forums has become a lot less homogeneous (check this thread , there are clearly two very different kind of anons.)

Yes, K-ON is another example of a 10/10, although not action, it got its hype from paving the way for the entire CGDCT genre.

None of that changes the textbook definition for melodrama or how this show fits in it like a glove. Zero.
It also doesn't make the animation any less shit nor fixes the complete mood wreck that is the writing.

You're entitled to your own opinion but so are others. Sadly for you certain things in art are quite objective.

The thing is I dont think a Code Geass anime would have been so successful today.
The only way for an anime original to take over Sup Forums is for it to invent something completely new.

>invent something completely new.
Unique doesn't mean memorable or good.

Make something good, make it well, and make it something people will like.

t. VEGfag

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>The thing is I dont think a Code Geass anime would have been so successful today.
You realize that I said exactly that? It's not about the anime itself, but the community and how the site work.
Oh and there is also the fact that young anime fans are a lot less passionate about their hobby than people 10 years ago. It has to do with gen Z being born and grown up with social media, so they are more aware of social judgement, even on an anonymous internet site. Hence why they always protect themselves in layers upon layers of irony.

>the complete mood wreck that is the writing.
The writing handles comedy-serious very well, do you have a proof for your statements? You're just shooting your own opinions into the air at the moment.
The animation is lacking, that I agree, however they make up for it by achieving a feeling of depth in shots that helps the immersion and frankly, you dont see in today's most high-budget anime. It's not a flat shot for a change.

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this. originality for the sake of novelty is a retarded concept. the idea of taking something that exists and perfecting it and presenting it in an interesting perspective and great style seems to be a lost virtue.

>You realize that I said exactly that?
You meant it for a different reason, I meant solely because CG is too fucking ridiculous to have been talked about even ironically.
>It has to do with gen Z being born and grown up with social media
You can look at it that way, but I think the fact that social media takes up such a big part of the medium today also helps a successful anime become even more famous.

there hasn't been a 10/10 anime since madoka

i wouldn't get my hopes up, the last 5 years produced a giant pile of shit with less than 10 anime even qualifying for 8/10. the days of experimental, thought provoking anime are long over. everything is mass-produced same old shit settings that have been done much better in the past. anime studios are too scared to try anything else, because they know that shows pandering to neckbeards or garbage superficial drama will generate a half decent profit

Noucome is 10/10 masterpiece. Anyone who says otherwise are suffering from bad taste.

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You do know a show can accomplish both, right?
It isn't impossible to nail something that has been done before with also adding something new that would help that show be memorable.

And there he is.

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Ah yes, I too think histrionic drama based around the most one dimensional characters one could possibly write makes for tranascendential writing.

My lad, Noucome is what all romantic comedies should aspire to be.

Madoka is only memorable for its gimmick and shock factor, user.

Yes i never laughed this fucking much when watching anime. I am still finding something that can hold a candle to noucome to no avail

*trying to find

If I had the money, I would commission animators to make another season.

Shut up scaruffi

Why don't you watch Darling in the FranXX, it's bound to fit your tastes

I'm only going to list the 2 worst examples since listing all of them would probably kill me.

Episode 6 has one the girls waste 1 million yen for a person she barely knows, both of them just start breaking down during that scene. 1 million fucking yen for a stranger and crying, I'm sorry but not even normal teenagers are this stupid.
It immediately follows with "what happened?" "I don't know but it looks like a good thing.", yeah thanks for breaking my 4th wall Sherlock.
Worse, not one minute after an emotional climax there's this comedy scene involving the tickets. Turns out the entire drama of the episode was pointless because everyone was blaming the wrong person and everything ends with "Are you hiding something teehee?".
Worse, NOBODY bothered asking when was the last time they saw those tickets even though that's the very first question a person asks when he/she loses something important. Nobody.

And then there's episode 9. It starts with a comedy scene regarding his crush of a side character, then not one minute later we're thrown into a dead mom scene. This mom thing will remain a theme for the episode but it doesn't matter anyway, right after seeing the adult woman silently cry for her dead friend we're thrown into yet another comedy scene with the side character that had a crush on her; "why don't you go for somebody within your reach?" "uuuh NOT MEEEE".
Finally the episode ends with the girls stepping on antarctica, you'd think the daughter would finally let out a bunch of emotions regarding her mother now that she might finally be able to give her some closure. But no, she does it over what other kids kepts saying about her, forget that the whole episode had the dead mother lurking it.

I'm sorry, I used to enjoy this kind of stuff 9 years ago but it's no longer the case.

Christ, I hope you're being ironic and not actually suggesting that shitshow seriously.

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It's funny how you can't see the irony

Your suggestion was so out of place, that's like being retarded and then saying "jokes on them! I was only trolling"

Pugyuru is timeless 10/10 masterpiece. It gives such a meditative comedy experience that i can't find elsewhere. It makes me laugh, question, weirds me out and more importantly what the fuck is that maid

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I feel like your annoyance comes from the fact that you dont let yourself understand their characters.
Shirase is an all-or-nothing autist. She's very black and white about what she belives in so it makes sense that if it's money that determines whether they leave Hinata behind or not then she would pay whatever it takes, because they're all in this together in her eyes, all or nothing.
About them being retarded with the passport, they're not only 15-16 years old girls, but it was Shirase's first time ever in an airport going through that experience. Now if you take into account that she's autistic and nervous, and everything else I've listed, it makes sense for her to make those mistakes.

The soyboy crush in Ep 9 was just to make Shirase and Gin finally talk with each other. It was kind of a cheap reason to put them into a scene together but it worked nonetheless.
About Shirase's ZAMAMIROU instead of crying about her mother, Shirase is still in denial that her mother is dead, user. She knows it deep deep down but she refuses to fully accept it. She's literally in the denial stage of grief and we're gonna see her finally accepting it and moving on with her life. People not believing in her and undermining her attempts to reach Antarctica was basically preventing her from coping with her mother's death, so of course the first thing she does is check that box at least.

I understand them but I just don't care. How can I, they're exaggerated as hell and don't behave like normal people.
The inconsistent mood also prevents me from knowing what the hell I'm supposed to feel during the episode.

Again, I'm no longer able to ignore these issues in anime.

>expecting good anime in 2018

I'm just waiting for a 10/10 from any fucking era

No matter how sparse and minor the issues I have with something are, or how much I like the concepts/setting present, nothing I watch ever has a real impact on me anymore

>this is a 10/10
Hahaha, no. It was great at the time but it aged like milk.

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You should just break free of shackles of retarded high standards nonsense and only when you grew out of your narrow-minded nature and simplistic approach towards anime(muh checklist of development, characterization, pacing and whatnot), you'll truly become to have valuable experience with anime. I often see people who only crave for certain set of experience and actively discard any work that doesn't provide those. That's probably the why only certain shows that all have some tangible sameness in the crux of the nature of experience that is the only one thought to be of higher value appear as favorites.

We got Sakurada Reset last year.

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Everyone in this thread are so fucking stupid and boring faggots(except that noucome guy). Y'all should feel ashamed for bringing up only popular stuff that's been hivemind approved to be 10/10.

How is art not subjective? There's no way to scientifically quantify or measure it. The closest thing to an objective measurement of art is its popularity, which I'm sure you would agree is an inaccurate metric.

This thread is literally about a hyped up AOTS can you even read

>acknowledging that art is subjective means that you think everything in the universe is subjective
It takes talent to be this stupid.

>I understand them but I just don't care.
Welp then I guess it's not your cup of tea but you can't call it shit writing and exaggerated characters because of that fact.
>The inconsistent mood
Such is life, it's full of happy and sad moments sometimes one after the other. The anime is a rollercoaster of emotions and that's a very realistic aspect of it, especially when we see the world through the eyes of these teenage girls. it portrays exactly what it tries to and achieves exactly what it sets to achieve.

I'd tell you to go fuck a 12-year-old, but this is Sup Forums.

I'm saying it's shit because there is no consistent theme for the episodes, all of them suffer from the constant mood shifts. I want to care but the characters themselves don't seem to care enough so it gets really damn hard to do it.
Breaking the atmosphere down and separating moods by episode would've been so much better.

And it does indeed indeed try to be a rollercoaster of emotions but it just doesn't work outside of comedy. I've yet to see somebody be moved by the drama and interpersonal struggles of the characters, it's all very forgettable and everyone just wants to see more Shirase being a dork to penguins desu.
I also don't want to be an asshole but as far as emotions go there's a show this season that's being compared to clannad after story for it's emotional impact. That's more of a rollercoaster of emotions at work.

Yorimoi also uses the same concept of keion with Kimari being a literal copy of Yui.
If you didn't watch Yorimoi you pretty much missed the first 10/10 tv anime since 2015.

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>I'm saying it's shit because there is no consistent theme for the episodes
The theme is us following the main 4's actions and growth, with the Shirase mom subplot. This isn't an action show, it's a SOL. I dont understand what do you expect for to happen? SOL is about ups and downs that happen frequently.
And again, that's only your opinion that the moods are handled badly, the examples you gave have all been refuted.

>I've yet to see somebody be moved by the drama and interpersonal struggles of the characters
Now I know you're pulling stuff outta your ass. SoraYori threads are filled with people who have shed a tear to this show, I alone cried in more than half the episodes because the directing and drama is handled so well, and

and I dont even remember the last anime that made me cry.*

Shifts in tone just seem more common in Japanese stuff. Pretty much every Jun Maeda thing jumps between comedy and drama. Enough people seem to get attached to those characters.

Wait for Code Geass S3 then. If that doesn't hype the board then nothing will.

You have to be really stupid to think it isn't.

Being flawless doesn't make a show 10/10, Evangelion is the closest an Anime TV show has made it to being perfect and yet the flaws are so fucking obvious I wouln't blame someone who drops the show after the second episode.

In other words you don't even watch anime, you just repeat memes you hear on Sup Forums and act like they're your own ideas.

Could you be any more obnoxious?

None of those are 10/10

Nobody said they were

You must have impossibly low standards if you think that's anywhere near a 10.

Nobody wants action from a show like Sora Yori, please don't say stupid things.
And if you're not lying then I stand corrected, there are people being moved by it. Which baffles me to no end because of how the show doesn't take its own drama seriously and is very quick to jump back into comedy as if to never allow the audience to take in the drama.

If you want drama with actual depth and that takes itself seriously you need to check out stuff like clannad, shigatsu, 3gatsu - and maybe koe no katachi, veg and shouwa genroku.
Yes I know, they're popular among muh normalfags and elitists but the point still stands. Sora Yori feels like comedy and it should've gone with that theme entirely.

tbqh, if the animation was better it would have been an easy 10

You're the worst type of poster

Blessed taste

I've watched most of what you listed already, that's why I know how to recognize a good drama SOL when I see one.
Forgive me, but

It would also have to have completely different script and character designs. It looks like shit, and the writing is generic teen melodrama.

Honestly it's doing more right than anything this season and almost anything in the past couple years. I wish they'd spread out the emotional moments a bit more (and that they were a bit less on-the-nose) but the character chemistry and development has been great. I'd personally give it at least an 8, possibly a 9 depending on how it wraps up.

You're going to have to wait until this summer.

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Epic bait, user! Where do I subscribe?

>Honestly it's doing more right than anything this season and almost anything in the past couple years.
That's really just your opinion. I don't think it's doing well at anything. I find it mediocre to poor in every respect. It certainly doesn't have the authenticity and strength of characterization 3gatsu no Lion has this season, just to name a show currently airing. I could think of several shows from the past few years that blow it out of the water on a visual level, but even that aside there are plenty that are better written and directed as well.

Last 10/10 anime was Non Non Biyori.

Just giving my opinion, same as you. I know it's upsetting to find out everyone isn't super impressed by your generic teen girl drama, but this isn't your hugbox.

For whatever reason I thought Darling in the Franxx was this. I dont want to get my hopes up again user, please dont do this to me. Trigger shit always disappoints me.

>white blood cell stabs bacteria
>doesn't eat him

Clearly you don't. None of the shows I listed suffer from so many inconsistencies and overdone characters. First of all they all take themselves seriously, have a clear goal and don't stray off from it for the sake of keeping the mood light and calm to watch.

And I get it, you hate veg and probably dropped it. Doesn't make my statement any less true, even the contrarian autistic faggots around here have been bawling their eyes out to it.

Yeah no shit that's my opinion, and everything you said is your opininon. Your point?

It's not bad, but if you think it's 10/10 you're a pleb.

>expecting good anime in 2***

I too belived Darling in the FranXX would have been another phenomenon, but unfortunately something went very very wrong there and it's basically a joke now, you can tell by what lurks in those threads, the worst case of cancer just gathers in there, shitposting about waifus and nothing else, that alone tells you the quality of the show.

NNB is even more vapid than kinmoza

My point is I disagree with you, and I think there are many better shows airing.